Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 15th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Panchaal family faces water scarcity for sticking to truth

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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 15th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla asking kunti to agree to give bribe to Gowri Shanker. Kanhaiya asks her to agree. Kunti tells Gowri Shanker that he is doing wrong and tells that she will give only the tanker money, but not any extra, seeing Chanchal hearing them. Gowri Shanker tells that he will not bring tanker now. Sarla says we all will give you money, collects money from everyone and gives to Gowri Shanker. Gowri Shanker tells that everyone will get water except them. Kanhaiya and Kunti tell that they don’t want water by giving bribe. They tell about panchaal peom. Chanchal informs her sisters. They all get happy. Kunti tells kanhaiya that they couldn’t drink water tea since two days and is drinking milk tea. Kanhaiya says kids are not going to school since 2 days. Kunti asks him to ask Pratibha and says they are always around us, how to talk about the bribe. Kanhaiya signs her as Dhairya is listening to them. She says we have to think how to get water and asks kanhaiya to take Pratap and bring water buckets from the shop. Kanhaiya says ok and goes. Dhairya goes to do homework.

Khatru waits for Reshma’s call. Kanhaiya calls him and tells him that he will lose his job one day. Khatru says he can leave his life, but not his job. He asks why did you call me. Kanhaiya asks him to get water from the shop and bring home with Pratap. Pratap comes to the shop as a reporter. Khatru asks for his 20 Rs. Pratap asks when did you give and asks him to bring tea. Khatru says you ran with 20 Rs. Pratap says you will lose as Sasumaa will give bribe and takes 80 Rs from him. Dhairya comes to room and says they have to do homework. They ask if Dadi gave money. Dhairya says no and tells that water is coming in the house from Papa’s shop. Chanchal asks how we will get pipeline from there. Dhairya says they are getting water on a bike. Pratap and Khatru are taking water on the bike. Khatru asks him to sop and says they will fall. Pratap calls him weak. Khatru sits again on the bike and asks Pratap to stop as the water will fall again. Pratap asks him to bring the stick and tie two buckets to the stick. They reach home. Pari takes the bucket down and asks where is the water. Pratap sees the water on the road and scolds Khatru. Khatru asks Pari to tie buckets again.

Panjiri and Prema wait for Pratap to get water. Pari comes inside and tell them that water fell on the way to home. Prema says we have to get water by giving money. Panjiri says I also feel we have to talk to Maa ji. Pratibha hears them. Pari dances. Pratibha thinks I will not let water come with bribe money. Pratap tells Khatru that he will drive bike slow and asks him to hold the buckets nicely. Khatru says ok. Kunti waits for them and wishes they bring the water. Sarla is drinking water with the sipper and says everyone of us have tanker water except you. Kunto gets emotional and says my khatru and Pratap will come and bring water. She acts like Rakhi f Karan Arjun (film) and says they have come. Sarla comes infront of them and the water buckets fall down. Kunti shouts and looks angrily at Sarla.
No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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