Ishqbaaz ff by Mihra ep 18

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Shivaay: couldn’t yell or cry his emotions were stuck inside of him
Doc: I’m really sorry
Shivaay: c.c.c….could I s.s.see her
Doc: sure she’s in that ward
Shivaay goes in and sees Anika’s face covered
Shivaay: how could.. you leave me wake up wake up u know that I’m incomplete without you how could you stop our story here we have years left wake up u can’t leave me like this I love you wake up and slowly takes of the sheet and gets shocked
Shivaay: who is this and comes out of the ward finding a nurse
Shivaay: who is she
Nurse: pointing to a man his wife
Shivaay: then where’s my wife
Nurse: your her husband
Shivaay: yes she is Ms.asso
Nurse: but right now a man came and said that he’s her husband so he took her home
doc: I’m so sorry Mr. Sso umm where so sorry I will try to get the address
Shivaay: I better get an address or a photo of that man in 1 hour and leaves in anger
Shivaay what kind of a hospital is that
Shivaay khanna I want you to trace Anika’s phone or find any information about where she is quick

Tia: oh I love this plan
Romi: why doesn’t anyone tell me anything
Romi: why did we bring her here
Tia: shivaay will do anything to bring back Anika so I will basically ask for his stocks
Romi: ok fine but what about rudra
Tia: oh I gave him to Om so now just wait and watch

Ishana: rudra are you ok
Rudra: yeah we both are ok
Om: where is shivaay and Anika
Ishana: maybe when they finished the task they left for home
Om: I guess
Ishana: Om my house is here bye
Romya and Om: bye GN

Shivaay gets a call
Person: awww are you finding your wife well I know where she is if you want her then come to this location and get her but no guards allowed call ended
Shivaay: I have to go there
Unknown location
Shivaay: reaches there and sees Anika
Shivaay runs to Anika but then someone hits him on his head

10 min later
Both shivika are sitting together tied up
Anika: you here why how
Shivaay: I came to save you
Anika: I don’t think you did such a good job
Shivaay: at least be happy I came
Anika: where is your tail
Shivaay: my what
Anika: your bodyguards that fallow you around like a tail
Anika: wait let me guess they told you not to bring them
Shivaay: if your that smart then why are you still tied up officer Anika
Tia: oh come on plz don’t fight over here
Anika: why did you kidnap us
Tia: simple property now you didn’t die so I had to do something else
Tia: don’t worry I will give you guys a chance to run
Tia throws a gun to Anika
Tia: open her hands free
Tia see this gun you have this to save your self
Tia oh yeah I forgot you don’t know how to use one
Shivaay: are you sure about that
Tia: go pick up the gun and shoot
Anika picks up the gun and drops it
Anika: why is this so heavy
Shivaay what is she saying

Tia pick it up and shoot shivaay
Anika: but why shivaay
Tia: look dear I have two options one get the property of The Malhotras or the obrois
Anika: what do you mean
Tia: if shivaay dies you have his property and when I call your parents that you kidnapped they will give me their property so that equals both properties
Tia: oh yeah if you don’t shoot shivaay your happy family will die obroi mansion has a bomb
Shivaay: Anika shoot
Anika: have you gone mad
Shivaay: Anika shoot or I will shoot
Anika: picks up the gun and shoots shivaay
Anika drops the gun and starts crying sitting right beside shivaay
Tia: oh my god you killed him by your own hands
Anika: lets us go and I will sign all the papers
Tia: papers first
Anika: ok
Tia: here are the malhotra papers and the obrois
Anika: signs all of them and leaves with shivaay
Anika: shivaay you can’t leave me like this and checks his heart beat
Anika: finally you died now I can live my life and drives to the sea and throws him in the sea

Precap: person: I can’t believe my wife is so smart
Person of course I am

Plz ignore any mistakes

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    what the hell happened?! :0

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