Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update:

Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep gets Mausi discharged. He says I am sorry. I know I wont let anything happen to you.
They come home. Deep says Mr. Kapoor you here? He grasps deep’s collar and do you have any shame? You did fraud. Another man says my cheque bounced too. Deep says let me check. This can’t happen. He calls manager and says all shareholders are here. They are saying their cheques are bouncing. Manager says your wife Arohi withdrew everything. Your account has zero balance. Deep says arohi.. Both are and tara come down. Tara says I am here. Why are you looking at her? Deep says you withdrew all the money from the account. She says why would I do that? Arohi says banker said Arohi did that so of course its you. Police comes in. Inspector says deep we have to arrest you. Deep says I need to make a call.
Arohi says to Tara its so much fun. Tara gave Arohi everything and Arohi withdrew.

All the shareholders speak against deep. Deep says you will get your money. A man sys here your wife is. Take money from her. ARohi says to deep I can help you. He says are you arohi? She says no. She says I am Anjali sharma. I have a lot of money. I can give you all of it back.
Deep you just have to sign these. This means that your company will be in my control. If you agree I will give you 10 crore. Tara says deep dont’ sign them. Arohi says you don’t have enough money. He will get arrested. Arohi says deep you did this for money and see what I did. Tara says deep don’t sign them please. Deep signs the papers. Arohi says thank you. He says don’t be over smart You think I signed these papers and you won.

The lawyer comes and says law gives 15 days to get the cheques deposited. Only after that anything can happen. All shareholders leave saying they will come back after 15 days.
Deep tears the paper apart and says I did all this for money and you did this to know the secret of your face.
Arohi comes to her room. She says maybe anajli knew everything wanted me to know. She calls inspector and says I need your help.

Arohi goes out. She collides with a baby. The girl gives her a flower.
Arohi asks inspector about the accident. Inspector says her face got damaged badly. Arohi says can I see the footage? They see the footage and see that someone shoved her in front of the truck.
Precap-Arohi says Virat loved anajli. Tara didn’t know about Anajli. deep gave me her face. Who killed her?

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Hello friends. How r u all?

  2. Alisha part is very less.Everything was done by Alisha. But all credit goes to nia. I can’t tolerate this.we want Alisha as arohi.
    Please writers,
    Don’t drag the story.
    Reveal all the truth in two episodes.
    I think that reporter will be die in upcoming episodes. ( just for fun guys )

    1. Satya127

      Yes rhivanya they should reveal the truth fast and end this stupid track and should bring alisha back as our arohi

    2. Hi satya,how r u?
      U r absolutely correct. This is a stupid track.I don’t like this track. Not interested.

    3. Hi rhivanya…
      Yes.. Alisha part is very less only single dialogue ??

    4. Hi sravanthi. How r u ?
      I miss my old arohi??

    5. Satya127

      Hi rhivanya
      I am fine yes I miss my arohi (alisha)
      Disbursed watch the new offscreen of arjun and alisha they just looked soo cute and perfect where there also nia kept me irritating….
      And dance deewane…. I think it is super

    6. Satya127

      It is not disturbed
      It is did u watch dance deewane

    7. S am watched dance dewaane.
      Super dance.arjun and mouni was super.
      My wish one day alisha will come in dance deewane set.

  3. just tell me, will your business partners and shareholders behave so roughly the first time your cheque bounces? and for 10/20 lakhs? arre Deep gave the doctor 10 crores just for changing Arohi’s face. and these people are behaving as if their business partner will just run away with the money… i felt the scenes were made over dramatic. Deep goes hey buddy, but the person straight grabs his collar lol…. and this stupid stupid policewomen… it is clear in the video that Anjali was pushed, still they are investigating it as suicide case? no wonder the Raichands/Deep/Arohi fooled the police for so long… anyways, i am not at all interested in this story. it is clear that the show will drag the reveal of “Deep’s plan” for too long, while the rest of the characters continue behaving illogically or stupidly. before the show had a thrill, now it is just…. nothing, so many days of Nia’s entry, still dont know what was Anjali’s story, who is this fake mom or what is Deep’s plan… even Virat has forgotten all about catching Tara for his job… and to top it all the super strong baby that is nearing four months but refuses to show a bump

    1. also, when Anjali died, Nia clearly saw that the girl had the same face as her. now suddenly, the suicide victim’s face was so horribly damaged that the police cannot identity the deceased. when did that happen? lol

    2. Also when that episode of anjali’s death was aired it was clear from front and back that no one pushed anjali now she was suddenly pushed??? Lol and then anjali’s dead body was shown and her face was not even damaged then how come they couldn’t recognise? ? Crap

    3. Hi dhara…
      totally agree with you..

    4. Fine dear

    5. Hi dhara.totally agree with doubt on virat.i think he not love anjali.

    6. Fine dear…
      How are you?

  4. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz end this nonsense drama…

