Movement Arts Lover V/S Silent Arts Lover!!? (Prologue)

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This is just a prologue….If you people want, I will continue!!!!!!

Shivaay Singh Oberoi, a business man by profession has gone to see his brother’s art exhibition. He loves art works, writings, crafts, etc. and hates dance, music, dramas, etc. ?

Whereas, Anika Vardhan Trivedi, a dancer by profession has gone to the same place upon her friend Gauri’s insistence. Gauri has been engaged to Om as soon as their parents came to know that were in love with each other.?

Anika loves music, dramas, dance, etc., and hates writings, paintings, etc., as she feels that they are boring. She was walking around without any interest, when she heard a man giving a talk to the media positively about arts, writings, etc. and negatively about dance, music, etc.?

She gets angry. She goes to the man and started fighting in front of media.The man is Shivaay.?

A: What is bad about Dance, music, dramas? Paintings, writings are for those literate and philosophical people. Normal people need dance and music to convey ideas.?

S: Dance, music and dramas are in support of only one view. ?

A: Even, writings are indirectly like that. What about the prayers you chant when you worship God? You don’t read them, you chant them with your heart such that they turn into music.?

S: They are first written, then sang. So, writing is important!?

A: So, what they should be expressed first! Then only people will understand it.☠

S: People just need a dictionary for it.?

A: So, what only when you have a dictionary, you will know everything?
Even ABCs’ are taught in school by singing.?

Shivaay knew there was no use of fighting here in public except for increasing the TRP rates of the news channel. He immediately starts walking away.

A: What happened??? You lost with me!?

S: I didn’t lose and I never will. I have no time to waste like you. ?

Saying that he goes. Anika was stunned and angry by hearing his words. Of course, it was for the first time, someone came against her opinion. This was the same for him!?

But the one was when they reached home. Every one in their house has watched the programme on the TV and started making fun of them. They curse each other under their breath.?

The other problem was that their parents knew each other before itself. This is irritating. ?

The news channels are making hot news because of their fight. ?

Both of them goes to their room and closes the door hardly.(Don’t break the door, guys!)?

They were feeling a certain kind of embarrassment when they were thinking about that incident!( Very Good!!? Who told you both to fight like kids in front of the public????)

Did you like this chappy? ?

What about Shivika fight?? ?

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  1. ItsmePrabha

    Amazing chappy…And Shivika are so cute while arguing…Will be waiting for the next..

    1. Agga4102

      I will update it today!!! It is ready!!!!

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one

    1. Agga4102

      Thank You So Much!!!!

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