Bandhan 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 14th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bhao says I was coming to you darpan. Why are you looking there? Darpan looks at ganesh and is scared. Bhao says there is always a reason behind what God does. He cant be bad to anyone. Go to your room an sleep. Darpan goes to ganesh and says why have you come here? we have to play this game to expose vishwas rao. I have to stay here and find a way.

Darpan goes in bhao’s room. He is asleep. DArpan looks everywhere in his room but cant find anything. She says please help me God. She finds a file. Its has pictures and details of the warehouse where he keeps animal goods. She says this means he kills animals and sell their goods. How evil is he. Darpan takes the file and goes out. darpan tells ganesh about the place. She says only this way we can clean the name. Do you know where that place it? Ganesh nods.

Scene 2
Next day, darpan and ganesh go to the warehouse. They go in. darpan locks it. There are animal goods everywhere. DArpan writes something on a paper and takes it. She says go and place it in the police station don’t worry for me. Darpan takes the paper and goes to police station. He throws in the paper. He says this paper says something about vishwas rao. I cant belive he is a smuggles. DArpan release all the animals. She gets locked in a cage, bhao comes in with his men. darpan hides behind a wall. inspector calls bhao and says I am with you my men are going against you.

Darpan says to naraini thank you came there and saved me. Naraini says I never knew that vishwas is such an evil. what is happening? darpan says he is so bad. He has killed my dad and mom. ganesh named him murdere uncle.

bhao says whoever has released my animals will have to die and I will kill him with love. darpan says cops have no proofs against him. naraini says we will find something don’t worry. this is the first step, you have made him a loss and release animals. You have the strength to stand in front of him. Stop crying. This is the time for him to cry. darpan says how? She says I have a way. Darpab says what?

Precap-Bhao takes off his shirt and ses ganesh. he says how is this possible? He goes out and sees ganesh’s shadow. darpan comes and says what happened? He says I saw him. darpan says what?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hurry up and put bhao in prison to be hanged for all the murders he committed

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