Ek Hasina Thi 20th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hasina Thi 20th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Goenka getting arrested. The people protest against Shaurya. They are given special court to get punished asap and the media covers the story. Shaurya asks Sakshi whats the plan, to get out of this situation. Karan and Basu are also arrested and brought to high court. Durga welcomes Sakshi. Sakshi says I underestimated you Nitya, but I m glad to get someone like me, but keep trying, you can’t hurt my son till I m here. Durga says everyone who were afraid of you, will be against you today. She taunts Sakshi and says the new morning will be for me. Dev and Durga looks on. Bhattacharya starts the case against Shaurya, tells there are many proof against Shaurya and Goenkas. He calls the first witness Mathur.

Mathur gives his statement against Shaurya and his parents. Bhattacharya calls Rishi and even he gives his statement that he did not rape Payal, but when she was shouting, I did not help her, and I m also a culprit. Bhattacharya calls Payal in the witness box. Payal says it took me lots of courage to come here, I did not get justice two years before, but I came again to ask for justice. She says Shaurya has raped me and my parents died, I became an orphan, and they all won and celebrated, I have got Shaurya’s confession, help me in getting justice. Shaurya asks Sakshi whats going on, end this matter like last time. Bhattacharya calls Durga in witness box.

He asks Durga to tell about the case. Durga says Payal is not rape victim, but rape survivor, she has courage to get the criminal punished. She raises the question, when any girl records her rape, then why does society think the girl is characterless. She says why don’t people ask their sons to respect women. Shaurya is still feeling confident that he will get out of truth, is everyone ready to sell themselves and sell the truth, I trust truth and justice, please save it. The people clap for her. The judge says seeing all proofs and witnesses, Shaurya is pronounced guilty in Payal Mitra’s rape case. Shaurya scolds the judge. He asks Sakshi to throw the money and shut the judge’s mouth. The judge says mind your language, the court announces life sentence to Shaurya for Dayal’s murder and Payal’s rape. Shaurya asks Sakshi to stop this nonsense, get him fired.

The judge says Sakshi has killed Rahmat Khan and attempt to murder Raima, and they will be trial set up, and Rajnath will also be done trial set up for Arnav’s murder, and Karan gets 10 year sentence for rape, and Mathur’s case will be seen again, and Rishi gets 6 month jail and Rs20000 fine, and Mukherjee is suspended. Akram asks Sakshi was this necessary to do all this Ammi, I m Akram Rahmat Khan, I was always infornt of you and you were so blind in money and power, that you could not identify me. Sakshi cries. The judge apologizes to Payal and her family and announces her innocent. Payal says we won Nitya. Shaurya thinks to start the melodrama and asks the judge to give him one chance to defend himself, as he is like his son.

He admits that he has raped Payal, you all have called me devil, did anyone think how did I become monster, its not my mistake, its Sakshi Goenka’s mistake. Sakshi asks what is he saying. Shaurya says I m saying the truth. She says what he did in childhood, made his principal blind and my mum did not slap me, and transferred the principal. He says what Sakshi did to support him always and she should be punished. She says enough Shaurya. She says she is still there and will make it fine, I won’t let anything happen to you, I love you, you matter a lot to me, I will save you. She asks him to trust her and not say this. He says there is no hope and asks judge to hang her, he did not do anything. Durga smiles. Shaurya is arrested and taken away.

Sakshi says yes, its true, give me death sentence, my son is calling me the culprit. She cries and says just kill me. She looks for Shaurya, and says she won’t let anything happen to him, she won’t let anyone touch him, don’t hate me son. She starts laughing and cries too. Everyone look on shocked. The judge suggests she goes for mental health checkup and then sent to jail. Shaurya asks the people why are they staring at me, and flirts with a girl. The girl slaps him and says you went against your mum too, you are a devil. The man says all men lose name because of men like you. The girl spits on Shaurya’s face. Durga and everyone see this and smile. She gets headache and falls. Dev holds her. Akash says I will bring the car.

They take her to hospital and her operation is done. The doctor says Durga has blood clot, we removed it, she is going to be fine. Dev and everyone meet Durga. Durga smiles seeing them. Durga gets well and Dev calls her Nitya. He says I know you would like to be with Payal now, afterall our marriage was fake, its ok, do as you feel like. He says I will talk to Maa.She stops him and asks him not to call her Nitya. She says don’t make it tough for me, you have to call me Durga now. She smiles and says Nitya was just your good friend, but Durga loves you a lot. She hugs him and they smile.

Durga and Dev do puja at Goenka house. Suchitra blesses Durga and Dev. Kangana says everything is fine finally, whats the next big thing, before Dev says about work, we should send them on honeymoon. Durga gets a call from unknown number and asks who is it. She hears Shaurya’s whistle and is shocked. (Looks like season 2 is on the way with revenge drama again)

Show ended today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. lol what is everyone here arguing for?

  2. Ek Hasina Thi was a great show with a totally different story.. just loved the show because of Sakshi and Shaurya Goenka, both mother and son played their negative character so well, that it took the serial to high level.. will definitely Miss Simone Singh (Sakshi) and Vatsal Sheth (Shaurya)… hope to see them soon in Ek Hasina Thi.. Season 2 !!!

  3. at first i was not a regular viewer of dis show..bt d show stole my heart completely as soon as i became a regular viewer…the cast of the show is really awesome…and SHaurya u r d hottest villain the mini screen has ever had..love u alll…

  4. Don’t want seaon2 for this show, if you extend then show will be spoiled just like DABH right now which is been unnecessarily extended

  5. miss devga.and YOU saddahaq ‘the greatest loser ever born in this world’don’t you have any other wok oher than calling girls to bed?shame on you .parents who get sons like you are blessed ineed and people like YOU destroy the world

  6. i miss eht.. why did it end so quickly.. why its contract finishes so soon and there r few stupid serials running from years their contracts never end or what???

  7. Eagerly waiting for EHT 2!!! And Tu mera hero seems to be a bakwas a bit!! Let’s wait for it’s future story!!! Last episode Last comment!! I hope…….

  8. i think at last seen would be then we can say that show must be go on but now we have too say show had been gone

  9. dnt mess wid me.

    hey u.mr. SADDA HAQ……..SALLah!
    can u get ur fukking mouth shut. or ill get u readyy fr a mouth filled blow****b
    goooooo flip ur BIRD mahynn…. bloddddy gay…
    if ur 25…..ur still a kid guy.
    go,,,,, n have sme MILKK….

  10. TRUE….

  11. plz start EHT 2

  12. plz,start season2 fast

  13. nice drama… I loved to watch that… Hope its 2nd season will start Sooooooooooooon….
    Stay connected http://tellyupdate.in/

  14. Actually part 2 is coming fans

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