Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 22nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with , sourabh gets the paper signed from viraj and when viraj signs the paper suku disturbs viraj so that he doesn’t see the papers, cousins leave for the registration but the car breaks down,sham singh calls nisha to wish luck,nisha tells him that they are running late and the car is broken.gayatri sees the cousins from a corner and says and now u wont reach in time,cousins decide to take lift but get none,finally a truck stops cousins get into it.sham singh asks viraj can we send car to nisha for help,viraj says no don’t,sham singh says u never say no why now,viraj says nisha and cousins have always helped me and they are helping my academy but I don’t want to put them in trouble specially miss nisha and so I don’t want nisha aur uske cousins to fall into this.
Viraj reads message from arti and replies im happy to see u back and since u said I wont be leaving for London but I don’t know what steps to be taken,viraj hears gayatri call registration booth and asking them if nishas group comes don’t allow them bcz the group is froud, the girl cuts the phone saying mam ur mad,gayatri says anyways the cousins will reach late so forget it they wont participate.

Cousins reach registration,looking at the participants there cousins get shocked,suku says look at them,nisha says no worries we can do,bunty says lets go fast be quick,nisha says ya lets go we will think abt other things later,cousins go for registration but the registration doesn’t get accepted,the authorities say u are late we cant help u come next year,cousins request them, but authorites don’t liste,nisha says lets go by our old ideas go kirti,kirti acts as if she unwell and is fainting,cousins says this is all bcoz of u authorities now u all be arrested,cousins start blaming the authorities,so finally the manager agrees.
Gayatri says viraj out of her cabin and says hi what are u doing here,viraj says why do u want to spoil others life plz leave them alone they aren’t like u,u have cheated me and now ur troubling nisha and her cousins,gayatri says I did this for u and im ur family and so I wont nisha hurt u,viraj says hurt u hurted me stop acting,gayatri says viraj im ur ,viraj says no ur no one to me now,gayatri says ur believing those fraud,they signed the papers and don’t even know it,viraj says even if they have they did it to help me n not for money and u can do no good to anyone and so may be u have no one with u and leaves.gayatri says now I will see what these cousins will do and how will they help u.gayatri calls mr saren,another sports academy owner.
Viraj mails arti that he is staying in jaipur but is very confused,nisha reads the mail from viraj,the manager denise to take form and says ur group is fraud and u have signed ur form by fraud,nisha starts laughing,nisha says uncle even we heard u do partiality,manager what u believe to nonsense rumors,cousins say lets expose this manager,manager says stop what are u doing tell me why are u here,nisha says we are here bcoz this event will help us fulfill someones dream and so we need a chance plz sir,manager says ok take them to audition and register,nisha says we are called team laksha,,viraj comes and takes away the form he signed.

Viraj scolds nisha for behaving like fools and not listening to him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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