Porus 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Anusuya Fails Olympia’s Black Magic

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Puru with his army surrounds Cletius and his batallion. shouts attack. Both armies fight. Puru’s army starts killing Macedonian soldiers. In palace, Anusuya asks servant if Olympia had food. Servant says she did not even open her room door. Anusuya asks what is she doing then. Servant says she does not know. Anusuya thinks what Olympiaa must be doing. Olympia does black magic on Puru’s doll and says he dared to point sword on her son Alexander’s neck, now Porus wont be able to hold sword. She drops Puru’s blood from diamond on doll’s right hand and disables it. Puru’s right hand gives away and he drops his word while fighting. Soldier is about to kill Puru when Bamni saves Puru. Bamni then asks Puru to go and rescue Barsine and her family while they stop Cletius. Cletius sends message to Alexander via soldier.

Barsine’s mother and sister hear sound outside their tent and ask what is happening. Guard says enemy has attack. Barsine says Porus has come as he promised to protect her and rescue her from Alexander’s grip. Soldier goes and gives letter to Alexander. Alexander reads letter that Porus has attacked Farsi battalion. He orders Hepastian to head towards Farsi battalion, Ambhi kumar’s news was right. He rides his horse with his soldiers and says he will not spare Porus tonight.

Puru continues killing Macedonian soldiers. Olympia pinches and disables Puru’s left hand and leg. Puru falls down, but then gets up and moves ahead. Olympia realizes it and shouts he is showing his power on her, soon she will kill him via her black magic. Puru heads towards Barsine’s tent. Farsi soldiers come forward. Puru says he does not want to attack them, he just came here to rescue Barsine and family as they are safe with him and not Alexander, they all can return back to Faras. Soldiers move aside. Puru continues killing Macedonian soldiers. Barsine sees shadow and pulls sword. Puru walks in. She attacks him, but he stops her. She asks if he came to take revenge from her for betraying him. He says he came to thank her for what she did for Pourav rastra. She emotionally runs and hugs him. He takes her out and says Hasti will take them to safe place. Barsine and family leaves with Hasti.

Alexander reaches near Farsi battalion and asks Hepastian to surround whole place, he will not spare Puru today. Puru on the other side continues killing Macedonian soldiers. Olympia decides to kill Puru and makes a blood circle from Puru’s blood in diamond. Soldiers surround Puru. Olympia slits Puru’s doll. Puru looses power and soldiers attack him. She is about to behead Puru when Anusuya sees smoke from Olympia’s room and walks in opening door. Olympia’s black magic breaks down. She angrily tells Anusuya that she is praying god to kill Puru. Anusuya says she is also a mother and should pray for her son’s long life instead of other’s son’s death. Once she leaves, Olympia fumes that Anusuya spoilt her black magic and got 1 more day for her son, tomorrow her son will die for sure.

Puru regains his strength kills all soldiers. Bamni says he will not spare whover attacked Puru. Puru says they reached their goal of rescuing Barsine and her family, let us head towards boats now. Alexander with his soldiers reach near Barsine’s tent and sees it burning and soldiers dead. Injured Cletius opens eyes and says Puru has gone towards boats. Alexander heads towards river shore. Puru with his team has already left on boats. He hears horse sounds and says Alexander has come to get trapped himself, change boat direction and wait for his order. Alexander gets into boat and follows Puru’s boats shouting he will not spare Puru. His boats get trapped in net. Hephastian says they are trapped. Alexander shouts he is ready to fight with Puru right now. Puru from other side says he is ready to kick out Alexander from his mother land. He does not find Hasti and asks Barsine where is Hasti. Hasti heads in front of Alexander’s boat. Alexander asks Hasti if Puru is afraid of death that he sent you. Hasti says he will not let a single scratch on his brother and will kill Alexander. He jumps on Alexander’s boat and attacks him. Alexander says Kanishk did a same mistake and attack Hasti. They both jump into water. Alexander gets trapped into net. Hephastian jumps into water and rescues him and takes him to shore. Alexander smirks looking at blood in water. Hasti gets trapped into net after being injured by Alexander.

Precap: Bamni says Puru his leg is injured, he should not get into water.
Puru says Hasti needs him and gets into water.

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  1. overwhelming incredible entertaining.

  2. Puru should save Hasti..
    Already Alexander killed kanishk ..
    Puru don’t notice about dasyu people helping Alexander …

  3. Srini Samaranayake

    So interesting. Thanks for extending the show time. Selection of characters , their performance, filming, the senerio …… excellent.

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