Nazar 17th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Vedshree gets Ansh and Ruby married

Nazar 17th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ruby comes on the floor. She touches herself. Shekhar says to pandit where are Ruby’s parents. This wedding is being delayed. Now you are here so her parents are not here. Does God want this wedding not to happen? Pandit says this is your thought. What God wants will happen.
Vedshree comes and says this wedding will happen for sure. Ruby comes. Pandit ji is dazed. He says this means Vedshree took out the sword? I have to save her. He takes out gangajal but it falls. Shekhar says I want to talk to you. Vedshree says we can talk later. Time is running out. Let’s start rounds. He says we have to stop this wedding. Vedshree says what? This weddin has to happen. He says we have to delay this wedding. Mohana says no this wedding has to happen. Shekhar says pandit ji.. He is gone.

Shekhar says after what Avi told me I also think this wedding should be delayed. Vedshree says you know the consequences? People will point fingers at Ruby. Shekhar says her parents lied to us about her. Ruby says they didn’t. Shekhar says this is about my son’s life. Vedshree asys I am also worried for him. Please don’t be angry and lets get our son married. Shekhar holds her arm and says i told you no. She says why are you saying that. He says you had been trying to delay it. She says there is danger on my son. Chitali says we are all worried for Ansh but ther are so many questions. She says I dont’ care about questions. Avi says neither her parents nor pandit ji is here. Shekhar says take all of this off. Vedshree says no. This wedding will happen right now. I don’t care if pandit ji is here or not. Got it? Come Ansh and Ruby.

Vedshree takes Ansh and Ruby to mandap. Shekhar stands in front of her. He says i wont let this wedding happen. I always agreed to what you said but you are wrong today. This wedding is not going to happen.
Mohana comes in Vedshree. Everyone is statued. Ruby looks behind. Mohana says I will see who stops this wedding. Come on Ansh. Get ready. Ruby omes in her real face. She goes to mandap. Mohana smiles. They sit down. Vedshree says sit down. Everyone is floating in the air.

Pandit says Nishant we have to find another solution. I can’t do more than this alone. He says someone has to stop her. Pandit says I hit her. Some other black power is takin control over Vedshree. That dark power is the one in the temple. Piya says how is she related to them? He says Ansh is her son. Nishant says yes. Nishant says we can’t help that family. Pandit says we have to do something. Piya says please. Nishant says let them be. Please go from here. He says in heart I can’t risk my daughter.

Precap-Ruby and Ansh make each other wear the garland. He is about to fill her hairline.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. It’s not Piya, it was Piya’s sister.
    Anyways, thank you very much for the update. I’m learning hindi and your work helps me to watch this show without any subtitles :3

  2. Even though i am ambivalent about current track, i admire this show’s cinematography and actors dedication, especially floating scene.

  3. Mona146

    precap is more horrible. please recheck names.

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