Hello guys how are u all ??????? We’ll see I am back again with the last n final episode of my ff………… :::::::::::::::::::::::: ISHQ FOREVER TWINJ::::::::::::::::::::::::: well I am thankful to all of you guys for being my support till now I never thought that I’ll continue this ff this far and reach century but u all supported and see we are here thank u all so so so soooo much guys for ur lovely comments and support in my ff baki ki bak bak episode k end mein ????… Thanks yaar purvi and aamna for your lovely comment glad to know my silent reader and ha purvi try it black n white mail ?????it will surely work hahaha Chalo episode pe chale …???? Itni jaldi hai Kya ???? OK okay Chalo chalte hai …. Mujh se zyada excited to tum Sab ho ???

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I had written the summary of the FF but due to its limit tu was not accepting the article so I have to remove it …

???????? CENTURY ????????????FINAL EPISODE ??????

3 years later ::::::::
A new morning a begining of a new start The beautiful view of Amritsar is shown where a beautiful love story started gurudwara is shown a man in his hot black Mercedes coming out he was wearing black tuxedo with his shoes and the googles which was giving his hot and bold look he smiles and goes to the other side of the car and opens it and a woman comes out in her cream and pink gown with her hair on one side and leaving some curled strands on her face the man gives her his hand and she smiles and holds him and they went inside the gurudwara and they are revealed to be our lovely twinj ??????…………
Kunj pov ::::::
Finally we reached here gurudwara it’s not place for us it’s has our many memories I met my love here for the first time (kunj and twinkle childhood moment is shown) dat day I didn’t knew that twinkle will became my life forever we have seen many ups and down but at the end we are together and that’s the big thing for us thanks babaji for always having ur mercy on us I can’t wish for more Dan these I hope we I’ll stay like this till my last breathe …
Pov ends …
Twinkle pov :::
Thank you babaji for it blessings upon is for giving me a cute husband like kunj and a cute family this is the place where we met and I can never forget about it and also how I realised my love for him (twinj childhood separation is shown )
Ha dats was nah so cute we separated and met after many years and confessed (twinj confession is shown)
Kunj is a blessing for me I can’t wish for more he is the best thing that happened to me (twinj accident is shown and kunj taking care of twinkle )my love increases for him each n every day he is just perfect thanks babaji I just wish we will stay like this till my last breathe …
Pov ends …

K : chale twinkle ????
T : ha kunj let’s go everyone will be waiting for us …
K : yeah come …

They sit in their car and left for some venue after sometime they reached the place which was fully decorated and it’s written “TOP FASHION HOUSE COMPETITION “and they comes out of the car and media surrounds them ….
Journalist : so finally Mr and Mrs sarna is here ….
Twinj goes inside and sat on the table where Usha leela Manohar babee RT were waiting for them …
T : maa where are they ???
L : kabir took them to have food
T : okay …
Host : well good morning everyone I welcome u all to this event so it’s the competition and I know u all must be waiting for the results we had results in our hand but guys Abhi to party shuru hui hai okay I’ll not take ur more time and I’ll call MR kapadia to present the award to the leading lady …
Mr kapadia : well thanks for welcoming me as chief guest fashion is one of the most important thing and I am glad to give this award to the one who deserves this so the winner is guess guess …
Taneja and sarnas : twinkle twinkle …
Mr k : yeah I can’t hear u and I would like to call upon the famous business man of the year MR KUNJ SARNA to give this award ……..
Kunj stands and went to stage ……

Again all shout twinkle ????
Mr kapadia and kunj : yeah so the winner is “MRS TWINKLE KUNJ SARNA ” owner of “SIDMIN CREATION FASHION HOUSE ….
Twinkle smiles and looks at kunj who smiles back ….
All claps for twinkle and she went on stage and kunj gives his hand to give support to twinkle and Mr kapadia gives the award to twinkle ….
T : well thank u soo much for keeping it trust on me I am glad to have this award but u all know what’s the big thing is ok I’ll tell I am very happy to receive this award from my cute husband I wanna thank my parents my inlaws for supporting me and a special thanks to the man standing here who is so special in my life u know kunj I am nothing with u ….
Kunj smiles and hugs twinkle and all cheers and hoots for them and they came from the stage …
All the journalist surrounds them and they took their pics then a cute boy and girl comes there and looks at twinj …
T : my babies come …
K : ha babies come nah …
G : huh Papa I am angry with u …
B : and I am angry with u mumma ..
Twinj : what ?? Tani kush Arah humne Kya kiya……
Kus : mumma apne hume nah ice cream NAHI khilayi ….
Tani : aul Papa mera chocolate b ..
Twinj smiles at them and lifts them …
Media : mam sir they are ur children ..
T : yeah …
K : yeah our lifeline …
Twinj takes pics with kush and tani and they all left from the venue …
Twinj comes back home and found anraj yuhi mehbeer mibir naman ashna cherry Maya there …..
Everyone congratulates twinkle and kunj smiles at them and went with kush and tani ….

