Udaan 15th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Imli gets released from jail

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Udaan 15th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor singing Zara sa jhoom lun main….. Chakor goes dancing around. Raghav tries to stop her. They come to the room. She dances a lot and lies on the bed. Chakor gets close to Raghav. Someone knocks the door. She laughs and gets up. Raghav goes to check. Police comes there. He worries. Manager says he has lied to us and said he is married. Inspector says you have done a crime. Raghav says no, manager has a misunderstanding. Chakor asks why are you lying, how dare you lie to police.

Raghav says we aren’t married, married people take care of each other, we don’t do this, we are selfish. She says you have lied again, I know how much you love me, I know everything, if Anjor was here, she would have got upset with you for fighting with me. Raghav says yes, you keep fighting with me, I have always loved you, person has to follow heart, not mind in love. He wishes she changes her heart. They argue. Inspector says your husband is simple, he can’t do this. Manager says they aren’t married. Inspector says their fight is showing that they are married. He scolds manager and goes. Raghav gets relieved and shuts the door. Chakor goes to sleep.

Raghav makes her sleep well. Its morning, Chakor and Raghav reach home. He asks her not to worry, he won’t go until he tells the truth to Anjor. He says we will together tell the truth to Anjor. Anjor comes and hugs them. Raghav says we have come after a long time. He doesn’t hold Chakor and hugs Anjor. Chakor sees Raghav and Anjor playing cricket and laughs. Imli passes days in the jail. Tejaswini looks for her glasses. Raghav reads Gita for her. He takes care of Jyoti too. Days pass. Tejaswini does aarti. Imli gets released from jail. She hugs Chakor and compliments her. Imli waits for Raghav.

Chakor says Raghav couldn’t come, Anjor always gives him work. Imli says I will go to find electrician. Chakor says no, you are coming to my house. Imli says no, I don’t want to come. Chakor says you have changed now, you have to make a new start, come with me. They come home. Imli cries and gets emotional. Tejaswini and Girja get aarti plates. Imli looks for Raghav. Tejaswini does her aarti and asks her to come in. Imli says I m looking for Raghav. Anjor says he has gone to get a kite for me. Chakor says Anjor makes him run around all day. Tejaswini comes to Chakor and asks her to give a chance to Raghav. She asks Chakor to say her feelings to Raghav. Chakor recalls Raghav’s words. She cries. She says you are saying right, I will tell my feelings to him. Tejaswini asks her to make a new start of life.

Imli says I m in love with you. Raghav says I can’t love you because I love you. Imli hugs Chakor and says I love Raghav, explain him to accept me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. IMO the progress of Chakor’s feeling is rushed. I think this trip should’ve made realize she’s attracted to Raghav but then there should’ve been more story before she accepts her feelings, the passage of days isn’t important, it’s the scenes or at least they could’ve shown more of it before the trip.

    Also I expected Chakor to talk to Suraj’s picture before accepting her feelings because she’s jumped from guilt to acceptance all of a sudden, also all the flashback scenes show how much Raghav loves her but very few show how much she loves him or how much he’s irreplaceable in her life. It seems she’s willing to move on because he loves her not because she loves him.
    The attempted kiss is a big no no from both, Chakor was still grappling with her feelings so going for the kiss was wrong and Raghav knows she has problems with his love so he should’ve stayed away because she’s drunk the worse is none of them pulled back, it was the knock that broke it.
    I know I’m the only one, I don’t mind Imli’s return as long as she’s negative. I think shows shouldn’t change their villains too often, a villain is also a lead. The shows struggles started after they killed off RV after viewers have accepted him.
    Of course the problems with cvs is they give more importance to imli’s story and to chakor’s confrontations over chakor-raghav equation. Case in point is Akash track, they moved to rape drama and imli and forgot about raghav, his bond with anjor was sudden and chakor’s dependence on him was implied instead of being shown, unlike imli’s attraction to raghav, we had many scenes for it.

  2. I think the mystery man will turn everyone’s lives upside down. I hope he isn’t Suraj because it’s bad to make viewers root against him.
    I think he knows Raghav, yesterday he mentioned his parents so I think we’ll get to know more about raghav’s past soon

  3. Chakor should stop wearing sindoor and ms, it’s in bad taste to talk about confessing love to a man while wearing those of another.
    If Raghav is Suraj then either give hints to viewers or make Chakor without MS and sindoor.

  4. Imli passes days in jail!

    actually imli had stolen an egg from a store! one month being in jail was more than enough!!!!

    ridiculous story!!!! you have killed off suraj to give more scenes to vj and vidhi!!!!

    stop this stupid story!!!!!!!!!

  5. Safiya Hosein

    Imli has no right to ask anything of Chakor!
    She almost totally destroyed Chakor & Suraj. She kidnapped Anjor and separated her from her parents for 7 years!
    Now she is in love and what Chakor to stand with her?!
    I want to shake Chakor and Tejaswani senseless for forgiving Imli and allowing her back in the haveli and their lives.

  6. Safiya Hosein

    I don’t even bother to watch the episodes anymore i just come here and read the updates.
    Too much torture for me.
    As always kudos to Meera and Vijayendra for their outstanding performances. But the writers are making it impossible to sit and watch.
    I am sick to my stomach seeing Imli being so in love! She was in love so many times it’s pathetic.
    I don’t know why these writers are bent on treating her like the main actress.
    I am also confused on why would the writers have Chakor romancing or thinking of another when she is still wearing her mangal sutra and sindoor. Chakor has always been a woman of class and morale!

  7. I really want Suraj to come back.
    Sukor was the best.
    It’s not like I don’t like raghav, but I’ve always pictured Suraj and Chakor together,and I cant accept the idea of Chakor moving on so quickly and being with someone else.

    1. The romantic story between Chakor and Suraj was unique. honestly, I have never read or heard or watched such a beautiful story, and I want him come back too

  8. The whole story was ruined and became meaningless after killing Suraj

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