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The Episode starts with principal telling Abha that he has convinced Bhaiya ji about Chakor’s admission and he is talking to his wife now. Abha thanks him saying Mama ji, I just hope he agrees and makes Chakor study. Tejaswini says she did not like principal’s idea. Bhaiya ji says he was just suggesting us, it would be good for our party campaign, if Chakor goes to school, it will benefit us. Chakor comes and says she won’t go to school as she has promised that she won’t touch education. Bhaiya ji scolds her and says I did not give right to anyone to go against me. The principal comes there and sees this. Bhaiya ji says its my order and I can change it. The principal says I can explain Chakor if you permit.

He tells Chakor that she is lucky that she is getting chance to study and shape her future, no other kid got this chance. Chakor says I gave promise to Bhaiya ji and told all villagers about education being bad thing, they will call me liar and their trust will break. Bhaiya ji scolds her. Chakor says I can’t break my promise. Bhaiya ji shouts you will break it and will go to school. Ragini and Vivaan hear it. Chakor smiles and says I m ready to go to school, if you permit shall I tell villagers that education is good and everyone should study, then I will go, if I go alone, then they will never forgive me.

Bhaiya ji tells the principal to inform them that Chakor was Bandhua here and will always be, she stays here in our haveli as our bandhua. Tejaswini says but you said surveyors will come. He says I don’t care, no one has argued with me till now. Tejaswini asks Girja to tie Chakor. Aditya says I m angry on Chakor, principal helped her and Bhaiya ji was giving her chance to study, and Chakor refused. Ishwar says Chakor has seen ups and downs, we don’t know why she decided it, she is going through it and we can’t say about it. Arjun comes and says I will light Chakor’s dying light. He says I could not speak to her and I m going Aazaadgunj as sports teacher of that school. The sports authority is sending me to know why is Chakor getting admission. Ishwar is glad and asks how did he do all this.

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Arjun says Chakor is my inspiration and her victory is my aim. Vivaan asks Chakor what happened to her aim, why did she not agree to Bhaiya ji. She cleans the utensils and Vivaan asks her to reply, before Tejaswini comes to know. Chakor says she can’t go to school, she has told all villagers about her promise, how can she break it. Vivaan smiles and thinks he knows who can make her agree. Bhaiya ji comes to know about Arjun coming for survey. He laughs and says thanks for informing me, and syas my wife has sent silk sarees for your wife.

He asks Manohar to receive Arjun, as he is sent by opposition party, keep an eye on him, let me know if there is any mistake, go to bus stand, he is also honest, talk to him with respect. Manohar says fine and leaves. Tejaswini says I feel some new problem is coming. Bhaiya ji says he knows how to behave with such honest people. Manohar and Lakhan come to receive Arjun. The conductor greets them. Manohar asks when will the last bus come. The conductor says it came 30mins before, everyone went from here. Lakhan slaps him for arguing. He says Bhaiya ji’s special guest was coming in the bus. Manohar asks him about anyone simple. The man says yes, it was beggar.

Lakhan says he is joking with us. Manohar says if he reaches Aazaadgunj, Bhaiya ji will be angry. They hear Arjun talking to someone on phone and saying his name and no one knows him here, and he did not inform anyone, I will give report of everything. I will meet Kamal Narayan later. Manohar says it means he is the one who came to survey. Arjun says I have to be careful, I will come and give all info. Manohar and Lakhan come to him, and put garlands. Arjun is shocked and asks whats all this. Manohar welcomes him and says I m Manohar, Bhaiya ji’s younger brother and he ordered that you should not have any problem here, tell us your command now.

Vivaan asks her does she have time for Ishwar, and asks her to talk. She says call him fast. Chakor smiles and talks to Ishwar. Ishwar talks to her, and she smiles. Vivaan smiles seeing Chakor’s smile. Ishwar says we miss you. Chakor says even I miss you all. He asks why did she refuse for school, I know you have told the villagers that you will never study and no one should study, you worry as your promise can break. She says yes. He asks her to do something that Bhaiya ji allows everyone to study and then her promise won’t break. She says I did not think this, but I told them education is bad, why will they study now. He says it was reverse effect on them, that day a boy wrote A like you wrote on wall.

She recalls. She says its good news, who was that boy. He says I don’t know, but someone wrote even when you said education is bad, when they start studying then.. She says stamp will get erased, fine I will end call now. Vivaan asks what is she thinking. She says what should I tell Bhaiya ji that he allows everyone to study. They smile.

Arjun arrives to Bhaiya ji’s haveli and Bhaiya ji welcomes him. He says I m glad to see young people having the political strength. Tejaswini does his aarti. Arjun looks for Chakor.

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