Kumkum Bhagya 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Tanu excitedly telling Aaliya that once her parents come she will perform pheras with Abhi along with Bulbul and Purab. Aaliya gets irked and asks what did she say. Tanu says it is just lohri pheras and not real ones.

Daadi forces Abhi to perform lohri rituals with Pragya. He asks her to do it herself. Daadi forces him, and he lits lohri with Pragya. Tanu looks at him angrily. Bulbul tells Pragya to propose abhi after pheras and if she is shy, she can take him away and propose.

Tanu tries to walk out between rituals, Daasi stops her and says if she wishes something during rituals, her wish will be fulfilled. Tanu excitedly asks if she is telling truth. Daasi says yes. Abhi holds Pragya’s hand and performs pheras around lohri fire. Everyone claps for them. Aaliya thinks her worst phase will be over soon and though Bulbul will perform pheras with Purab, she will be kicked out soon. She sees tanu praying and asks what is she doing. Tanu says she is praying to separate Abhi and Pragya and marry Abhi soon. Aaliya asks her to continue praying.

Pragya takes Abhi to the corner and says she wants to tell him something. He angrily asks what and says he is in a big tension. She asks him to tell what tension he has. He says she is her half tension. He asks what about another half. He thinks she does not know about Tanu and asks her what she wants to say. She tries to speak, but sees Purab and Bulbul and stops. He asks what she wants to say. She nervously shakes her hands and says she gets nervous seeing him. Tanu comes there and asks Abih to come with her. Abhi says he will listen to Pragya first and then her. Tanu says he has to listen to her first and drags him from there. Sarla sees them going and thinks of asking Pragya, but daadi takes her other side.

Bulbul gets angry over Tanu and tells Purab that she purposefully took Abhi from there and wants them separated soon.

Tanu takes Abhi to a corner and asks what was he doing with Pragya. He says she wanted to tell something important. She says she wants him to take her to his house as her parents are coming there to talk about their marriage. Abhi is shocked and says he will speak to them in his way and she should not interfere.

Bulbul scolds Pragya for not proposing Abhi yet and says if she does not, Tanu will take away Abhi.

Tanu comes to Abhi’s home and meets her parents. She asks Abhi to meet them. They both ask if he is married and wants to know from him. Tanu says Abhi was forcefully married by her grandma, soon he will divorce his wife and will marry her. Mom relaxes and says she was worried. She asks about Abhi’s family. Tanu says they both can meet abhi’s family in backyard as they are celebrating holi. Mom says they can and gets up. Abhi says they cannot as they must be tired after their traveling and can meet them later. Dad says he is right and asks him tell about his professional and personal life.

Bulbul scolds Pragya for delaying and says now Tanu will play her tricks. Bulbul says she gets nervous in front of Abhi and is unable to speak. Bulbul asks her not to get nervous and propose.

Abhi’s parents praise Abhi for his sense of humor. She asks if his wife stays with her and asks how can he stay with a poor girl, does not he get disgusted and it is a hell for him. He starts praising Pragya and says she is down to earth, is a teacher, knows to handle situation, etc. Mom says then she should meet her.

Precap: Aaliya tells Tanu if Pragya meets her parents, she will easily brainwash them and not let Abhi marry her, so it is better to give Abhi some time. Tanu says she will force Abhi to ask her parents to let her marry him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Boring pragya go and tell abhi stupid tanu and aalliya

    1. Fan but Bored


  2. Naveed Munavar

    wt the hell..plz just kick out Tanu….let pragya propose to Abhi….
    yaar wana a something romantic between them

    1. Ya me to want something romantic from pragya and abhi….I agree with u naves munavar……

    2. This s the dumbest shit ever……Abhi is married that is the end of it…What parents would say oh, okay he will divorce soon… Really..come on. Here we go again : >(

  3. Ugh…alia’s dream of seperating Purab and Bulbul will never be fulfilled.!!!!
    Doesn’t this girl has any other business and for what she went to Australia??? Chhi man.

