Udaan 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Vivaan fooling Manohar to meet Arjun. Chakor asks Girja to free her, and Girja makes her mouth shut. Arjun says I m not getting Chakor anywhere, what to do. Vivaaan comes to meet him. He tells about Bhaiya ji and he has gun too. Bhaiya ji comes to Chakor and he is shocked as she takes Arjun’s name. He asks what did she say. Chakor says my Arjun Sir. Bhaiya ji shuts the mouth and sends Girja out. He asks how do you know Chakor. Arjun tells Vivaan that he got order from sports authority to know about Chakor’s admission and make her take admission so that her talent does not get waste, before my truth comes out, I have to meet Chakor, once she wins in race in district level, no one can stop her. He says where is Chakor.

Vivana says she is tied in stable. He recalls Chakor was calling him. Vivaan says what, it means she knows you are here, and not the reason, if anyone asks her, she will tell your truth. Arjun says then our game will spoil. Laali comes and asks will he have tea. Arjun says no, where is Bhaiya ji. She says he went towards stable. Arjun gets tensed. Vivaan comes and tells Chakor about Arjun Sir, and what he thought, Arjun is coming here and he will ask did you do what he told you. Vivaan says I will get him here. Bhaiya ji calls the servants and no one comes. He says I have to remove this chains now, as Arjun should not see this girl in this state. Chakor asks why is he touching her feet. Chakor gets freed and Udaan is shown on the wall. He opens the cuff chains and Arjun and everyone come there. Bhaiya ji smiles shockingly.

Chakor smiles seeing Arjun. Arjun gets angry seeing the chains. Chakor says I told him elder don’t touch children’s feet. Arjun sees the stable and says this is the tv girl Chakor, you have locked her in this stable, and kept her in chains, whats all this, it means the tv kid was saying right. Bhaiya ji says listen to me. Arjun says you won’t say anything, I will do for what I came here. He says I want to talk to this girl alone, please go out. Tejaswini asks Bhaiya ji to come. Bhaiya ji gets worried.

Arjun says I wish I could take you not itself Chakor, I m sad seeing you like this, I have met you, I did not think I can meet you. Chakor asks why did he come here. Arjun says I came to save you, they think I m someone else. Chakor says what if they know you. Arjun says he won’t do anything. Arjun tells his plan to her. Bhaiya ji tells Tejaswini to get ready. She asks for what. He says to call me ex MP, as Chakor will not give statement in our favor and tell our truth. Its all finished now. Manohar says don’t worry, Chakor won’t tell anything.

Bhaiya ji asks why, did she tell this, are you any Baba to predict. Arjun tells Chakor about inter school district competition, and she has to take part in race and take admission in school. Chakor says I won’t go to school till all kids take admission in school. Arjun says impossible, and explains Bhaiya ji will never agree for this, everyone don’t have interest to study. She says they have interest, Ishwar told me, when I told about education is bad, a boy wrote A. He says the rest should also study. She says they can study. He says fine, I will try to find out what villagers want, take care. He shakes hands with her.

Vivaan says I think Chakor told him everything. Bhaiya ji asks Manohar to take his son, as he is in tension. Manohar takes Vivaan. Arjun brings Chakor outside. Bhaiya ji folds hands and says we can talk alone, and solve the matter. Arjuun says nothing will be done in private, it will be infront of everyone, you have lied and cheated I did not expect this. Bhaiya ji says you are very young. Arjun says yes, I know politics less, but Aditya knows everything, he has told this big lie about you. He says Chakor told me everything, that you all love her more than her parents. Bhaiya ji is shocked. Chakor smiles.

Tejaswini smiles. Arjun says but the question is why is Aditya lying about you. Chakor says yes, even I think the same. Bhaiya ji laughs and says I don’t regard my enemies as enemy, he is small kid, maybe he did this for publicity, to sell off his book. He says you have seen everything, now I want to know what will you report to high command. Arjun says I understand, but I trust eyes and ears, I spoke to Chakor, now I will meet villagers and talk to them, then I will give you clean chit, then you will get ticket. He says I will take Chakor with me. Chakor and Vivaan smile. Bhaiya ji is shocked.

Tejaswini asks Manohar to tell all villagers that they will celebrate Makar Sanskranti at haveli and invite them. Imli says she wants to earn money to free Chakor from bonded labor.

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