Udaan 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj and Chakor spread awareness

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The Episode starts with Suraj seeing Bacha Pandey outside. He asks Chakor to take care of Anjor. He runs after Bacha Pandey’s car. He chases. Bacha pandey flees. Suraj gets tired and stops. He gets shocked seeing a speedy truck and jumps aside. Chakor cleans the room. Tejaswini scolds Chakor for risking Anjor’s room. Leela tries to calm down Tejaswini. Tejaswini says elders’ decision don’t matter these days. Rajeshwari gets photo session done at her home. She calls Chakor. She taunts about the fire and laughs. She asks Chakor to take back the FIR and then come home. She asks Chakor to do her aarti, have bhog and chadava for her and then apologize for her sins. She says beg me for your life. Chakor insults her. Tejaswini asks what are you saying, give me the phone. Chakor asks her to wait. Rajeshwari

says I have kept my proposal, you refused, now see what happens with you tomorrow, a girl will get kidnapped, you will be responsible. Chakor gets shocked and drops the phone. Tejaswini asks what happened, what did she say.

Chakor sends Anjor with Girja. Tejaswini asks what did Rajeshwari say. Suraj comes home and hears Chakor. Chakor tells what Rajeshwari told her. They get shocked. Tejaswini asks her to do anything she wants. She goes. Chakor asks Suraj after whom did he go, why are you hurt, did they try to kill you. Suraj says yes, don’t get scared, they will try to scare us. She says they will ruin our family. He asks what are you saying, you have to be strong, we have to defeat Rajeshwari, we have to end this bad business, we have to give a good future to Anjor and all the girls, our motive is bigger than this small wound, right. She hugs him. Mahiya….plays….

Its morning, Suraj, Chakor and Leela make a skit and explain the people to secure their children. They inspire the people to not let unknown dangers reach their children. Udaan hai….plays…. Media covers the event and praises Chakor. Rajeshwari and Bacha Pandey see the news. He asks did this girl and her husband get mad, what does she wants. Rajeshwari says drama, she should have taken FIR back. He asks shall I start kidnapping work. She says yes. He leaves. Chakor tells media that Aazaadgunj girls isn’t safe. Chakor says Rajeshwari called me and threatened me, that one girl from Aazaadgunj will get kidnapped. She plays the call recording. Rajeshwari sees the news and gets shocked.

Chakor says you didn’t believe me that day, you doubted on me, don’t you believe me now, come to my house, I have evidence, Anjor is scared, Bacha Pandey and Rajeshwari are behind this, I called you here to give the message that we want help against Rajeshwari, we will raise a voice, if Rajeshwari gets ruling power, then we have the public. Rajeshwari gets minister’s call and lies. He says if people come in their words, we will lose the Aazaadgunj seat, we have to make you out of the party, that girl is blaming you for big thing, you have 24 hours time, think something else I have to think something. She gets worried. Suraj and Chakor try to secure the school kids. He says we will use private bus for kids, two women will be there for safety too. Anjor asks Chakor to come with her. Chakor says I will drop Anjor to school. Chakor asks Leela to come along. Suraj asks the parents to go if they want. The lady says we trust the people you chose for kids’ safety. Suraj says yes, Chakor is also going in the bus, she shoots people with her eyes itself. Chakor smiles.

Chakor asks why did you stop the bus. Driver makes excuse and drops Chakor down the bus. He takes the bus away. Rajeshwari threatens about killing Anjor. Chakor cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Engrossing episode! Loved it!
    The skit was an excellent idea
    Awesome stunt showing Suraj avoiding the truck
    Suraj in black and red scarf 💖😍 and that wink 😍😍😍
    Sukor hug 💓💞💖

  2. Safiya Hosein

    Another awesome episode…the momentum just continues. Love it.
    Though, one has to understand Tejaswani’s concern. She knows the evils Kamal Narayan did and how dangerous people like him are.
    Also, I am sure Suraj and Chakor knows alot of influential people as well, they should highlight that as well and show there are still good people in high places as well.

    Wasn’t Ishwar’s son a reporter as well? Maybe he has worked his way up and invest in good works like his dad. That might be a good character to reintroduce….just a thought.
    Also, those raw agents from last season, i am sure they could be of some use later on.

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