Belan Wali Bahu 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Suzzi and Naren like sibblings

Belan Wali Bahu 21st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roopa comes to Laddo’s ghost and says Naren and Suzzi are getting married. He laughs and says we have weird fates, one got a wife who is always taking pictures, one got a wife who sees ghosts and now Naren got Suzzi? He laughs. Roopa says me and Dada are worried and you are laughing, you leave it, she leaves.

Dada comes to his room and sees Suzzi dressed in a red saree as a bride. Dada asks where she is going? Suzzi says to a hospital, we all have a birthday party there, Dada asks whose birthday is that? Suzzi says Naren.. I mean Narendra Shukla, a doctor, I will comeback in an hour, Dada says everything will change in an hour, Suzzi says I hope so too that everything become fine. Dada says I cant stop you, go and live your life. Suzzi leaves. Dada recalls how Suzzi said on call to bring garlands. Dada says no, I cant let her live life like this, I cant let her marry Naren. Dada comes to lounge. Roopa says they have gone to marry, we have to stop them, its about house’s respect. Dada says its about my life.

Suzzi comes to mandir. Naren is there as a groom. Naren asks reporter to start recording wedding. Priest gets them married, they exhange garlands. Dada and Roopa comes there and sees it. Priest says you are husband and wife. Suzzi sees Dada there and says he shouldnt be here. Naren says I will handle him. Naren says to Dada that I have done such a thing which will make you proud of me. Dada slaps him and says this doesnt make me proud, I am disowning you, you both got married. Suzzi says you people are thinking wrong, this wedding is a drama which we did to show to my dad. Naren says yes, Suzzi’s dad wants her to get married so we did a drama that she is already married. Dada says dont lie, you people were talking close selfies. Suzzi says it was a drama too to show to my dad. Flashback shows Suzzi calling Naren to room and says my dad wants to forcefully marry me but If I show him I am already married then he wont force me, you are like a brother but right now we have to act as a couple. At night, Suzzi brings fake marriage papers and make Naren sign them, Suzzi says I will show these papers to my dad and he will accept my marriage. Naren says you are like my sister so I had to help you. Flashback ends. Dada says what about tickets booking to Manali? Flashback shows Suzzi calling travel agent and booking honeymoon suite for Naren and herself, Dada heard it and left. Suzzi says now I will send this hotel confirmation ticket to my dad and his doubts will end. Flashback ends. Roopa says Naren why you told Suzzi that Dada is against love to Suzzi? Naren says I was talking to my girlfriend, not Suzzi, my girlfriend’s dada is against love, I have another girlfriend but her dada is strict too. Dada says I dont care about it but all are sister, mom for you in house. Suzzi says Naren is like my brother. Naren says she gave me rakhi too. Dada laughs and says they are siblings. Roopa says if Suzzi is Naren’s sister then she is Dada’s granddaughter. Dada says Suzzi is mine.. I mean my nurse, I missed your injection. They all laugh.

Scene 2
Family makes plan to go for a hangout. Prem tells them about travel strike. Dada says to family that we made a plan to go out but now its travel strike. Laddo’s ghost says they can take my car. Roopa says we can take Laddo’s car. Prem asks Jitendra to bring car. Jitendra says I cant drive car for much time because I got hit by a bullet. Dada asks Prem to drive it, Prem says I havent driven a car for many years, I dont have confidence to drive it. Prem asks Naren to drive that car. Naren says you people keep calling me young so you never made me learn how to drive a car. Suzzi says Dada knows how to drive it. Dada says I can drive it but I can use only one foot so I can just accelerate it but someone sitting beside me have to use brakes, all look on. Shalini says so we cant go? Roopa says this is all happening because we girls dont know how to drive a car. Laddo’s ghost says so learn it. Shalini says we have to learn to drive. Roopa says okay I will call a drive instructor.

Instructor comes to house and says I take 8000rs per person, women talk so much that I forget how to drive. Shalini says we will give only 6000rs per person otherwise you can leave. Dada says you have to teach them seriously. Instructor says I will be serious, my style is different, I make them learn from home in start, first theory and then practical.

Instructor shows a fake car in lounge to women of house. Shalini says how we will learn to drive here? He says this is just theory, you learn the rules first then we will go on roads. Jitendra comes there wearing traffic police uniform, he says to women that if you break rules then I will put a fine on you. Suzzi sit in a fake car. Dada comes there and bumps into the car. Jitendra says to Suzzi that you hit him so you will be going to jail. Dada says it was not Suzzi’s mistake. Jitendra says then you both will go to jail. Suzzi says I cant go to jail. Dada gives bribe to Jitendra and asks him to leave. Instructor says to women that this is why I am giving a theory class, he asks Shalini to start driving but she starts taking selfies in car. Prem comes there drinking wine and strikes with the car. Jitendra says drinking and driving? he takes him away. Instructor says to Roopa that you never use phone while driving.
Roopa starts giving instructions to Roopa. Roopa runs to close the stove, he says you should have focus on driving only. Instructor makes Roopa sit in a fake car and asks her to put foot on accelerator. Laddo’s ghost says no first start the car. Instructor keeps telling her some tips while Laddo’s ghost keeps telling her some others at the same time. Roopa says enough, you are making me confused.

PRECAP- Instructor brings an old jeep and says this is low budget car but its good for driving. Awasti family sits in jeep. Roopa tries to drive it but it stops after some steps. Katori laughs and says to people on road that Awasti family’s cheap old car is not working. Dada says enough, now Awasti people will bring a car which you havent even seen in dreams.
Shalini says to family that car has come. All go out of house and gawk at something.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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