Siddhi Vinayak 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Rudra hell bent upon separating Siddhi and Vin

Siddhi Vinayak 13th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vin checks Rudra and is relieved to see that he is normal again. You must rest for a day or two. Rudra is distracted by Siddhi. Vin tells her that her medicine has fixed his health. She shows daliya. He still needs it to recover. Rudra acts that he cannot eat himself. Siddhi calls the servant to assist Rudra. Siddhi asks Vin to come downstairs. Guru ji must be coming. Bring Rudra with you. Rudra takes a bite from the servant’s hand and then sends Vin downstairs. Who is this Guru ji? He shoves the servant aside. Rudra picks up Siddhi’s kerchief which fell down earlier.

Everyone welcomes Guru ji to Kundra Mansion. He takes a step forward but then steps back sensing something ominous. He chants Hari Om when he enters again. He looks at the house very carefully. Did a new guy come in here? I mean some outsider who has never been here before? Manjari nods. My son Rudra has come home. Shankar donated him to the Mattha earlier. Shankar asks Guru ji how his presence would make a difference. Siddhi and Vin take blessings from Guru ji. He blesses them when he notices a shadow looming on them. He drops his pot. There is a dark shadow looming over Siddhi and Vin’s life. Who is it? Rudra steps forward and returns his pot to him. Maybe he dint like me. Vin introduces Rudra to Guru ji. Rudra refuses to touch his feet.

Guru ji says it is ok that you dint touch my feet but this is your arrogance that you don’t touch anyone’s feet. It never helped anyone. Rudra asks him what he is talking about. Vin apologizes to Guru ji on Rudra’s behalf. He next makes him understand that Ma Papa have a lot of faith in him. Rudra is irked. Is this why you asked me to stay back here? I wont be able to bear it. Let me know so I can leave. He walks away. Guru ji says Vin’s graha’s are changing after Rudra’s arrival in the house. I see something ominous hovering over him. It will be good if he leaves the house asap. Vin declines. He is my brother. He wont go anywhere. Manjari requests Guru ji to forgive Rudra. He has never stayed with his family and does not know how to behave with people. He will understand with time. Guru ji tells Manjari not to go blind in son’s love. There are enough problems on hand already. Rudra alone will overpower all the collective good that this family has achieved till now.

Guru ji tells Vin that he prayed for his well being and came to meet him when he got out of jail. I have to talk to you about something important. Vin and Siddhi go aside with him. Guru ji asks them if they have started their married life. Siddhi and Vin shake their head uncomfortably. Guru ji tells Siddhi and Vin to start their married life. Siddhi will become Vin’s shield completely then only. Your graha’s will start affecting each other when you will unite. Do you understand? Vin and Siddhi look at each other blankly. Guru ji takes their leave. Rudra has overheard everything. It means nothing has happened between Shankar’s son and my love Siddhi till now! It is good as only I have a right on Siddhi. I am coming Siddhi. Be ready!

Siddhi is folding clothes when Vin hugs her from behind. She asks him to let go but he teases her on what Guru ji had said. Siddhi suggests him to take bath. Rudra comes there. Vin suggests Siddhi to bathe together. Rudra knocks on the door. Vin lets go of Siddhi and asks Rudra to come. Rudra apologizes for coming like this. Vin says it’s ok. I was going to take bath. Rudra apologizes to him for the way he behaved with Guru ji downstairs. Vin smiles. I too used to feel that ways till sometime back. Rudra asks him where he exercises. Vin points at the gym tools kept in his room. Siddhi keeps Vin’s clothes on the bed and leaves. Rudra seeks Vin’s permission to exercise in his room for now. Vin tells him to come whenever he wants to. Rudra starts exercising as Vin goes to take bath. Rudra calls these toys. I will spoil Vin’s plan tonight. I must do something for that!

Shankar requests Manjari to understand what Guru ji said. It wont be right to keep Rudra here. I accept my mistake but we can rectify it. I will buy a separate flat for him and I will look after his every need. Manjari cries that this is what he did 25 years ago too. He isn’t just my son but yours as well. He is this way because of you only. Shankar accepts that that is also true. Think about Vin and Siddhi once. Manjari says I have been thinking about them only till now. Who will think about Rudra? If anyone thinks ill or him or try to send him away then I will kill myself. She picks a knife and he makes her drop it. Are you mad? She nods. I am a culprit in my son’s eyes. I became your wife but not Rudra’s mother but not anymore. I will leave this house with Rudra if you throw him out! Shankar looks on helplessly.

Siddhi wonders from whose phone she should call Kabeer. I cannot call him from Prachi or Rajvir’s phone. Gauri comes there to tell her about the charger. Siddhi thinks to call Kabeer from her number instead.

Rudra gets an idea as he looks at the vent above. He brings a ladder. Siddhi is headed towards some room. Rudra gets inside the vent with some difficulty. Siddhi comes inside her room and finds the ladder there. She thinks it must be kept here by Vinu. I should first go to Bhabhi and then I will move it. Rudra looks at the other end of the vent which ends directly at his room. He jumps down. I found the way to reach Siddhi! Now I will spread my wings. I wont let Vin and you unite ever!

Precap: Vin and Siddhi share some romantic moments. Rudra is watching everything. I cannot let it happen

Update Credit to: Pooja

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