Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 12th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 12th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shayl is shocked to hear from Rachna that she is with KT, Rachna’s battery goes dead. Shayl is worried that the phone has been disconnected. Gunjan and Dayal ask Shayl why she is so worried. Shayl stammers that Rachna is with KT. They were all shocked. Dayal remembers the promise KT had made to him, the glass in his hand fell off the ground, as he gets enraged at hearing this.
KT comes towards the car, Rachna comes down to him. She says the battery of her phone went dead, but it is ok Gunjan must have known that she is with him, and must be fine. KT looks at her in shock, and asks why she told Gunjan that she was with him. Rachna says she had to inform someone at home, else they must have been worried. KT says she could have said that she is alone. Rachna says she couldn’t lie to Gunjan. KT tells her to leave it, he will see what will happen. Rachna asks if he is hiding something from her. KT recalls his promise to Shayl, but tells Rachna it is nothing. He says when her family will know that they are together, they will be angry. Rachna says she will explain that she had no option, and he helped her. She asks if the room is available at the hotel, a waiter comes to take their luggage. KT tells her to go inside, as he will bring the luggage.
Everyone at home gathers. Shayl was worried, as well as angry at Mayank. Gunjan announces that Rachna’s phone is still switched off. Gopal was also angry that how KT reached her. Seema says he is a cheat, they can’t trust him.
Mayank says it is all because of that Kabir Tripati, he won’t leave him once he comes to his front. Gunjan calms him down. Bindia says she is worried, if Rachna has run away with KT. All the family members look at her.
The receptionist was telling someone that no room is available. The waiter calls Rachna as Mrs. Tripati, the receptionist asks her to fill the form. Rachna says he will fill the form himself. The waiter tells her that he has left. Rachna goes out with the luggage, worried. KT had left. She drops her bags, and cries that he left her alone. He must be feeling strange to stay with her, doesn’t he love her anymore.
Bindia says she doesn’t want it to happen, but love is like that. It can make anyone do anything. Rachna’s phone is switched off. Gunjan scolds Bindia, that Rachna won’t do anything wrong. Shayl says this has all been done by KT, he must have known where Rachna has gone. Dayal says it isn’t the time to talk about his character.
Rachna cries in the cold, KT comes from front. She goes and hugs him; he doesn’t hold her from the back. Rachna says she knew he would definitely come.
Dayal was worried, that if it goes to neighbourhood then. Mayank says they must complain in police. Dayal agrees, Gopal as well. Gunjan says we must not do anything in hurry. May be, Rachna is in no network zone right now, we must wait for Rachna’s call. There must be some reason that she is with KT. They must wait for Rachna’s call. Bindia regrets that the drama has not remained spicy anymore, because of Gunjan.

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Rachna stands hugging KT and cries. KT again remembers Shayl’s promise. He seperates her from himself, she wipes her tears. He asks why she is crying. She says bell boy watched him leaving, and thought he might have left. He says he went to park the car, as there is much noise and he won’t be able to sleep. She asks why he will sleep in the car, he says they don’t give rooms to unmarried couples, he lied that they are married. He will sleep in the car. Rachna says it is ok, he can sleep with her in the room as she won’t like if he sleeps in the car.
Seema suggests they must call at KT’s phone, Gunjan tries the number and says it is disconnected as well. Seema says something is definitely wrong, we must report in police. Gunjan says the case will be ruined, we must wait for Rachna’s call. Shayl says Rachna’s isn’t as irresponsible, Seema is right and we must report in police.
In the hotel, KT asks for the keys of room. The receptionist says he thought he had given the room, his wife denied for the room. Rachna agrees that it is her mistake. The receptionist says all the rooms are booked, he points at the waiter who nods. KT asks what they can do, the receptionist says there is a way.
The family complains to the police. Gunjan tells her that Shayl talked to Rachna for the last time. Shayl says she wasn’t worried at that time, but her voice broke. She was shouting her talk, but she is sure that KT cut the phone off. Gunjan tells him that she said that she is fine, and is with KT. The police man says she wasn’t worried, and was polite. The law says they must wait for another 24 hours. Shayl cries, but the inspector says she couldn’t have talked to them if KT had made her run. She is with him with her own will, they are both adult as well. Mayank says why shouldn’t they be worried. Dayal says they don’t bring up their children as such. The inspector tells them to wait for 24 hours, and do not make a report.
Seema and Shayl were worried. Shayl fells on the seat. Gunjan says KT isn’t a bad man, she must not worried. Shayl scolds Gunjan that it is because of her that police didn’t make a report. Dayal says Gunjan just gave a verdict. Shayl says police thought Rachna has run away with her will. Bindia cheers that in this house there is more drama than TV serials. Gunjan says if she doesn’t know her daughter, she won’t do any such thing. Shayl says she is unlucky that KT returned in her life. Gunjan says that another angle of this thing is, that God is giving another chance to Rachna and KT. Shayl looks at her in shock.

PRECAP: Rachna dances drunk, with KT. She yells I love you, KT!!

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. I would be sad to see this show go if it actually does. Given that I do not watch all the time since some of the story lines annoy me, I always actually come back to it. I love the characters Shayl, Gunjan and Mayank and I would miss them the most. I am annoyed that that Bindiya character (poor character and stupid storyline) drove me away from the show for the last couple of weeks.

  3. it’s vry sad that the serial is going to end

    1. is it? where has that been stated?

  4. KT and RACHNA are drunk together, really ??? And when is this Bindia gonna leave the show

  5. Now what Will happen

  6. I love it.

  7. Ohhh, this show is still on???

  8. I hate that Bindia , I don’t know when she will leave this show ? But Mr and Mrs Tripathi sound good , good episode , can’t wait for tomorrow to see drunk rachna !

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