After sometime twinkle was in her room when kunj with kids comes there …
T : u all went without me …
K : ha u were bzy nah …
T : but kunj …
K : twinkle …
T : U can take me right ..
K : oye siyappa queen …
T : u are nah sadu sarna only …
Ta : no my Papa is not sadu sarna she comes to kunj and kunj lifts her ..
Ku : oye tani ki bachi even my mamma is not siyappa queen huh…

Twinkle hugs kush and says mera bacha
Ta : huh kush my Papa is best …
Ku : no my mamma is best ….
Twinj : shhh don’t fight we told u nah dat fighting Is bad …
Kush n tani : then what u were doing before …..
Kush and tani hi-fi making twinj shocked …..
K : acha bachu mumma Papa se prank ha ….
T : ha kush tani …
Kush and tani runs in the whole room with twinj behind them twinj slips and they fall on the bed and have a cute eyelock (sajna ve plays in BG ???)
Kuni (kush n tani) jumps on the bed and twinj came back to senses and they all lie together …..
Kuni : sholly mumma sholly Papa …
T : no need my bacha I love u …
Kuni : we love u too ….
K : and I love u all three …
They all laugh and had a pillow fight kunj and tani in one team and twinkle n kush in one team ….
K : ahh enough now ….
T : kyun sadu sarna itni jaldi thak Gaye
Kuni laughs looking at kunj …..
K : oye siyappa queen …
T : ha Papa got tired as he got old right na babies …
Kuni hi-fi with twinkle and kunj passes a death glare to twinkle ….

Suddenly they heard a knock on the door and kunj opens it and sees ria aman sameer (mibir son) and ruhi (anraj daughter )….
K : u all ??????
Aman : ha mamu we came to take kush n tani ….
K : okay ??
Kush and tani comes out of room and they all went to play ….
Twinkle was slowly escaping but kunj will let her escape easily nah ??….
Kunj holds her wrist and pulls twinkle towards himself due to which her back was facing his front …
Kunj holds her by waist tightly and rests her chin on her shoulder and twinkle blushes …..
K : so what u told ??? I got old right …
T : yeah u got old …
K : achaaa g he removes twinkle hairs and kissed her neck to which she shiver ……
T : kunjjjj…
K (sensously): u know twinkle whenever I came closer to you u blush like a newly bride ….
Twinkle blushes while kunj continues even if u got so old ???
T : what u called me ha old kunj ..
K : ha I am also old na right …
T : no I am still young …
K : ahha oldie twinkle …
He teases twinkle n both runs in the whole room and kunj pulls twinkle and they fall on the bed with kunj on top …
K : now I’ll show u who got old …
He moves towards twinkle n soon captures her lips and they have a deep lip lock and they pull out after few mins
Kunj moves towards her neck placing a number of wet kissed while twinkle was moaning his name and kunj was smirking all the while now it’s turn for twinkle and she came on top of kunj and she kisses kunj after few mins they lie next to each other holding their hands
T : I love you kunj ….
K : I love u too twinkle …
Soon they heard a knock again n twinkle went to open d door …
K : whose there twinkle …
T : come n see kunj …
Kunj comes and saw tani and kush standing at the door with their cute teddies and toy kunj smiles and they all went inside ….
K : what u both want now …
Ta : Papa see nah kush has tore my teddy she acted to try uwaa??…
Ku : she is saying lie Papa first she broke my car and be too cries …
Kunj looks at twinkle who ask him to console them now and laughs …..
K : kush tani u both are siblings right so siblings fight NAHI karte …
Mahi : really Bhai ???? Says mahi walking in the room …
Kunj sees mahi and signals her to shut up while twinkle was controling her laugh ….
Ta : bua Papa b apse ladte thay ???
Mah : ha tani aapke Papa b mujhse ladte thay…. Kuni looks at kunj with confused expression …
Now twinkle and mahi both laughs looking at kunj face which was showing what the hell expression…
Mah : well I came here to tell u all to get ready for the party which was kept you celebrate Bhabhi success and saying this she runs out of the room …
T : tani kush come I’ll make u ready and yeah don’t fight Papa will give more gifts to you both okay bacha …
Kuni : okay mumma and they hug twinkle kunj smiles and hugs them too and they all went to get ready …
Twinkle makes tani get dress in a cute fairy frock while kush in shirt and jeans kunj too gets ready in blue jeans with white shirt looking hot twinkle gets dressed in a beautiful saare and they all went downstairs …
Naman ashna comes there with their daughter pihu cherry Maya with their son varun yuhi with aman and mehbeer with ria anraj with ruhi and mibir with sameer were present in the hall waiting for twinj n kuni ….
All the kids went to play together while all the couple’s were enjoying the party but kunj was bzy in romancing with his wifey ….
Soon everyone congratulates twinkle and they all had a dance kunj ask twinkle for her hand n she gives it smiling ….
(Teri jhuki Nazar plays in BG …….??)

