Bandhan 12th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 12th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
ganesh is screaming die to gas. bhao says I cant fulfill your wish you couldn’t tell your sister who killed her parents. Bhao leaves. Darpan tries to open he door. SHe says I will get you out. Darpan looks everywhere how can she open it. She starts hiting the lock with a rod. It breaks, ganesh comes out. Darpan caresses him. She gives him water. Darpan says you didn’t think how would I live without you. First ai baba left and now how will I live without you. My best friend killed my parents. We will punish him. He wanted to take you from me as well. Darpan says before that I want to ask something else from someone.

Ganesh and darpan come to the tree. darpan says you made the murderer of my parents my friend, you sent me to his home? He wanted to kill my brother as well. She says no ganesh I wont meet gano sahib and wont pray to him anymore. Ganesh says no darpan says don’t stop me. ai baba said God gets angry when we do something wrong, we can be angry as well. We have no relation with him anymore. They leave.

Ragahv is looking for darpan. he says where has she gone? Naraini comes, raghav says have you seen darpan and ganesh? She says they must be playing. Naraini says open your mouth she gives him a spoon on sweet. Raghav says its my favorite. how do you know I like it? you are so nice please stay here. Bhao says in heart love him as much as you can you wont get a chance later. I wont let anyone take my heir.

Darpan comes to police station she sees that inspector is saying vishawas rao is such a nice man. they send us sweets every now and then. she leaves. DArpan says no one knows his reality. they think he is so nice. if we tell anyone his reality no one will trust us. We need to expose him. darpan recalls what bhao said to ganesh and how he killed his parents. darpan says he ruined my dad’s name I will ruin his face. sHe takes a stone and starts going home. ganesh stops her.

Raghav comes to meethi and says have you seen darpan and ganesh? Meethi says why you care about them? they are not our members they will leave soon. stay awy from them. raghav says she is nice. if you say bad about her I wont talk to you. meethi says you have started talking so much.

A man come to darpan disguised as gano sahib He takes off his mask. He says what gano sahib? I am ganiya? I sell masks. darpan sys gano sahib is so bad. darpan says he took my ai baba from and then he sent me to house of their murderer. And then I took ganesh here. I wont g back to his house. ganiya says you are right. gan sahib is so bad. Is what we see always reality? Darpan says yes. He says no. unless I was wearing mask you thought I am gano sahib. God gives us what we don’t understand. God has sent you to them to eliminate their evil. Darpan says I think ganiya is rght. God has thought something else for us, she says thank you pal. You are my friend from now. He says remember me when you need me I will be around.

Darpan says ganesh this is new part of our lives. I will become his friend and expose him. Darpan places black in on bhao’s name plate outside house. She says with my new pal and my brother I will expose him. I will punish him.

Precap-Bhao comes to darpan’s room an sas what you thought you will play games with me and I wont know? your ai baba died now its your turn.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Mahesh should come back and fight his battle and unite him with marine and raghav let mahesh raise bho son instead

  2. Exactly Mahesh should come back and fight for his family and take revenge against bhao for killing his wife and framing him

  3. please bring back Mahesh do not let darpan fight his battles for him his wife was killed by a bullet meant for him they marred his name he lost his family house everything do not let it end this way let Mahesh come back together with darpan and ganesh let them all fight together and come back as a family let them destroy bhao and his accomplices

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