Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika and Yash to fight for Aarya

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 21st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mohit was excited to get the keys of his promised car. Mohit was worried what he would reply to Sahil. Sahil was looking for Mohit and had reached the bar. He recalls how Vaidika had disowned him from their life.
At home, Vaidika and family were tensed. Nani also got the video through MMS and cursed themselves. Each of their phone rang. Vaidika asks Nani to let her think for a while. Nani cries questioning what she would think about. They already live in a small city, people might burn their house tomorrow. Everyone was haunted by continuously ringing phone bells. Aarya cries saying she is a bad child. Nani cursed Aarya’s life, Vaidika forbids Nani say another word about her daughter. Aarya goes into the room crying. Vaidika follows her.
There, Sahil beats Mohit badly for breaking his trust. Nidhi was hiding behind the wall and thinks she was saved, if Sahil had seen her the plan would have finished. Mohit explains to Sahil that he wouldn’t be in the video if he wanted to create such an MMS. Nidhi thinks Sahil is an idiot and would trust Mohit.
There, Vaidika tries to break into Aarya’s locked room.
Sahil comes to stop the spread of MMS through crime control cell but no one was ready to listen to him before inquiry.
Vaidika finds Aarya lying on the floor, faint. She cries wondering if she did something to her, then was relieved checking her nerves. She takes Aarya to bed.
Yash arrives there, he tells Vaidika this has been a deliberate act. Vaidika thinks about Puneesh and says she is aware who did this, she won’t leave him as he has hurt her daughter. She was determined not to spare that man.
At Agarwal house, Nidhi and Puneesh enjoy a drink together. Prachi comes downstairs and asks if he is celebrating their anniversary already. Puneesh cheers with Nidhi and says his celebrations are incomplete with Prachi. Everyone from the family gather there. Nidhi suggests about some dancing and asks Shruti to play some music. Puneesh calls it unimportant but Prachi boasts that they are a happy couple even after years of marriage. Puneesh asks about Sahil. Sahil comes home then. Anjana asks him to wish Puneesh, today is their wedding anniversary. Sahil asks if he must wish him for an attempt to loot on a woman’s respect. Anjana convince Sahil to cope up with his family. Sahil says he has a family at the other house as well, and a person he loves more than anything. He still came to Agarwal house leaving her to face the world alone. He comes to Nidhi and asks how she does this all, wine and pregnancy. He wish Puneesh anniversary. Vaidika arrive at the door. She blames Puneesh for preparing an MMS of Aarya and says she came with a proof. She calls Mohit inside. They were shocked to see him badly beaten. She asks who was behind creating the MMS of Aarya. Mohit blames Puneesh. Sahil grabs his collar but Vaidika stops Sahil and forbids him to show off his dislike towards his family in front of her. She will fight her own war today.
Puneesh charges at Mohit calling him a liar but Yash comes in between. Bari Amma was disturbed watching Yash there. Vaidika says police will now take the action. Yash says this man prepared an MMS of a 15 year old. When the police arrive, Mohit says Vaidika and Yash forced him to take Puneesh’s name. Prachi shouts at Vaidika to leave the house. Puneesh was calm and says people often blame the elites like them for money. The police now insults Vaidika for blaming Puneesh pointless. Puneesh murmurs to Nidhi that he transferred 10 lacs to Mohit’s account and he changed his side again. Vaidika pleads in front of Mohit but was unheard. Vaidika thinks about all the disgrace of Aarya. She warns Puneesh to bear the consequence of hurting her daughter.

PRECAP: Vaidika arrive as a bride to Agarwal’s family and asks them to welcome her as the future daughter in law of the family. Sahil was excited for such a sudden decision.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today I found Sahil’s character in the serial a little weak.. I dint find him as the strong man he always used to be..
    First thing where he confronts Mohit and believes his words..
    Next when he wishes that lizard puneesh.. whatever be the reason, even if his mom convinces him, he should not have wished that donkey. He knows for sure that puneesh was the one who misbehaved with vedhika..then how can he wish him??
    And then when vedhika was accusing that lizard, Sahil did not take a strong stand like he usually does.. instead he moved away and was standing aside.. I dint like it..
    Today Yash seemed more powerful than Sahil.. guys not acceptable right??

  2. I don’t know what to make of this episode.. but one thing is I am beginning to get angry at Vedika for the way she is treating Sahil. Once again Puneesh and Nidhi get away with their wicked ways and Yash is not wasting any time in being the hero. I heard that Vedika and Yash Will get engaged. Not looking forward to that as it will probably break Sahil……,

  3. Yes Dolly Sahil was looking weak but he did not get a chance as Vedika keep stopping him every time he intervened. Vedika was not being fair to him. In fact the things she said to him I find quite hurtful.

