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morning sun rays hit swara and she woke up and saw sanskar and swayyam sleeping hugging each other. she smiled looking at them. then she saw sanskar struggling to sleep because of sun’s rays. she kept her hands in front of his eyes and he relaxed and slept peacefully. she thought to remove her hand and wake him up but this idea did not went till her heart and looking at both of them she thought it’s better to let them sleep for some more time. she sat like that covering sanskar’s eyes from sun’s rays for long time and stared him lovingly.
sanskar woke up and saw swara’s hand and turned towards the other side to find swara staring him lovingly. he smiled seeing her lost in him that she did not realize that he is awake.
sanskar- aahhmmm swara i am up. don’t stare me like that. [dramatically] i feel shy.
swara- [comes to sense and shockingly looked at sanskar] – shy
sanskar- yaa. you are staring me and lost in me that you did not realize that i am awake and so i felt shy.[said it dramatically and acted to be shy by covering his face with his palms.]
swara laughed seeing his antics.

swara- hahaha sanskar you are too much. [controlling her laugh] you are indeed a good actor as i complemented you yesterday but you never acted this way. ufff [she was red due to controlling her laugh but not able to hold more she laughed again] hahahaha oh god. please save me from laughing more. ufff hahahhaa.
sanskar just stared her lovingly the way she is laughing and happy whole heartedly. he is seeing the old bubbly ever happy swara now. he felt immense happiness in his heart and continued looking at her laughing.
swara- [felt his gaze and looked at him] why are you staring me now?
sanskar- nothing just seeing how happy you are, and how beautiful you look when you laugh like this. i want to see you like this each and every minute and if for this i have to do such acts i am ever ready to do it my whole life.
swara- sanskar my happiness is you. and surely if you act like you did now i don’t need anything more to laugh uncontrollably. [saying this she laughed again]
swayyam- [lazily rubbing his eyes] mumma why are you laughing.
swara- [looked at swayyam] nothing baby just like this. i felt to laugh so i laughed.
swayyam- mumma why i don’t feel like this.
swara looked at sanskar for an answer.

sanskar- champ woh mumma remembered something and laughed on that matter. leave all that. now as you woke up so run to waashroom and i will be there in a minute and we will clean your teeth.
swayyam- ok. [kissed sanskar and swara on their cheek] mumma-papa you forgot to wish me good morning.
swasan- good morning baby/champ [ruffling his hairs]
swayyam got down the bed and ran in washroom.
sanskar also got up and kissed swara’s forehead.
sanskar- sorry to be late but it is said naa better late than never. good morning princess.
swara- good morning. go swayyam must be waiting.
sanskar nodded and went to brush his champ’s teeth.
in hotel uttmay were sleeping in each other’s embrace. they woke due to a phone call.
uttara- [in sleep with eyes closed but irritated due to sound of call] please stop this sound.
tanmay disturbed by the call and hearing uttara opened his eyes but the call ended by that time. he looked at uttara who slept again with relief that their is no disturbance hugging him more. he smiled seeing this and blushed remembering the last night. finally they are completely one. he kept on looking at her when his phone rang again and before wakes up he picked up the call.
tanmay- hello
op- hello tanmay ji. the hotel booking is till 12:00 p.m. so if you both want to stay their more then get the bookings done.
tanmay- bhabhi [swara] please don’t call me tanmay ji and we will there at home in few hours. [remembering there prank] and yaa have to seek some answers from you and sanskar. please do wait for us to come back.
swara- tanmay [diverting the topic] swayyam is calling me bye. will see you both when you come. bye.
she kept the call.

tanmay laughed a little. uttara slumber broke with the talking sounds and she lazily opened her eyes. tanmay did not notice this and was keeping the mobile back on side table and speaking to self.
tanmay- bhabhi bhi naa. she doesn’t even know that they did a lot for us by arranging all these. it’s the best feeling to get your love completely. the last was indeed memorable.
hearing tanmay uttara remembered last night and saw tanmay and herself who were embraced and covered with just the comforter. she blushed hard and closed her eyes seeing tanmay turning to her. she doesn’t know how to react and talk. she is extremely shy and pretended to sleep.

tanmay looked at uttara and saw her eyes still closed. he thought that she is still sleeping.
tanmay- thank god her sleep did not get disturbed. [caressed her cheek lovingly] thank you uttara for accepting me and my love and becoming my life partner. [kissed her forehead] you look really cute and beautiful while sleeping. i just can’t believe it that we were together last night and we finally became one.
uttara was listening everything and was smiling inwardly. tanmay hugged her more tight and slept thinking that will wake up after sometime. as she felt that he slept uttara opened her eyes and looked at him. she was lost in him and suddenly tanmay opened his eyes oblivious of uttara awake making her shocked. they both looked at each other and were blushing. uttara downed her eyes in shyness when tanmay lifted her face holding her chin.
tanmay- uttara why aren’t you looking at me.
uttara- [slowly] nothing like that
tanmay- [seeing her shyness smiled] so my wife is shy. but now it’s not needed. [whispering in her ears] we are one now. and i really feel blessed when i think this. [kissed on her ear lobe] i love you.
uttara- [hugged him] i love you too.
tanmay- now let’s get ready and go home. see it’s already 9:00 a.m.
uttara- yaa [she was getting up when he pulled her back shocking her]
tanmay- but it’s no harm to get a morning kiss from you before leaving.
saying this he leaned towards her and captured her lips and kissed her passionately. then they got ready and left for home.

