Udaan 20th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 20th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vivaan seeing Chakor in cage and crying seeing her state. He recalls her happiness and freedom, and wipes his tears. He says I won’t let you be in cage. Ragini says even we want to free her and introduces Imli. Vivaan says we are four now. Ragini asks who is fourth. Vivaan says Aditya, he will be here in some time. Ragini says no one can tie Chakor now and they smile. Bhuvan and Dadi does not agree to what Lakhan says, and they can’t believe Imli went haveli by her wish. Kasturi says I know Imli has gone there by her wish, she has self esteem like Chakor, I know her as I have kept her in my womb for nine months, she has gone there to free Chakor. Bhuvan asks how can she be so sure. Kasturi says Imli has also having courage and became smart. Dadi says how will we get her back. Bhuvan recalls Lakhan’s words to come to haveli for wall repair work.

He says we have a way and reminds Kasturi. He says we can meet Imli by this. Lakhan does not allow Bhuvan and Kasturi inside the haveli. Manohar comes there and asks Lakhan to allow them inside and get all bags from trolley. Lakhan says fine. Manohar says clean the way fast. Lakhan tells Bhuvan that he knows they came to meet Imli, but ask them to just do the work. Bhuvan and Kasturi work and think how to meet Imli. Aditya sees them hiding far. Bhuvan sees Aditya hiding in bushes and tells Kasturi to see him. Aditya signs Bhuvan to come and talks to them. He says he has to go inside the haveli and he has a plan, Vivaan is inside and he will help me, take me there by any way.

Kasturi says she has a way. They make Aditya dress up as labor. Lakhan stops Aditya and he gets tensed. Lakhan asks who is he. Kasturi says its labor man’s son. Lakhan allows him. Manohar asks is it boy or girl, and asks Lakhan why did he send the boy as girl. He asks him to show his face. The car horns. Manohar asks who is it. He comes to know Ranjana has come and is stunned. He goes to see her. He asks the labor to go fast. Kasturi sends Aditya inside.

Vivaan welcomes Aditya. Ranjana gets down the car. Manohar smiles and asks you here, I did not know you are coming here. She says I did not know you will fall so low and kidnap your own son. He says we will talk later, come and meet everyone first. They go inside the haveli. Vivaan tells Aditya that he knew Aditya will come, but he took filmi entry. Aditya says I was standing outside and Chakor’s parents helped me, whats the plan and how will we free Chakor. Vivaan says we are four now. Aditya asks who are other two. Ragini and Imli meet Aditya. Aditya says Chakor came here for Imli. Imli says she has come to free Chakor. They all smile.

They all see the room where Chakor is kept. Aditya says its dark here and calls Chakor. Vivaan says why is she not replying. Imli says she did not have food, how will she reply us. She says Girja told Chakor is not eating food. Aditya says maybe she fainted by weakness. Vivaan says then we should free her soon. Aditya asks how will we take her out. Ranjana greets Tejaswini and Bhaiya ji. Tejaswini and Ranjana pass some taunts. Ranjana says she was not coming, as she did not had any reason to come back, but when they got her son her, she came. Manohar says Vivaan came by his wish. Ragini greets her and hugs her. She says she missed her a lot. Ranjana says good to know someone missed me.

Bhaiya ji says nothing like it, we all missed you, and we all are happy seeing you. Ragini asks them to come and asks Imli to get some juice for Ranjana. Ranjana says Ragini became so smart, its great. Imli gets the juice and gives everyone. Tejaswini asks her to give it to guests. Ranjana says I m not a guest, I was out of home for few days. Ragini makes the juice fall on Tejaswini. Tejaswini scolds her and the keys fall. Ragini says sorry. Tejaswini goes to clean the saree. Imli sees the keys and Ragini signs her to take it. Imli smiles taking the keys.

Aditya opens the lock and the kids smile. They rush inside and see the cage empty. Imli says Chakor is not here, where is she. They are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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