Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik wants to prove Naira’s innocence

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhilesh saying Manish was impressed with the project, I can do anything for my dream project. Surekha asks him to talk to Manish. Manish and Dadi come. Manish says I spoke to mum about this, Kartik can do anything if he stays here, I m worried, I was thinking to ask Kartik to handle this project, I will ask him to go through the file. Manish and Dadi go. Surekha asks why didn’t you say anything. Akhilesh says they are worried for Kartik, forget it. He holds his chest and falls. Manish and Dadi come to him. Manish takes him to hospital. Devyaani says we are going to doctor. Naira asks are you fine. Devyaani says just for regular checkup. Naira asks Kirti shall I come. Devyaani says no need. Kirti stops and asks Naira to come if she wants. She signs Rajshri.

Kartik comes to hospital and asks how is Akhilesh now. Manish says it was severe acidity attack. I was so worried seeing him. Kartik says nothing can happen to him. Doctor comes and says he is sleeping now, you can take him home when he gets up, everything is fine, you can collect reports. Kartik goes to get reports. Dadi says Akhilesh should rest for some time, he should focus on his health. Dadi says yes, after sending Kartik to US, I will work hard and give rest to Akhilesh. Dadi says its not necessary to send Kartik to US. Manish says no, I have to send him. She asks did you talk to Suwarna about it. He says she can go US and meet him, if Kartik and Naira keep meeting every day, this will happen. It will be good if he goes.

Naira looks on and thinks Kartik is going US. Kartik says you here, is everything fine. Naira says yes, we got Kirti for checkup, is everyone fine. He says Akhilesh got acidity attack, he is fine now, he means a lot to me, you explained me family values, I wish we all stay together. She cries. He asks what happened. She hugs him. She says you are going US. He asks what, no, who told you. She says I heard Manish and Dadi talking, I can’t live without you, I will wait till we convince family if you stay in same city, we will hide and meet. He says I m not going. She says I can’t live without you. He asks her to calm down. They see temple and pray. He says show us some way.

Naira says we understand family’s annoyance and want to solve it, if Kartik goes away, I can’t live. He says do something, don’t let us get away. Doctor Batra sees her and greets. Naira says this is my husband Kartik. He asks Shubham’s brother? Kartik says yes. Batra says I was treating Shubham, your wife got it, Shubham told me that he didn’t wish to tell anyone, she used to convince him by difficulty. Kartik recalls blaming Naira. Naira gets call and goes. Batra says sometimes its none’s mistake, family suffers more than patient, Naira was struggling a lot to convince Shubham to tell his family. Kartik cries and asks will you help me. Batra says sure. Kirti asks Naira are you fine, you look upset. Naira says nothing, I m getting punishment for mistakes, I have hurt you all a lot. She goes and cries. She says don’t punish us Lord, we stayed separated for two years. Kartik comes home and goes to Suwarna.

He says see this video once, then we will talk. He shows Shubham’s treatment video. Doctor instructs Naira. He says Naira was getting Shubham’s drug addiction treated, she was helping him, I spoke to doctor. He shows doctor’s video. Doctor says Naira got Shubham to us, she emotionally supported Shubham, he wanted to leave drugs, he didn’t tell you as he felt he will fall in your eyes, he promised Naira that he will tell you all when he gets fine, he died by drug overdose, really sorry for your loss. Kartik asks is there any proof. Doctor says we have video recording clips, I can arrange it for you. Kartik asks Suwarna are you sure now, Naira was helping Shubham, she wanted to tell us, but Shubham made her swear, talk to Naira. He says it was unfortunate, we can’t get Shubham back, we can try to make relations fine, Naira is innocent, will you forgive her, we want to be together, but only when you bless us.

Naira cries and asks Suwarna to say something, did you forgive me, I m sorry for this mistake, I should have told you and Kartik, I don’t want to repeat my mistake, I want your help and support, don’t think I m selfish, I need you. Kartik says my happiness is in your approval, you won’t refuse right, I want to be with Naira, stop us from doing any stupidity, please. Suwarna says a mum’s happiness is in her child’s happiness, Kartik….. Kartik and Naira smile. Suwarna goes. Kartik says mum went out of room, maybe she wants to give us time, you heard it right, mum said yes. Naira says I can’t believe this, I feel I m dreaming. He says no, mum is with us, we can’t understand her sorrow. Suwarna thinks of Shubham and Kartik. She cries.

Kartik says we will marry tomorrow, before dad asks me to go US. Naira thinks we are lucky to get this chance again. Naiitk comes and sees Naira preparing red chunri.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It is a bullshit serial after today episode I’ll stop watching ye rishta

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