Tu Mera Hero 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Titu asking Panchi about Ruhi. She says Ruhi did not come. Titu asks why did she not come. Panchi says I came to tell this. Titu says you are joking, I joke with world and you are joking with me. She says I m not joking. He says it can’t happen that I call her and she won’t come. He asks Ruhi to come out. Panchi says Ruhi will not come here, as she loves someone else, not you. Titu ‘s heart breaks. In FB, Panchi hears Ruhi talking to some guy Kapil, and knowing they love each other. Kapil apologizes to her asking for a chance to rectify his mistake, and not leave him. Ruhi says you ditched me in college and came Mathura, so I came here to make you realize, I love you. Panchi tells Titu that Rhi loves Kapil and then they hugged. Ruhi tells Panchi about her boyfriend Kapil.

Titu does not believe Panchi, and says Ruhi is not like this, who is this Kapil, she did not tell me, and if she loved him, why did she show interest on me. Panchi recalls in FB asking Ruhi about Titu. Ruhi says I took Titu’s help to make Kapil jealous. Panchi says shame on you, he helped you and you have hurt him, how can you be selfish. Panchi tells Titu that Ruhi did this to make you jealous, as Kapil was there. Titu says I can’t believe this. He pinches himself and says its not dream, but really happening with me. Ruhi comes there with Kapil. Panchi sees them. Ruhi thanks Titu and says you are cupid, love God, you united me and Kapil, the decorations are beautiful, it looks like some function, I will leave Titu says call me in your marriahe. Jag soona soona lage…………….plays………….. Titu recalls him and Ruhi.

Ruhi leaves with Kapil. Titu’s friend get sad seeing him. Titu tells Golu is there any shop to repair heart break. Panchi cries for him. They take him home. They think what will happen now, as Titu promised his dad that he will bring his bahu home to meet him. Titu is depressed. Golu pacifies him. Panchi looks on from far. Golu says how will we be without you, you come to my house. Titu says it can’t happen. Golu leaves. Panchi comes to Titu and sees him sad. She wipes her tears and asks will you not go home. Titu says I will go, why did you not go home, its late, family will be waiting, go home.

She says yes and takes a rickshaw. She says there is no more rickshaw, come with me. Titu says no, go. Panchi says you said I m your friend, come with me. Titu smiles and says you look Salman’s ffan of Maine Pyaar Kiya. He says Maine Pyaar Kyu Kiya. Panchi says the same, why did I fall in love. Govind waits for Titu and the girl. He asks Surekha where is her bahurani and Titu. Surekha thinks why did Titu not come till now. Govind asks Pinky to pack Titu’s bag. Surekha asks him to wait. Govind scolds her and says I m always patient. Everyone smile.

Rekha asks Bhagwati to bet on Titu. Bhagwati says if you win, I will make your fav food for one month, if you lose, I will make food and make others eat. Rekha agrees. Titu is sad and tells Panchi how he is feeling now. He thanks her for coming home. She says its ok. Govind gets Titu’s bag. Surekha stops him.

Titu says my dad is going to kick me out of home, I will drop here, I will have to leave the house, and tells about the bet with his dad as he was mistaken that Ruhi loves her. She asks what bet. He says her everything. Surekha asks Govind not to worry, as Titu will come with the girl. Rekha tells her fav food to Bhagwati and laughs. Bhagwati asks her not to dream. Ruhi says what, its bad, then why are you going home, uncle will send you to Agra. He says what can I do now, and asks her to go home. He comes home. Rekha says he has come. Govind opens his eyes, and says he is alone, where is the girl.

Panchi thinks will he really send him to Agra. Titu prays to Lord to save his life and help him. Panchi comes after him. Everyone is shocked seeing her. Panchi thinks they are mistaken, as she came to stop Titu from going. Govind asks is it she who wants to marry Titu. Panchi gets tensed. Titu is shocked. Govind says see this is her reply, and asks Titu to go. Everyone ask him not to send Titu. He scolds everyone. Panchi comes to him and says yes, I want to marry Titu. They are get shocked. Titu looks at her.

Govind asks Panchi to see herself and Titu, they are different, she can see it when marksheet was exchanged. She says marks does not matter, person is valued, not marks. Titu looks at her. Govind says fine, I will talk to your dad. She gets tensed.

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