Udaan 17th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor informs Suraj about Saanvi

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The Episode starts with Gumaan saying maybe Imli is in shock of her sister’s death. Suraj asks Imli to take rest. They all go. Chakor says if you do anything, I will prove you mad and get you locked. She goes and sees Garima and Madhuri. She recalls how they helped her and thanks them. Chakor comes to Suraj. He says I have seen everything. She says then you would have seen fear on Imli’s face. He says I want to know what you did in hospital. FB shows Chakor stopping Suraj. He gets shocked and asks what’s all this, you are doing a drama. She says I m helpless mum, I m innocent, give me one chance for Saanvi’s sake, trust me once, I know what you went through in 7 years, I will give you such happiness that ends sorrow of 7 years. Suraj asks what happiness were you talking about. She reminds him Saanvi.

He says don’t make my wounds fresh. She says I m healing your wounds, our daughter Saanvi is alive. He gets shocked. He asks what, Saanvi is alive. She says I know your anger and hatred was because we lost Saanvi, we lost everything, Lord got pity on us. He hugs her and asks where is Saanvi, tell me, I want to meet her. She says I don’t know where is she. He asks what do you mean. She says I just know she is alive, don’t know where is she. He says you think I m a fool. She says no.

He says when I saw you wounded, you said Gumaan and Imli are responsible, I gave you a chance to prove your truth, I have let you stay here, you want to play with my emotions and make place in my heart, I will not leave you if you use Saanvi. She says truth can’t change, I won’t say anything to you, I will do it and show, till I get Saanvi in front of you, I won’t sit in peace. She goes.

Its morning, Chakor points gun at Imli. Imli gets shocked and says how can you kill me, put gun down. Chakor scolds her. She says tell me about Saanvi. Imli hugs her and checks. Chakor says don’t worry, I m not recording your voice. Imli says I forgot you are Chakor, you won’t even cheat enemies, sit and talk, if I give your daughter, what will you give us. Chakor says everything, Suraj’s property, business, land and everything, you have to tell me about my daughter, Anjor’s parents, my mum and dad, you accept this deal, I didn’t kill Vivaan intentionally, you have intentionally punished me a lot, your revenge would have got completed now. Imli says I agree, I will make property papers. Chakor goes. Gumaan’s mum hears them. Imli gets happy.

Anjor follows Chakor and says you are my Dandewali, I know this. Chakor says everyone is mad here. Anjor says my heart says this. She holds Chakor’s hand and says I feel like someone will kill me, when I come to you, I feel protected. Chakor hugs her and cries. Gumaan and her mum go to Imli and scold her. Imli says its property papers, I have done a deal with Chakor, I will tell her about Saanvi, she will give me all property. Gumaan asks how dare you do this. Imli says I don’t need anyone’s permission, Chakor will need Suraj’s sign, when she goes to get his signs, her drama will end. He asks how. She asks him to use mind. She asks his mum not to act smart, she can cheat everyone, but not Gumaan. She goes. Imli comes to Chakor and says our wait will end soon, you will get Saanvi, I will get my Aazaadgunj. Chakor asks for papers. Imli gives papers. Imli says tell me when you take Suraj’s signs, then I will take my next step.

Chakor says these papers prove that Imli wanted to get property. Suraj and Gumaan look on. Imli shows papers and blames Chakor. She says Chakor’s name is written in these papers. Chakor gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So now everyone knows Sunehri is Chakor. I’m disappointed they didn’t show Suraj grieving for Chakor and they didn’t show Suraj-Anjor getting closer. I know they’re in a hurry but they have time to show the never ending Chakor-Imli scenes and God knows how Suraj will react tomorrow.
    How did Chakor not read the papers.
    They need to show Suraj softening towards Chakor because now it looks like she’s the one desperate to get back to him.

  2. The only positive thing regarding Sukor is that Suraj agreed to help Chakor without knowing about Saanvi.
    I hope tomorrow they don’t show him insulting Chakor. Any MU won’t last long because he’s wearing the same clothes as in the olv when he saves Chakor’s life.
    I still wish to see him caring for Chakor while he still thinks Saanvi is dead.

  3. Safiya Hosein

    I do hope that Suraj remembers the endless love between him & Chakor, the memories and everything she ever did for him to protect him and the so many times she stood by him and defended him and protected him.

    He knows Chakor is an incredible person with a heart of gold and yet he believes his annoying family and that wretched Imli. He should have defended her instantly even though how mad he is at her. That was dissapointing.

    I do hope he doesn’t scream at Chakor tom and believe Imli again!

  4. i just saw the episode where doctor declares Chakor as dead. Suraj’s reaction was so disappointing. Just some tears and then attending a function later in the day?? Is this the same Suraj who once upon a time searched for months for Chakor, followed her till Benaras, was crazy for her and was soo afraid of losing her… i know losing a child is tough, but such a reaction for losing his love? He didn’t know chakor was still alive. Seeing that scene, it felt Suraj really doesn’t love her anymore. He decided to take her body just as a formality and as a respect for all the years they had known each other. But their was no passion…. It is sad to see how the writers spoil the couples in their show. Chakor and Suraj seem so distant, but at the same time imli is still romancing another new guy. Can good people not have happiness?

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