Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 12th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sumer learns Bhairavi’s truth

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 12th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bhairavi doing tandav. Archie comes to her. Bhairavi says after all, you have come to me, you have angered Lord, he has decided to kill Veer. Archie apologizes to her. Bhairavi says you have to leave Veer and also make him hate you. Archie says he loves me, how can he hate me. Bhairavi says Veer will hate you, you have to write a letter and keep mangalsutra in it, you have to steal the jewelry and run away, your theft should get recorded on CCTV camera, else Veer will not hate you. Archie says nothing should happen to Veer. Bhairavi says if you try to come back to Veer, he will face Lord’s wrath. Archie obeys her and goes to steal the jewelry. Bhairavi sees her on CCTV camera. She says I have got the video of your theft, just keep your manga;sutra and the letter. Archie collides with Sumer. He says sorry. She asks how come you are here, police here, is there any theft. He says we are not police now.

She picks the pic and gives her. He asks did you see this girl. She doesn’t see pic and goes. Bindal says maybe that man has fooled us. Sumer says the pic is old, there is calender in this pic, this girl has grown up now. Bindal says this girl will be a woman now, she will be living in this palace. Sumer asks him to find about all the women living in the palace. He says one of them is Lali’s heir. Bindal says she won’t say that she is this girl. Sumer says we can see the truth by eyes, I have left police job, not experience. Archie comes to Bhairavi. She says I have done the theft as you told me. She gives her mangalsutra and letter. She says nothing should happen to Veer, I will leave from here. Bhairavi asks her to go. Archie goes. Bhairavi says I don’t trust you, I have to do something. She calls Neeraj and asks him to kill Archie. Vandana and Pavitra get angry on each other. Sumer and Bindal come to them and show the pic. Vandana says we haven’t see this girl. Sumer says this girl is missing, there is a reward on her.

Pavitra asks are they from this state and village. Sumer asks how do you know. Pavitra says the locket has a stone in it and it signifies the family, I m also from this village, this lady and her daughter have locket with a red stone in it. Sumer says sorry for trouble and thanks. Vandana and Pavitra go. Bindal says Pavitra said this girl is from this village. Sumer says we will know about the girl, we will find Lali’s heir. Titu tracks Veer again and finds the temple. He asks Archie to let them come along. Archie asks Titu and Dolly to do their work and leave forever. Pandit says everything will get fine. Veer prays for his family.

He prays that he finds Gauri and her family. Sumer says we have to check this room, Bindal stand here and guard. Bindal says I will come along. Bhairavi comes there. Sumer and Bindal check her room. They get a trunk. They get a file and box. Bindal get the same locket and same pic. Bindal says it means this girl is Bhairavi…. Sumer says Bhairavi is Lali’s heir, her ancestors are killing the royal family and this time Bhairavi is doing this. Bhairavi says very soon, all the heir will get killed, I will kill everyone. She laughs seeing Yash and Kedar’s pic.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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