Chaahe kuchh na kehna
Bhale chup tu rehna
Mujhe hai pata…
Tere pyar ka..
Khamosh chehra…
Aankhon pe pehra..
Khud hai gawaah..
Tere pyaar ka..

(Kunj smiles and takes twinkle to the dance floor and holds her by waist and they started dancing with each other and being lost in their eyes kunj spins twinkle and now her back was facing his front )

Teri jhuki nazar teri har adaa
Mujhe keh rahi hai ye dastaan
Koi shakhs hai jo ki in dino
Tere zehan-o-dil pe hai chha gaya
Teri jhuki nazar teri har adaa
Mujhe keh rahi hai ye dastaan….

(Kunj gives her kiss giving shivers to twinkle without anyone notice and again turns her and she looks at kunj who makes a pout and twinkle laughs and comes near kunj ..)

Teri zulf jab bhi bikhar jati hai
Aye haseen tu haseen aur ho jati hai
Jo kitabon mein padhte rahe aaj tak
Woh pari hmko tujh me Nazar aati hai Teri baaahon mein, panahon mein

( I love you kunj twinkle whispers in kunj ear and he smiles and lifts her and twirls her around and they again lost in each other embrace …)

Rehna mujhe hardam sada
Teri hi yaadon mein, nigahon mein
Rehna mujhe har dum sada
Teri hi baahon mein panahon mein
Rehna mujhe hardam sada..

( I love you too twinkle kunj whispered and twinkle laughs at him and they continued dancing and the song ended they compose themselves )

Soon everyone was bzy chatting with each other and twinkle was going towards kitchen when kunj pulls her and locks twinkle in his embrace

T : what happened Mr sarna ????

K : nothing Mrs sarna …. Just wanted to spend sometime with my cute wifey … Can I ???

Twinkle says okay Mr husband n they went to the lawn and saw it fully decorated and kunj and twinkle take their seats Kunj n twinkle sat on the swing in a side hugging position …

I can’t thank babaji for sending u in my life twinkle says kunj even I can’t kunj replied twinkle smiling I still remember the day when we met says kunj (twinj first meet is shown) yeah kunj at dat time we didn’t knew we will get separated says twinkle (twinj childhood separation is shown)But see we met again says kunj(twinj meet at naman engagement is shown ) when I got to know dat u are my Sid my happiness has no bounds replies twinkle (kunj revealing to twinkle dat he is Sid is shown ) yeah after then I proposed u fearing if u think me as best friend den what I’ll do said kunj (twinj confession is shown) yeah them we enjoyed na kunj says twinkle (now their college life is shown ) but then we came back India and got separated again says kunj (kunj denying he didn’t love twinkle is shown) then I made u confess the truth says twinkle laughing (twinkle fake drama to suicide when kunj revels the secret is shown) then we decided to unite our parents says kunj (twinj revealing about veera death secret is shown) yeah finally they united says twinkle (Manohar and RT patch up shown and twinj alliance fixed is shown) and finally we got married says kunj and pecks twinkle forehead (their wedding is shown) yeah we went to vixag to have fun and then says twinkle (their moments at vixag and accident is shown) and dat incident happened but we met again and u got ur memory back says kunj yeah and finally we got the news of us expecting says twinkle and they smile (tani and kush birth is shown and them twinj moments with them ) There were many ups and downs in our life twinkle every day was a new challenge but our ISHQ will remain FOREVER like this hai na twinkle ??? Yeah “ISHQ FOREVER TWINJ” will remained till now and will also remain constant till our last breathe .???..

Yeah says kunj n pecks twinkle forehead while twinkle too pecks him on his cheeks and hugs him tightly saying I love you kunj I love you too twinkle kunj replies n hugs twinkle more tightly and they went inside …

Let’s take a family picture what say guys said kabir all nodded and they all sat together yuhi anraj twinj mehbeer mibir with all the elders sitting on the chair with kids on their lap they all pose for a pic when kunj Naughtily holds twinkle hand and she looks at them soon the photographer clicks the pic with twinj in a eye locking position …

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::THE END::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

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    I really enjoyed your whole FF
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    1. Sameera

      Awwwww thank you soon much simmy
      For ur cute words yaar …

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    1. Sameera

      Awwwww thank you soooo much yaar baby itna bada comment Sachi rula dala nah yaar hayeee mujhe pata hi NAHI tha ke they are many people who love me soooo much yaar seriously ur cute words has made my eyes wet already …
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    1. Sameera

      Thanks yaar kruti for ur support till the begining yaar without u all I can’t be able to come up till here and I am glad dat I have succeeded in bringing a smile on your faces yaar thanks for ur comment ..
      Love u …

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    1. Sameera

      Thanks maha ?

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