Jiji Maa 12th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Suyash is proved innocent

Jiji Maa 12th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with police coming home to arrest Suyash for molesting Bhavna. He says we have three witnesses and now we can arrest you, you can start the bail formalities. Vidhaan says I will talk to my lawyer. Suyash is taken away. Falguni learns this on news and gets shocked. Bhavna comes to Suyash’s house and stops his arrest. She takes the case back. Bhavna says Suyash is innocent, he didn’t molest me, it was a conspiracy. She says I had made the false case to take revenge, now I m saying the truth, I had spiked his tea and framed him.

Falguni and Niyati look on and cry happily. Bhavna says I was angry when you rejected my loan application, I met your enemy Abhishek and made this plan, when your wife came to meet me, I realized my mistake, she has said right, people will lose belief on women by my lies, I m sorry. Inspector frees Suyash and scolds Bhavna. He takes Bhavna for defaming Suyash. Vidhaan says Falguni made this possible, she has saved you. Niyati says you have won, you had saved Suyash. Falguni senses Suyash’s coming. She goes and sees the door. Niyati says happiness will be coming home. Falguni says Suyash…. Niyati says yes, maybe he will come close to you, he will be happy by this. Falguni goes and opens the door before he knocks. She looks at Suyash.

Niyati sees him. Falguni asks Suyash to come in. They recall their old memories. He says you will be feeling that I have come to thank you, I don’t like keeping someone’s favors, its not a big thing, any wife would do this to save husband from false blame, it doesn’t mean that I forgive your past mistakes, you are helping me to lessen your repentance, can you get my son back, I lost him because of you, I won’t get you home back. He goes. Falguni asks how shall I get Govind back, I did this as I trust Suyash, but he has complaints with me even after so many years. She cries. Suyash is on the way. He talks to Vidhaan and says I met Falguni, now I m going to meet Abhishek. He goes and meets Abhishek. Abhishek says Bhavna has blamed me, I knew you will be coming to meet me, you can’t do anything, she was proved a liar once, her words have no value.

He offers drink to Suyash. Suyash throws drink on his face and says this is to open your eyes, your position won’t change. Suyash breaks a mannequin and says your pride will get hurt, if you want to get ahead of me in business, focus on work. He goes. Abhishek says I will ruin you. Falguni sit upset. Jayant comes with Vidhaan to meet Falguni and says I have come to bless and thank you. Vidhaan praises Falguni. Falguni cares for Jayant and asks him not to have sweets and snacks, and look after his health. Its morning, Niyati asks Falguni can’t she refuse to them. Falguni says I have to go. Niyati says you are keeping a fast today. Falguni says Karwachauth comes once in a year, my love is at its place and Suyash’s hatred is at its place. Niyati says Suyash will be there at convention, when you break fast, he won’t be here. Falguni says its destiny, we shall leave now. Suyash and Falguni meet there. She slips. He holds her. Music plays…. Niyati looks on. Niyati thinks Suyash and Falguni are around, it will be good it they unite.

Abhishek asks the men to shoot Suyash. Suyash offers lift to Govind. The man aims gun at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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