Udaan 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Show takes seven years leap

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The Episode starts with Anjor running in fields and doing mischief. The people get happy seeing a procession. Some kids try to pluck the raw mangoes. Some men come there and catch the kids. The kids cry and ask them to leave them. A girl hides and thinks to inform Anjor first. Gumaan is shown. He scolds the dog for barking. He asks the dog to ask for food silently. He punishes the dog. The kids are brought to Gumaan. The man says the kids were stealing mangoes from your garden. Gumaan says you remind me my children, I was also afraid like that, I had hope to run away, I have passed, but you got caught, I will give you a chance, you can’t have the mangoes, you will take care of trees, you will become my bandhua. Kids say no. Gumaan asks the man to get the stamp. He says lets play a game, you will get free if you run away. The kids run. Gumaan smiles. The girl asks Kaki where is Anjor. Kaki says maybe she is feeding the poor, go and see her. Anjor is at temple. She asks the women and kids to have food.

Some men get the milk to the temple. Pandit says Seth ji, you have come at the right time. The man says I got 50 litres milk for Abhishek. Anjor asks everyone to have the milk by their hands. The man pours the milk on the idol. The milk flows by the drain. It goes through the long pipe. Everyone drinks the milk coming out of the pipe. Anjor asks them not to push each other, just have the milk and leave fast. She goes to pray.

She talks to Mahadev. The girl calls her out and comes there. Anjor smiles. She says you won’t get milk this time, you got fate. The girl says leave it, Gumaan has caught all the kids in the garden. Anjor comes there and stops Gumaan. All the kids get behind her. Anjor says all the mangoes get rotten here, your men throw many mangoes, what’s the big deal if kids steal some mangoes, you are doing wrong. He asks who are you to talk so much. She says I m a lot, I can do anything. She boasts of her work and laughs. She says you will ask what I m doing here, I have come to ask you to free my friends.

Gumaan recalls Chakor. He starts laughing. The man asks what happened, you are laughing. Gumaan asks shall I cry, she reminded me of someone, she used to talk like this, then what I did with her, no one can imagine, I m thinking what to do to this girl. Anjor says I m asking you to free them, and you are scaring me.

He asks are you not scared of me. She says no, I get afraid when I do anything wrong, maybe that Seth ji did something wrong and came to do Abhishek so that Lord forgives him, you free the kids, we are not powerful like you, they are cute little kids. She asks kids to hold their chins fast. Gumaan says fine, I will free you. She claps and says you have a big heart. She asks kids to leave their chins now and run. Gumaan says I freed you, but I didn’t forgive you, if you want to free them, you have to do something. Anjor says don’t ask me to join the plucked mango to the tree. Gumaan says you have to race with me, lets see who reaches the school fast, if you win, I will free them, if you lose…. She says I will never lose, failure isn’t written in my fate, I accept the challenge. He gets angry. Udaan hai….plays….. She smiles.

Anjor runs through the jungle way. Gumaan goes in his jeep. She worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. wow… i had almost forgotten that Chakor was supposed to be a marathon runner. Kamalnarayan forced her to take voluntary retirement, but Chakor could have tried to make a comeback after KN’s death. that way she could have made a stronger statement against “Mantri Imli Devi”. and now same thing will be repeated with Anjor. all of Chakor’s struggles and fights were for nothing? Chakor is now around 30? 30years of struggles, so many deaths… Ishwarprasad, Chakor’s grandmother, that girl imli sold and then buried alive, Vivaan…. (some of the good characters off the top of my head) and nothing has changed in Azadganj… then what is the purpose of fighting at all?? only once, after Chakor was undressed in front of the village, that the show showed a positive change in the villagers where they took up sticks and were ready to fight on their own… but again seven years leap, rinse and repeat? Sheesh! what is this obsession with Imli? what is this obsession with killing Vivaan repeatedly? what is this obsession with separating Sukor? no progression in this story at all

    1. Utama Seshagiri

      I totally agree with Character. All the points she has made are absolutely correct. Actually I have stopped seeing this serial but once in a while I read updates. Now even will be silly.

  2. This show is no longer alike its good days

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