Udaan 20th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 20th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vivana angrily arguing with Imli for doubting on him, that he has raped Pooja, that’s why Imli suggested him to give money to Pooja and end the money. She cries and says its not like that. He pushes her angrily and sees her foot bleeding. He gets tensed and apologizes to her. He cares for her and says you got wounds because of me. She says its little injury, it will be fine.

He does the aid to her. He says I can’t believe that someone can accuse me for rape. Chakor comes and looks on. He says you would be ashamed Imli, that your husband is such man. Imli says I believe you. Chakor says Vivaan, you are innocent, we know this, maybe that evil trio did this, they maybe behind this, Suraj has become bandhua, my career ended, and this happened with you, they want us to break down, we have to stand strong and show our unity, we can’t let them win. He nods. Imli says you are right, we have to be united.

Chakor says we have to break the evil trio unity, I m tired thinking how to give food and water to Suraj, if anything happens to him, I can never forgive myself, Suraj will be thirsty, I will go and find some way to feed him water, Vivaan please stop blaming yourself, you are innocent and true, and truth always wins. She leaves. Imli thinks Chakor is worried for Suraj, I have to do something to break the evil trio.

Ranjana packs bags. Bhaiya ji asks what happened. Ragini asks what’s the problem, tell me. Ranjana says my dad needs my help in party work, I m going to him. Bhaiya ji asks her not to worry about here. Chakor asks Imli how did you do this so soon, how did you send Ranjana out. Imli says I told you Ragini and Bhaiya ji always prove who is more clever and fight always, he is oil and she is fire, and Ranjana is water, she has joined them, Ranjana shouted on Vivaan and he got shattered, I decided to send Ranjana away and did this. Chakor asks how.

Imli says its easy, I called Ranjana’s dad and told him that Ranjana is upset, as Ragini is troubling her, Ranjana can reach hospital. He got much worried and said no, I will call Ranjana home, I told him to not tell Ranjana that I told him everything, else she will get annoyed with me. Chakor says I can’t believe you did big work in so less time, its good she has gone, their strength will get down.

She goes to see Suraj. She sees servant watering plants. She runs and takes water pipe. She shouts for help and throws water on the goons. She goes to Suraj and asks him to drink as much water as he can. The water does not come. She says I will just go and see. They see Suraj’s servant stepping on the pipe. Suraj scolds his servant and gets angry. Chakor slaps the servant and says Suraj has become bandhua because of you, you have no shame to stop water, you are cheating him. He says you slapped me, how dare you, come, I will show you cheating. Suraj shouts to him. Servant says I will take you to Ragini. Chakor frees herself and falls over Suraj. They have an eyelock. Suraj scolds servant. Ragini and Bhaiya ji come there. Ragini says great, you proved you are loyal to me Shikhu. The servant says I will see who feeds water to Suraj.

Suraj says disloyalty punishment is death. Bhaiya ji laughs and says who knows who is disloyal, now Suraj’s servant is with us, this is called loyalty, Suraj cheated me. Suraj says stop fighting like coward, free my hands and see what I do. Bhaiya ji says Suraj is not breaking as Chakor feeds him food and water. He says we should punish Chakor, she broke our rules, I will stop her running, someone else will run tomorrow to help Suraj. Chakor asks who. He says Imli will run. She says how will Imli run, she can’t run faster, how can she get water. Bhaiya ji says I don’t know anything, this is your punishment. Suraj says you can’t punish me, Chakor and Imli, you will give me water, I want water, I m thirsty. Chakor says calm down. Bhaiya ji says lower tone, you are bandhua, I will stop that machine. Suraj says so you will not give me water. He throws sand in Bhaiya ji’s eyes angrily and smiles. Bhaiya ji and Ragini fume with anger. Chakor looks on.

Bhaiya ji slaps Suraj. Chakor shouts. Suraj gets angry. Chakor says I m ready to do anything, I will convince Imli to run. Suraj says it means I will die by thirst, Imli can’t get water for me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. U r right aqua.n sia u r such a big fan of udan.nobody can do like u.kahan se dundti ho aap ese link.nit is upset about this track bt where is the most imp.person of this site is she fine.or gys kisiko chakor k new plan k barai mai pata hai.

    1. Aisa kuch nahi hai anya.if I’m free I will search about VJ,I’m a big fan of him,uss chakkar Mein kuch na kuch mil jata hai. To say me and my jigri dost will be doing VJ jaap if we are free like today(on leave as my sis wedding is going on )sometimes our siblings will get bored of us but not we??

    2. I started watching it for VJ now I’m fan for udaan team and this page and I got many sweet friends here?

  2. Hello Sia,Angel,Janu,Aanya,Tapa , anyone of u guys have account on india forums site? it’s a very good place to comment,share spoilers and discuss things and all and u will find a lot more ppl there and many fan fictions,OS etc.if u don’t have account try to create one and be active there.We can increase udaan forum activity and rank by that

    1. Varshu I feel IF page a war zone,I used to be scilent reader there,always bashing btw sukorians and vikorians,seriously vikorians were too much there,they couldn’t tolerate a post in favour of Suraj or sukor and start bashing they are the initiators,I was fed up when they started bashing VJ so now I’m not visiting there. I used to follow VJ AT it was the only place free from bashing ?

