Are we destined for each other????(I felt something is Wrong!!!!l)

Sorry for the late update!!!! I have found Rikara part is not that interesting so I have changed this ff to just for Shivika…..


He came inside the room to see her noting down something. He sat near her. She looks at him and again started writing.

S: What are you writing??

A: I told you before you before for Sid-Mallika engagement.

S: Ok!

A: I am thinking what will we wear.

S: We??? I am not coming. I have a meeting.

A: Meeting??? It’s my friend’s wedding! You are not going to come!

S: No! It’s an important meeting. I can’t leave it like that.

A: Ok!

S: I will just go take some water.

He goes. She stops writing and messages someone.

” He is not coming!!!! Let’s go friends again!”


“You will be the first wife who will be happy if your husband doesn’t come for your friend’s engagement even if you love him”

Anika’s comment:


It’s not that I am happy that he is not coming. It’s just that he won’t feel bored when he is with us. Some sort of loneliness.”

Sid’s comment:


How’s the planning going on???”

Anika’s comment:


But I won’t tell my plans to you😛”

Sid’s Comment:

” 😝😝😝😤

I am going”

The conversation ends here. That’s when Shivaay comes. Then thwy both packed her bag. She is going to Rajasthan for her friend’s engagement.

All the dresses packed in the bag for the function was selected by him. He had a good dress sense. He can understand what colour and type of dress suits whom unlike her.


Even Om and his wife Gauri is accompanying her. Rudra has gone for his new model show. Basically he is only the youngster in the house.

He didn’t know why, but he felt some bad signals when she was going. Something which reminded him to stop her. Then he thought it might be because she is going for two weeks.

He left all his feeling aside and bid her good bye.

Even she felt something bad, something in her telling not to go. Something in her telling you may not come back. She left it as her thoughts of past.

She left the house with her brother in-law cum bestie to her other besties’ wedding!!!!!

What a coincidence! Her friends Sid and Mallika are getting engaged to each other and her other friends Om and Gauri are married. This was epic!

She at last reached the destination. She was happy. As she got out, she saw both of her friends’ waiting for her.

They were all hugging each other. It’s been long time since they met.


Anika had a constant feeling of being followed. She felt as if she has been stalked.But she ignored the feeling. She kept quiet.

Suddenly, someone taps her shoulder. She turns and sees a guy standing near her.

G: Do you remember me?

A: No!

G: I was in your school.

A: Oh…ya…? But I don’t remember seeing you!

Suddenly Om joins in the conversation.

O: Who is that, Ani??

A: He was in our school, but I don’t remember him.

G: I left the school when I was in 9th.

O: Oh…maybe that’s why we couldn’t recognise you.

A: Anyway what’s your name?

G: D..Vikram

A: Ok…! Nice to meet you!

They shake hands. She felt some uncomfortability. Some sort of negative vibes. But she choose to remain quiet.

During the whole day, she felt like someone is constantly watching her.

At 4.00 p.m., while they were in their room, she felt it. She expressed it to Gauri. But when they checked, they saw no one.

So, Anika brushed off hee thoughts.

Suddenly, she gets a call. It was Shivaay calling hee through Skype.

S: Hello!

A: Why are you so formal??? Talk to me normally.

S: Ok…Tell me, you missed me right.

A: Ya, but I am sure you missed me more.

S: Swear…I am missing your hug, your sweet kiss…..I miss everything of yours.

A: Even Me, Billuji! I don’t know why I feel I am going to miss you so much…

S: Even I feel something going far from me.

A: Leave it! Let’s talk something else.

S: Ya..

They talk a lot till 7.00 p.m. Then they bid each other good bye and went to do their respective work.

Gauri has gone to Om’s room. Mallika was staying with them, but they all went to Om’s room such that Sidika could talk.

Suddenly she heard a knock. She opens the door to see….

Guys, do you like the update????

Who was that???

Who do you think was stalking Anika??

Do you feel anything about what Shivika felt?

Do comment to the respective questions!!!!!

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      Yes!!!!! I got it!!!! Doing this part!!!

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    It is nice one little worried about anika

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