at swasan mansion
uttmay entered the gate and saw sanskar playing with both kids with ball and swara and sumi sitting and talking.
both came in and pretended to be angry.
swara looked at them.
swara- ohh you both came.
all looked at them.
swayyam ran and came to uttmay
swayyam- bua fufaji we won.
tanmay- [confused] in what did you win.
swasan looked at swayyam as they understood what he is going to say.
swayyam- yesterday you and papa were playing naa. and i called you. in that game we won as you both came to hotel naa.
uttmay- [understanding] ohh yes champ you won. [looked at swasan angrily]
swasan gulped.
swayyam- then give me chocolate.
tanmay- yes i will give you in evening. i didn’t bring it now. sorry.
swayyam- no problem but give in evening.
tanmay- ok. now you go and play with ayush.
swayyam went and started playing with ayush.
uttmay came to swasan respectively and dragged them inside. sumi smiled seeing this. she knows everything about swasan plan.

tanmay- [crossed his arms across chest] so what was all that.
sanskar -[acted as he didn’t understand] what are you talking about]
uttara- about yesterday your plan. how much worried we were.
swara- sorry. that was just to surprise you both.
tanmay- you could have told us directly instead of giving heartattack.
swara- if we would have said then it wouldn’t have been surprise.
uttara- but still we were shocked to hear swayyam like that.
swara- now stop all this. tell us didn’t you enjoyed.
now it was uttmay to go silent. they both did not say anything instead blushed a little which was observed by swasan.
swasan looked at each other and showed thumbs up.
swasan- uttara/tanmay say naa.
uttara- bhabhi i am feeling thirsty. i will drink water and come.
she ran to kitchen blushing.
swara- hhmmmm means all went good. [teased tanmay] all lovey dovey. so tanmay tell us how was our surprise.
tanmay- i have to make an important call. i will just come.
he went out saying this.
swasan laughed.
swara- finally they are also happy.
sanskar- matlab [means]
swara- means that now everything is set. just rashika gets good marks in her test and get the desired college.
sanskar- she will.

swara- sanskar with this i remembered. we have to get ayush admission forms.
sanskar- don’t worry i will get it tomorrow.
swara- [thinking something] sanskar don’t you think now we should get swayyam’s admission done too. i mean he is 3 and half years old. so it’s the correct time for him.
sanskar- yaa you are right. i also agree with you. ok will search for the best school for champ and ayush.
swasan came out and looked at swayyam
swara- our son grew up and now he will go to school and learn studying.
sanskaar looked at swara who had tears in her eyes.
sanskar- [wrapped his hand around her shoulder] ohhoo swara now why these tears.
swara- tears of happiness.
sanskar- arre then smile naa. don’t waste these pearls. [wiped her tears] why all girls show there emotions by crying god knows.
swara- obviously god will know. after all we are his creation only.
sanskar- huh! swara no one can win from you when it comes to answer back.
swara- [furrowing her brows] was it a compliment or taunt.
sanskar- i can never taunt you dear but it was neither a complement too. i generally spoke what came in my mind.
swara- then it’s ok.
sanskar- now that uttmay are back and everything went good so now i am going to office.
swara- two days before you were not ready to leave for office and now you wanna go office as soon as possible. [said with a pout]

sanskar- swara it’s not like that. just have to finish my work and by the way madam it was you who sent me to office. i was toh working from home naa.
swara- yaa yaa ok go now. [said making faces]
sanskar smiled and gave a peck on her lips.
swara- sanskar such a shameless you are. swayyam and ayush are playing here only.
sanskar- but they didn’t see naa and it’s my right. now bye.
he collected his bag and files from room and bidding bye to everyone went office.
uttmay’s house [tanmay’s house is now uttmay house]
both were sitting on bed and talking with each other. tanmay was back hugging her while sitting by resting his back on head board and uttara leaning back on him such that her back is facing his front. they took leave for today.
they were busy in their romantic talks while playing with each other fingers and interwining them and tanmay frequently kissing her nape. at that time swayyam ayush and rashika barged in their room and they were perplexed. they quickly stood up.
rashika gave a teasing smile while innocent kids compelled them to play. giving up they all played for some time. tanmay was enjoying with the kids but atthe same time wanted to be with uttara only while rashika was smiling seeing them both stealing glances of each other.
finally after sometime she left with both kids saying to uttara that it was for not informing her about everything.
done with this part.

thank you everyone for commenting and supporting me through all the journey. just keep supporting me like this.

precap- swayyam and ayush getting admission in school. swasan first meet with principle and getting swayyam’s admission.

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