Vikram Betaal 15th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Rishi Agatsya creates Lopamudra for mukti of souls

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Vikram Betaal 15th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bharmal getting badly injured after falling on the Yakshatra. Pingla cries and pleads infront of Vikram to save Bharmal. Vikram looks on tensed. He comes to Mata Harsiddhi and asks her to give darshan and reminds of her promise. He recites Mata harsiddhi’s mantra. Mata Harsiddhi appears infront of him and asks why did you call me. Vikram tells her that Bharmal’s life is in danger after Yakshatra hit him and reminds her of 11 boons which she gave to him. He tells that he wants to use one of the boon and wants her to make Bharmal fine. Mata Harsiddhi tells that Bharmal is his enemy and wants to kill him. Vikram says he is his nephew, and Pingla’s son. Mata Harsiddhi makes Bharmal fine. Pingla gets happy and thanks Vikram. Vikram requests her to stay in Ujjaini and takes Padmini with him. He comes to Pret ghaati and asks betaal to come out. Betaal says I am happy. Vikram says I will be happy when I take you from here.

Betaal says let me think first which story to tell. Vikram takes him on his back. Betaal tells him that younger’s brother’s wife is like a daughter. He says Rishi Agastya married a woman and asks who was she, his wife or daughter. He tells that there is no gyaani like Rishi Agastya and tells about his greatness. He tells that Vindhyachal was more bigger than Surya Dev and made his mountain higher than Surya dev. Surya Dev tells the mountain that he came in his way. Vindhyachal Mountain tells that nothing can be more big than me and says I will not move from your way until you accept my sayings. Betaal tells that Devs comes to Rishi Agastya and tells him about Vindhyachal mountain. Rishi Agastya asks Vindyachal mountain to become small so that he can go to other side. Vindyachal refuses.

Rishi Agastya says I am going to other side, and if you want to become larger again then you can. Vindyachal says even surya dev has stopped from doing parikrama/ rounds around the earth. Rishi Agastya tells that his ego has become much and that’s why he will keep his feet on him and will go. He steps on the mountain and its becomes small. Vindhyachal mountain apologizes to Rishi Agastya. Rishi Agastya tells it not to change his shape higher. He tells Rishi Agastya was going from the jungle when he hears the souls pleading infront of him to give them mukti. Rishi Agastya tells them that he will give them mukti with his powers. Aryaman comes there and stops him, and says they can get mukti if a married man do their tarpan and says you are brahmachari.

Rishi Agastya tells that he will get married for the mukti of these souls. Aryaman says you have to do marry soon and tells that if you do free them then they will become bad souls and will harm people. Rishi Agastya tells that he will marry soon. Betaal reminds Vikram of his questions and says Rishi Agastya sent marriage proposal to three kings’ daughters. Kings get happy and say they will talk to their daughters and inform him. Rishi Agastya asks them to inform him at the earliest as souls are waiting. Betaal tells Vikram that in those times, women were freed to choose their own life partner. King’s daughters refuse to marry Rishi Agastya. Betaal says all kings reach the Ashram and apologize. They tell that they can’t convince their daughters. Rishi Agastya feel bad for those souls and goes to south. The kings tell that their daughters refused to marry him and left somewhere.

Rishi Agastya tells that he will make the most beautiful woman in the world and gives birth to a girl with his powers. He names her lopamudra. Lopamudra grows up to become a beautiful woman. Rishi Agastya tell that he will marry Lopamudra now. Lopamudra gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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