      1. I started following recently,now u can’t find single vikorian there.All are sukor shippers now

  3. What is the meaning of tfs tapa.

    1. thanks for sharing =tfs

  4. sukorians I said all true about her weight she is bit fat n not so good looking actress. DEDICATED ACTRESS my foot she is a chipkufy actress always chipkufying with paras
    n udaan has no social message for viewers
    there are only bad people
    first come to BhuKa – they sold their unborn child to a landlord only for 2000/- rupees how Mahan parents they are na ??
    then come to tejaswinee – when she was the wife of Kn …………(I think u all understood)
    then come to ranjana- she murdered her own husband n then married to …….
    then come to ragini – she is a idol sis who wanno turn her brothers……….
    then come to sikhu – he betrayed his own master who considered him as his friend

  5. Who the hell are you to judge the actress, I think u are not so dedicated in your life or work so cant tolerate others dedication,why are you giving names to her friendship with paras,its not any blunder to be friends

    For your kind information bhuka gave their daughter to kn bcz they don’t have money to do last rights bhuvan’s father,its not about money its about his father’s last rights,its their majburi
    and you must have patience to watch a social message in form of soap as twists and turns are comman to take.story ahead
    If don’t like then stay away but don’t bash. This is page is for sukorians and udaaan lovers not like a stooped person who use others name to bash

  6. now come to vivan- he is THE SELFISH MAN of whole world nothing more about him
    imli- she has also many fault bt it’s OK
    ajadgungh villagers- they all r blind dumb deaf etc etc they always waiting for a mashia like chakor who can save them from………
    now it’s time for ur lovely SuKor-
    first chakor- she is a nice n caring girl bt she donno how to respect his husband she always rude towards suraj
    I’ll tell about suraj later nt now

    u tapaswini u should change ur name coz from today I’m tapa or leave this site better u leave this site n watch ur cartoon movies u always comment like mad seriously u r a bakvas com.. among all , all r wise here unlike u I think u all Odisha peoples r like this humesa POKHAL khake aise bann gaye ho kya
    u said tum mujhe srap doge I’m realy scarred kap raha hu me pura ka pura plz don’t give me srap

    guys say what ever u want I don’t care

  7. Tapa if u don’t like Udaan then I just tell u r mad person and wasting time which is very precious so better do not waste your time by commenting and who r u to say tapaswini to leave this site u should leave this site and who r u to judge Udaan actor and actress and pls mind your language nahi to Juban kaal or gandi Ho ja ago tells not waste our time on people like u

  8. yeh di TFS means thanx 4 sharing
    guys according to TOI spoiler this week is going to b a mixture of all where we can see SuKor romance, kn ‘s torture on suraj n chakor and most imp thing we can see dabang suraj in this week

  9. Hi guys do u rember me actually I do not get time for commenting but did not missed any episode of Udaan

  10. Can someone tell me what will happen next in Udaan pls give link

  11. Guys I think we should ignore fake tapa,lets not spoil our mood by noticing her comments and we will continue with our discussions,tapaswini don’t reply her back dr and spoil your mood. I didn’t even feel to reply her back and totally ignored her but seeing her bashing tapaswini I thought to share my view.
    Guys who are with me???Janu,aanya just leave her on her hell she is an attention seeker why to waste our time on a person who don’t respect others???lets enjoy as we always do

  12. Hi guys,
    I am a silent reader of this and I wanted to join u all
    As I am also a great fan of sukor and love them very much
    So can I ?

  13. its time for SURAJ NARAYAN RAJVANSI-
    1- HE tried to kill his own father without any reason whom he loved a lot
    2- he treated his brother like a chuha
    3- he slept with a sister(imli) n married to another sister( chakor) [ ye baat jante huye ki vo imli bache ka baap hai ]
    4- he tried to molest a girl ( chakor)
    air v bohut sare Banat hai per abb main thoda buzzy hu baad mai sub baat clear karugi

    WOW this week gonno b superb (except Friday)
    I’m super excited to watch kn’s torture on SNR coz gaddar like him deserve that

    I’m openly saying that I’m a fan of KNR coz he s the only man who is good towards good n bad towards bad

  14. Hello All I have been a big Fan of Udaan and was a silent observer,the bond among the fans is awesome here but was pretty sad to see some degrading comments especially juvenile ones such as body shamming and generalization of state people. I am from Odisha and pretty proud of my state and its people.Every one should be proud of the culture they have been brought up with……coming to the POKHAL comment it feels great to know that u appreciate it as a generous meal….the next time you are here let me know so that we oriyas can show you what generosity is…and regarding the srap comment what more a curse can be to be educated yet uncultured and judgemental….grow up……and let fans enjoy the show….dont spoil the atmosphere of positivity

  15. PRIYA stop your VASHAN I don’t need your
    who told u tat I’m using others name my name is tapanna n my nickname is tapa
    n one more thing where it is mentioned tat this site is only for sukorians n not for me
    plz guys help me I can’t find it

    guys aab tak main aap sub ke sath politely baat ker rahi hu tum logo mujhe vasan q suna rahe ho

  16. Sia cn plz translate the vj and meera interview.plz .

  17. guys u all r heartily welcm from my side
    shonali glad to see a odian here be a active member here
    u said it all dr guys just cool down why are u paying attention to this chudel (so called kn fan )
    n u tapanna I’m glad tat u know about our food kavi hamare ghar aake to dekho tumhe vi pokhal ka fan banadugi
    n ha its my warning to u don’t ever dare to comment on my culture n towards our food n also towards our peoples or else…….. .

  18. @Tapa…..bhala lagila aau gote odia member paiki(glad to meet u)……love all of the fans and der comments here……

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