  4. Sigh !!! Dolly and Pooja, you said it for me. Ladies, I cried again…when Vedika kicked Sahil out the house, my heart broke in two this time. First for Sahil and for Vedika too. She’s hurting badly and I agree with her to some extent. Her daughter let her down in a huge way, even I felt some anger to see Arya forgetting her core values instilled in her by her mother. This goes to show how youths are pressured into fitting in the sociable circles and aren’t experienced to handle the responsibilities which is demanded of them. If I was in Vedika’s shoes, I’d be in that same mood… I still have to see the episode to pick up the little nuances to determine why Sahil was so weak in the scenes or whether he congratulated puneesh in a sarcastic way. Sometimes the written update doesn’t give a clear picture, I’m not complaining though, it’s just that I have to see it to comment on Sahil’s weak display. I’ve seen a preview, where Vedika comes into the house dressed like a bride and says she’s the intended Bahu….don’t understand what happened so quickly here….

  5. Ya pooja I too read that vedhika getting engaged to Yash.. exchanging rings and Sahil dances drunk in their party.. though Yash is of her age group, how can we see Sahil getting so heart broken ?..
    Looks like vedhika will try to enter Sahil’s house to find out the real culprit of Aarya’s MMS leak..

    1. Vedika is marrying agarwal means she is marrying Yash Agarwal.

  6. Muniya

    What’s actually going on???…I don’t get it clearly.
    Spoiler is saying that Vedika and Yash will get engaged and Sahil will drunk due to heart broken…and in the show..precap is showing that Vedika is coming to Agarwal house in bridal attire…calling herself as new bahu of the house….that’s quite confusing.
    But…as all of u said…I din’t like the way Vedika is being so rude to Sahil…she doesn’t even giving any chance to him to speak.
    Actually didn’t like the episode at all…Sahil is being defeated in every step…Vedika is saying that Sahil is also mingled with his family…but still…when Sahil is cursing Puneesh…she stops him…doesn’t let him do anything for her…and in the meantime…Yash becomes hero.
    I really wish…Sahil ould see Nidhi with Mohit.

  7. Yash is actually a part of the Agarwal’s.. He’s a son too.. so vedhika says that she’s the future bride of the Agarwal’s.. not Sahil’s bride..

    1. Muniya


    2. So true ?…and I don’t like this. I feel as if I broke up with Sahil ???…and I feel like I’m suffering withdrawal symptoms. This is going to literally kill Sahil inside and maybe we’ll see a new ruthless businessman emerging from him. Friends, I took a deep look at Sahil’s expression when Vedika told him she doesn’t want his love or friendship from him, lorddddd…that alone is death for him. I’ve loved someone as deeply as Sahil loves Vedika as well and when we were forced to go separate ways because of destiny, I literally died inside, life didn’t mean much after that. I do have 2 children and I live for them and God….but life is never the same again, there’s nothing like first love… NOTHING….

  8. Friends, most of the serials these days, end up being a story about reincarnation. Mehak just went in that direction and I’m super pissed off!!! Don’t get me wrong here but I hope that this don’t end up like that, considering the trend is this way on zeetv serials. Just for talks, imagine if Nidhi and Puneesh actually becomes so devilish that they resort to getting rid of our golden couple and they have to reincarnate but in doing so, they have a complete makeover, would you agree that change in the storyline??…. Now, at present, Vedika comes into Agarwal’s mansion dressed up as a bride and says get ready to welcome the new bahu, it’s safe to say that the groom isn’t Sahil but Yash. Do you all think that Yash is helping her in this way, to get her inside the house to confirm her suspicions that Puneesh is the MMS leaker and instigator or to get back at Bari Aama and family? In the long run…Nidhi’s pregnancy could be exposed as well AND…Yash’s ties to the family will rear it’s head and subsequent revelation as to who he is, right?? I would like to see Nidhi’s hand in this conspiracy become exposed as well…and I pray that Vedika and Yash are just pretending to be married couple…she wouldn’t marry Yash on the rebound??? Would she?? One more thing, I felt Sahil’s jealousy when he asked Vedika why does that man come her so often.. That was a very human emotion rearing it’s head…so real…..unlike the illogical crap we usually see on these serials ???

  9. Charmin Anderson

    I don’t understand how the family could accept Nidhi being pregnant after the nasty fall she had down all those flight of stairs. As well she was at the hospital and your telling me, they didn’t find this out. I don’t get how they couldn’t say where the text originate from, it’s a MMS it’s easy to find out. How com no one didn’t check Mohit account to see if he received a bribe to change his story out of the blue and to see who paid him off. I don’t understand why the family would trust Nidhi over Sahil. Sahil told them he didn’t sleep with her and no one is ready to believe him. I don’t get my Vedika would show up as future bride of Yash, if she really wanted to hurt them she would have showed up as Sahil bride cause that would get them more, as they are not aware of the history between Yash and the family. Too much unrealistic story lines in this great show, example Sahil didn’t know he was marrying Nidhi, this would have been grounds for a immediate divorce, yet they are going along with this nonsensical story line of them being married until now she is pregnant. KMT. So fed up, i expected Sadika to be married by now and them traversing the ups and down of married life, and them sharing some much needed romantic times.

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