  4. Wait so….Tanu’s parents approve of a man divorcing his wife to be with their daughter, and worse yet, their daughter waiting on a married man to divorce his wife!??! And worse yet, they want to meet said man’s wife!??!?! Does this show have ANY MORALS AT ALL!?!??!?! Disgusting!!!!

  5. The 14 people who voted this episode excellent….tell me what exactly is excellent about it? I am not bashing, just really interested in understanding.

  6. I think she will propose in june or july

  7. Alia and tanu just need to burn entirely in this holy fire of lohri…..these two jobless bimbos just have no work rather than poking into the private moments of Rabul and abhigya and wishing bad for them…their hopes and all those rediculous plans just need to backfire…big time!!!

  8. I just wish tanu’s one wish of Rabul’s pheras gets complete…..not any other.still since they are alia and tanu are talking alot about rabul pheras it seems alia will again try to hurt bulbul just trying to hault pheras.but yes purab gonna save his bulbul and that dumb woman doesn’t even know that this is just going to bring Rabul even more closer.;-)

  9. So now, we shall be treated to Tanu and Abhi’s marriage track….Gosh! Seriously!!!

  10. Why does Pragya have to propose to Abhi, just another level for her to stoop, why isn’t Abhi proposing to his already married wife, so another reason he will not marry Tanu is because her parents will like Pragya, its time for a special appearance by someone that recognises Pragya other than Abhi and i mean a real gentleman , not a rock star… someone that truly cathces Pragya’s attention, isn’t Shahruk Khan available or his look a like, put him in a dress shirt and suit , otherwise Abhi will never truly recognise Pragya’s true value

  11. Bring a rich suave businessman into the picture, one that is a true husband material for Pragya and bring him in for at least 10 episodes..lets bring Pragya’s true match into the room , since we know Tanu is Abhi’s true match, both superficial and vain

  12. As much as I am grateful for an update, please do something about the grammar and geeting the person right… it’s confusing dude

    1. Yes, my goodness YES! Half the time I don’t know what the hell he is writing about….

  13. this show is really rubbish rubbish rubbish.

  14. What is this Abhi’s problem

  15. This is called pure timepass

  16. Please give Pragya a backbone.
    She should tell Abhi off and let him know what a low life he is for keeping a girlfriend while being married to her… He forced her to marry him to begin with and now he is blaming her. These writers are incredibly stupid and backwards…. they sending Indian culture back 1000 years… please, give us strong women who can be role models for all those women who are being abused by husbands/mothers-in-law/bosses, etc… Portray strong women.

    This producer should really be ashamed!

  17. Aliyah annoyed me…why is she eyeing Rabul all the time..I am really wondering ke voh kiya kichadi paka rahi hai apne mind mein…
    Lekin…it felt nice when she said abhigya ssath inka rishta bhi khatam…lekin dumbo ko nahi pata ke abhigya ka rishta to kabhi khatam hi nahi hoga..aur na hi Rabul ka

  18. Omg pragya anoyed me. Why can’t she speak up man. Tanu will end up with abhi n she will lose out big time if she dont speak up soon. Tanu need to get the hell out too. She need to understand abhi is married now.

  19. Have you ppl notice Abhi can’t stand when anyone say anything against his wife, he defends her in an instance and can’t stop praising her i think he has fallen in love with Pragya but not realizing his feelings

  20. Abhi and Pragya are legally married, why is it so hard for either of them to admit their feelings. Come on writers bring these two together already.

  21. Yap they should bring someone really allegant to catch pragyas attention lyk that guy from uttaran pakistan track or rahul from mrs pammi or that handsome from punarvivar 1

  22. i am totally fed up with dis serial jst bcoz of pragya and abhi only bulbul nd purab looks good in whole episode…..

  23. princess sofia


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