Udaan 11th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor learns Imli’s evil truth

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The Episode starts with Chakor and Suraj looking for Anjor. Imli says I did mistake to throw your dummy before, today I will throw you. Suraj and Chakor come to the lake and cry recalling Saanvi’s death. Imli pushes Anjor down. Anjor shouts. Suraj and Chakor look on shocked and shout Anjor…..Imli sees them and gets shocked. They jump down in to the lake. Imli says Chakor has failed today, the old story ended today. She smiles. Chakor shouts Anjor….. They look for Anjor in the lake. They together get Anjor out of the water. Imli gets shocked. Udaan hai…..plays…. Imli goes. Suraj and Chakor get Anjor to hospital. Chakor asks doctor to save the girl. Suraj says she sank in water, treat her fast. Anjor holds their hands. She is taken to OT. Suraj says I will pray that she gets fine,

else the stain on my family won’t get clean, when she gets fine, we will know who is the culprit. Chakor says I trust Lord, he will make Anjor fine and get truth out. He gets Gumaan’s call and says I m fine, I will come home and tell you. Chakor gets a call and goes.

Imli is about to jump down the cliff. Chakor comes and stops her. Imli does a drama. She says I think Gumaan has thrown Anjor in the lake, right. Chakor asks how did you know this. Imli says Gumaan called Suraj, he told me. Chakor asks really, Suraj was with me, he didn’t call anyone. Imli says sorry, police told me. Chakor says I informed police after admitting Anjor in hospital. Imli says I came here to die, I thought you came to save me, you are doubting on me. Chakor asks how did you know this. Imli says its not a big deal. Chakor shows her ring. She asks how did Anjor get your ring. Gumaan comes to Suraj and speaks against Chakor. Bhuvan and Kasturi defend Chakor.

Gumaan says she is taking revenge. Suraj asks him to calm down. Doctor says Anjor got conscious. Inspector says we have to take her statement. Chakor asks Imli to answer. Imli says maybe Anjor got the ring somewhere, what does this prove, the ring looks beautiful in my hand. Chakor slaps her. She says you have shown your true face, you acted all these years, you have false sworn on mum, you aren’t ashamed. Imli says stop, I m Imli Devi, I don’t care for Kasturi and Bhuvan. Chakor says I thought Vivaan got you on right path, I was wrong. Imli says you are wrong and will always be wrong, I wanted to be happy with Vivaan, you killed him, you punished me, I have punished you. Chakor asks what are you saying. Imli says you snatched Vivaan from me, think what I have snatched from you, someone you love. Chakor recalls Saanvi and cries. Imli says yes, I have snatched Saanvi from you. Chakor gets shocked.

Suraj says inspector is here to punish your culprits, how did you know about weapons, who pushed you down the cliff, trust me, tell me the truth. Gumaan comes there and says ask later, let her have juice first. Anjor drinks juice. She gets shocked seeing video, where Sugna is seen caught. She worries and blames Chakor. Suraj, Kasturi and Bhuvan get shocked. Kasturi says she is lying, why. Suraj says Chakor’s truth won’t change this way. Chakor catches Imli’s neck and says I will kill you, Vivaan’s death was an accident, you snatched my Saanvi to take revenge, you are my sister, a sister never ruins other sister’s house, you snatched my Saanvi and Suraj too. She slaps Imli. She pushes Imli. Imli holds her hand. Chakor tries to free her hand. Imli laughs and says I will tell you a truth about your truth, Saanvi was never dead, I didn’t kill her, she is alive. Chakor gets shocked.

Chakor asks where is Saanvi. Imli asks what will you do knowing this. She pushes Chakor down. Suraj gets shocked seeing Chakor injured.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I enjoyed chakor choking and confronting imli scene 🙂 🙌👍👍👍👍

  2. Why does the preview looks like chakor is dead? Why was she lying with her face covered?!

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