Udaan 12th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Chakor and Raghav get stuck in jungle

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The Episode starts with Chakor asking Raghav why did he jump when he can’t swim. He says you don’t scold me now, just help me first. She holds him and takes him out of the waters. He feels uneasy and faints down. Chakor gets shocked and asks him to get up. She says this is not a time to joke. She sees the bleeding from his back and shouts Raghav. She burns some sticks and removes the leeches from his back. She says I have to make lep for his wounds. She goes to find some leaves. She smells the leaves and tries to find medicinal ones. She grinds the leaves and makes paste to apply to his back. He feels cold and shivers. She rubs his hands and covers him up. She puts dry grass around. She says even I m feeling cold. She holds him close and lies down.

They sleep. Its morning, Raghav wakes up and sees her. She wakes up and gets away from him. She says I didn’t come close by wrong intention, you jumped in waters to save me, leeches got on your back, you got hurt, you were feeling cold and I had to lie close to you. She pulls her dupatta. He wears his tshirt. He says if you permit, shall I say something. She says no. They argue and leave from there. He asks her to walk slow, else she will fall. She says then let me fall. She falls down. He jokes on her heavy dialogues and heavy fall. He asks her to hold his hand and get up.

She refuses to take his help. He says sorry, I have to do this. He lifts her. She recalls Suraj’s words and cries. Mahiya….plays… She sees Raghav and asks him to put her down. He says we will find the road soon. She shouts on him. He puts her down. She goes. Someone looks at them. She walks on road. A car gets close. Raghav pulls her and says don’t think of anything, I m protecting you, I m doing this for Anjor. He asks Chakor not to ask for lift, its not safe. She says don’t teach me. Some men stop the bike and whistle. Chakor turns away. They leave. Raghav signs Chakor. He says I will show you how to ask for lift. He goes for natures call and says I will get a lift now. Chakor says idiot, joker, mad, stop this. He asks for lift. A truck stops. Suraj asks will you drop me ahead. Driver asks him to sit. Raghav asks her to see her talent. He says wait, I will sit in middle, this man is a stranger. Chakor says even you were a stranger for me. They sit. The truck leaves. Chakor sleeps and falls over driver’s shoulder.

Raghav calls her out and asks her not to sleep on driver’s shoulder. She wakes up. Driver asks her to continue sleeping. He jokes. He drops them. Raghav says its late night, its not safe, we can see this hotel, we will go there. Chakor says I don’t want to spend any moment here. It starts raining. She runs to find some shade. She looks at him. He asks why are you staring at me like this, I didn’t ask Indradev to start this rain, tell me what you want to do, do you want to go home or hotel or stand here. She says we shall go to hotel. Constable asks Imli why is she so upset. She gives her make up items.

Imli asks her to go. Constable gets scolded by her. She says you have few days here, you will be getting free soon. Imli asks what and gets glad. She makes a heart and writes Raghav and her name in it. She says Raghav I will be coming to you soon. The hotel man says we can’t give you a room, we give room to just decent married people. Chakor asks are unmarried people not decent. She scolds the man. The man says weather is bad and you are now lecturing me, our hotel is just for families, tell me if you are married, else you go. Raghav says don’t worry manager, think about me, how I have passed 10 years with my wife, she is Chakor, I m Suraj from Aazaadgunj. Manager asks them to come and see the room.

Raghav says if I didn’t lie, we would have not got this place, if you think I did this drama, I will go, love is wrong, I fell in love and got this trouble. Chakor sees her. Raghav talks to Hanuman and says I want to show my love to Chakor. Chakor comes to him and says I love you Raghav.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Love between Chakur and Raghav? It’ meaningless.
    I hope at least Raghav becomes Suraj.

  2. The episode was too good.
    In Precap Chakor face was not shown while saying I love you.Her face was shown while say Raghav only so I think they just added that to create curiosity among audience. They may just simply finish the scene with Chakor scolding Raghav that she searched him for a long time and worried that something would have happened to him.

  3. entertaining episode, Chakor hasn’t moved on yet, I found her outbursts cute. I liked Raghav’s attitude, he took Chakor’s anger in his stride and joked about it.
    My favorite part was the hitch hiking scene.
    I think I love you is Raghav’s imagination but Chakor will come to him. I’m curious why she’s emotional.

  4. I don’t know what to say but raghav is too funny ???? and he is too protective and I just hope don’t end this journey of them that is don’t bring them back haveli or otherwise we have to see that imlis scenes more than chakor and raghav ??????

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