  5. Satya127

    Hi guys
    Actually for the first time yesterday I did not watch the episode I read the update only
    When before I stopped watching the show for one week then there used to be feeling I am missing my arjun and alisha and I used to feel bad that I am missing my show which I was kept supporting from its starting but yesterday I did not feel anything like that has now they are giving very less parts for soul of immj (ALISHA )and projecting the heart of the show (arjun) as villain…
    Guys I know deep is not a person who is greedy for money and I trust deep’s love he can go to any extent for saving arohi he does not care if he became villain in eyes of arohi and other but problem with deep is that he don’t understand that love is not just keeping the other safe by keeping them away from u or the world.. Love is being with each other and fighting with the whole world just for each other and obviously this nia won’t understand this point of deep because what ever deep does there the hidden motive is to save arohi only.. I sometimes feels nia revenge is the stupid revenge ever I watched no point also…. Guys we know how much arohi loves deep and understands him and it is quite easy for her to understand the situation that deep has a very big reason for all this but she just assumed the whole thing is done only for money….. Ridiculous the writers not just spoiled arohi role but also kept her brain in the fridge which stopped working long back along with the writers
    I feel writers should end this track as fast ad possible they r just dragging the show if they think it is suspence and thrill tell them to have a check up.. They just made us stand against our favorite show because of this nia and this stupid track….
    I request them to reveal the reason behind all this And most importantly bring ALISHA back as AROHI….
    I don’t know why they don’t understand that 90% of the fans want alisha as their AROHI and inthe remaining 10% some people hate deep I don’t understand if they had watched the show from ro starting or not if they had watched the show they could easily understand the point….. And the remaining 2% nia fans I don’t understand we watching the show from 1st episode bang our heads to understand whats happening in the show I don’t know how they r handling…
    Finally from my observation from youtube, Facebook and from this page it is quite noted that now the show as become the worst show ever and everyone one of us want only alisha as our AROHI and frankly I only wanted to watch my arsha as ardeep not Anyone…
    Guys my request is please commenting, tagging and trending that we want Alisha as our arohi to all the colors immj and beyond dreams posts…. Let us all together raise our point of u unitedly…..

    1. hi satya… you bring some good points about how this revenge story seems so pointless… earlier Arohi’s revenge had thrill and was good to watch because we eanted Arohi to defeat the Raichands and save nikku and find out bhabhi. seriously, who didnt hate Roma, the woman who murdered her own daughter for politics, who had relations with Prithvi and who manipulated Deep throughout. it was poetic to watch her get murdered by her mad daughter, the onw whom she loved so much…. sadly nikku and bhabhi couldnt be saved but it was still enjoyable watching the mind games and tricks…. but now we dont want a revenge between Arohi and Deep. we dont want Deep as villain. and we are not even convinced that Deep needs to be punished or that he is evil…. so what is the point? the new promos showed Arohi’s new revenge that will shock everyone… but against whom? even Tara is not shown as the villain anymore, her whole role has been diminished and she is just manhandled by Deep who tells her to behave as Arohi. so what revenge> against whom? if they would at least show us what is the point of Anjali’s introduction or her face, then maybe we will have some interest. but no. only dragging and dragging -_- and also Nia -_- i saw one of her interviews. she is a nice person. why couldnt the writers have kept her as Anjali only???

    2. Satya127

      Yes dhara that is my point
      There no need of any revenge at all….
      From my side I don’t know about nia I find her irritating both on screen and offscreen…. The way she talks, the dressing style and everything about her gives me some some negative vibes
      Point to be noted is that my opinion on nia is from before only not after entering the show so no offense and after entering the show she made my point if view strong…. If she could try to act and prove that she is a nice actress I may think I an wrong about her but she proved me right about her and about her acting she does not suit or fit in arohi role…. And I won’t accept nia as arohi ever…..
      Same here dhara I am also fed up with the story just dragging they r just using our weakness and our love fir arjun and alisha and rubbing their rubbish thoughts and track in us
      And now a days I don’t find any suspence or any thrill in the show and I am now wantedly not watching the show I too skipped today’s episode on tv they give very less part for my AROHI (alisha) and show arjun as a villain…. Truely speaking there is no need if this stupid track they could have brought any other track
      The biggest mistake of writers that they gave our most loving role of alisha to some other who does not suit the role at alll…..
      I would felt happy id they would had ended the show with ardeep marriage… I would happily thought that I saw a sweet cute twisted love story of ardeep
      Please writers do something bring back alisha as our arohi fir us ardeep us only our arsha they just look so cute onscreen and offscreen…. Missing them so badly….
      I truely miss those days where we all used support arohi when she is trying to save nikku and bhabi

    3. Hey satya,dhara just drag the story.
      Deep always play with arohi feelings. In shimla episodes he hurt more.and now also he play with arohi feelings. Why he change arohi identity.behind all this he have a strong reason.I can’t accept thing is very clear.he not love Tara.and he don’t want money.but more suspense.I can’t tolerate this.
      Writers test our patience level.I never accept nia as arohi.
      Still I watch this show only for arjun and Alisha performance. Alisha part is very less.but her act is nia(arohi) stay with virat.
      He was killed nikku.he is an enemy of her.

  6. btw guys… i am making a wild guess here. but since the show is now telling that the ‘suicide victim’s’ face was unrecognizable, is it possible that someone knowingly destroyed that face? maybe that woman was not even Anjali but just wearing a mask of Anjali?? i always thought that since they have shown Anjali dead, there is no way that this girl is Anjali pretending to be Arohi, maybe even sent by the real Arohi. because having three woman with the same is so ridiculous. but if the woman that died has her face destroyed, then maybe she wasnt Anjali but some trick that the mastermind played? till now not once have the writers shown Deep/Arohi actually murdering someone. so whoever killed Sudha might have dont this with the truck accident victim too…. i know it is such a wild wild guess, but just cant bear to think that Alisha will never return as Arohi and her role as Tara is also being diminished. i am not going to watch the show tonight. will read only updates.

    1. me too, i read just the update when it show smoething important i read something good so i watch the episode

      for all comments i agree with you all alisha is better in arohi because we use to see her but now i don’t know

      this is a indian show so more imagination less logical for other thing 🙂 🙂 🙂

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