Udaan 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Imli challenges Chakor

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Udaan 21st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor saying I won’t let my house break. She comes back and rings the bell. She enters the haveli. She calls Suraj. She says why is his phone not connecting. She looks for Suraj and Tejaswini. She worries hearing a lullaby. She says who is singing this. She goes to room and asks Archana to stop singing lullaby. She takes Saanvi from here. Imli raises the ghunghat. Chakor gets shocked. Imli continues singing. She says I m not Archana, I m Imli, how are you, are you fine.

Chakor says you…. Imli…. Imli says yes, your destruction. Imli says yes, Saanvi is very lovely, you know Saanvi helped me in taking revenge from you, I will succeed in helping you. Chakor says it means you were living in Archana’s disguise. Imli says yes, I m Saanvi’s new Daai, observe my clothes, I want to ruin you. She holds Chakor’s hand. Chakor recalls the accident. She gets shocked and sees him. Chakor says it means you kept that pic in cradle. Imli says yes, I did everything, I wanted to write Saanvi’s future the way our future was written, she should also get bandhua stamp on her hand, its our family sign right. Chakor asks her to stay away from Saanvi. She shouts I won’t let you do this, are you mad, will you apply bandhua stamp on her hand, if you dare to come near her, I will not leave you, tell me how did you get saved. Imli says I think its some wish of Lord, he doesn’t want to call me to heaven so soon.

Chakor says stop calling me sister, you are dead for me. Imli says I don’t want to call you sister, I call you sister to upset you, just start counting down, I will snatch everything from you, your daughter Saanvi, Suraj, family, freedom and Aazaadgunj. Chakor says your black wishes won’t be fulfilled, you will be ruined. Imli says I will see who supports you, will Suraj believe you, you know I got jealous of you since childhood, everyone will be away from you, I had to work hard to ruin your life, your married life is already ruined, Suraj and Saanvi dance on my fingers. Suraj and Vivaan get Tejaswini back. Suraj calls out Chakor. Imli says just go and tell Suraj that Imli is here, I want to see what he does to me. Chakor says I think to forgive you always, but you do something to stoop more low in my sight, whatever will happen now, you will be responsible. Imli says you saved kids in Kashmir by running in high speed. Chakor gets shocked.

Imli threatens her. She says you won’t be able to save Saanvi this time. Chakor takes Saanvi with her. She says you have fooled me many times, but not now. She locks door and goes. Chakor comes to Suraj and says my doubt is right, she is here, she is alive. Suraj asks who. Vivaan asks Imli. Chakor says I locked her in room, she has become dangerous. Suraj asks why are you thinking this. Chakor says she won’t leave us alive. She takes them to room. Chakor asks Imli to lift ghunghat and show face. Vivaan and Tejaswini say we can see her face once. Suraj asks Archana to show her face, its a promise this is last time, she won’t be insulted again.

Archana shows her face. Chakor gets shocked. Suraj says Chakor is always in fear of Imli, Vivaan you should explain Chakor that Imli is dead, but you are fuelling the fire. Chakor says you are right, but listen to me once. Suraj says Chakor should take rest, Archana will look after Saanvi. Chakor says no, she will stay with me till Imli is here in haveli. Vivaan says I will see, if Imli is here, she would be around. Archana says I m going, Chakor doesn’t trust me now. Vivaan says Imli is here, Chakor is saying truth. He looks for Imli. Imli sees him and hides. She says Vivaan got after me, I have to do something. She calls someone to meet outside.

Vivaan fights with goons. Chakor says trust me, Imli is behind this, she is alive. Suraj says Imli is dead. He raises hand on Chakor. Vivaan holds Suraj’s hand. Chakor cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I am shocked with the precap.. Suraj should raise hand on chakor ,he should have control on his anger…. He should trust chakor…. He should not be so blind …

    I wish Suraj gets to know the reality asap..

  2. -The episode was torture. Chamli scene was too long. Chakor was on the back foot and Imli was gloating all the time. What was the need for showing the complete lori again?
    -Way to go CVs, using Suraj as scapegoat. Why did he raise his hands on Chakor and yes now hero Vivaan is here to protect her, disgusting. Isn’t enough that you’ve made him a fool. You glorify everyone but it’s always Suraj who makes mistakes and suffer for them later.
    -Suraj actions don’t make sense, he should know that Chakor doesn’t lie, so he should either believe her or he should take her to a doctor because she’s lost her mind.
    -You forgot to say that Suraj raised his hands after Chakor took Saanvi’s kasam that Imli is alive.

  3. Safiya Hosein

    When Suraj became a bandua and when he lost his memory, Chakor went to all lengths to save him and bring him back. She was even humiliated in the process. And now, he treats her like this. Just horrible! Dissapointed with what they are doing to his character. Writers buck up please!

  4. They are dragging the scene. I want to see the strength of sukor love.

  5. Why the CVS creating distance between sukor.. I cant see sukor in this way.. it’s so boring that Suraj don’t believe her. . I know in surajs point of view he is right that he believes that imli is dead and he is concerned about chakor s mental state … But the precap is too shocking for me… Suraj raised his hand against chakor. I don’t like to see these type of scenes … Every time Suraj says he will be with chakor always then why didn’t he tries to understand chakor… And everytime CVS glorify that imli. Why she always wins her evil plan.. according to latest olv Tejaswini will get angry on chakor. . I know that atlast good always wins over evil… I’m waiting for that moment… Bt how much we tolerate these type of scenes

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