Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 19

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date……


Shivaay reached Oberoi Mansion being super happy to find his stupid…he directly went to Dadi’s room to give her the news as promised…

‘’Dadiiiiiiiiiii’’ he screamed in happiness

‘’Billu kya baat hain? You are looking so happy ‘’

‘’guess what Dadi…I found her…I found my stupid’’

‘’Whaat?’’ Dadi stood up in shocked surprise

‘’Yes dadi…Anika , the one whom you met during Ganesh Pooja is my Stupid…she is indeed my Stupid…she is…’’

‘’Anika Harshavaradhan Trivedi’’ Dadi completed his sentence

‘’yes…she is..my search for her finally ended….you know what dadi, I promised her that she will be the only friend in my life and till today I kept my promise…when she left I became someone whom no one could imagine…now I feel like living my life…I will have her by my side in my every walk of life…yes…this time I will not let her go away from me…whatever might be the reason’’ he for the first time poured his feelings in excitement.

‘’Billu…I can see and understand ..but before that tell me…how did you confirm?’’

‘’Dadi..this Locket…’’ he pulled the locket from the box , showing it to Dadi he continued ‘’this Locket I gifted her during her birthday, and she kept it safe till date…see the pictures of our childhood are still intact…’’ he showed the pics…’’the locket was designed by me and I can recognise it instantly, even the mechanism of opening the locket is same…from this dadi, from this I could confirm she is my stupid’’

Dadi stood numb and a layer of fear occupied her face.

‘’Dadi…why aren’t you saying anything? Are you not happy for me?’’ He spoke

‘’Haan..i am happy Billu…very happy to see you so happy after many years…I just wish you stay this happy forever’’

‘’I will dadi ..she will be with me..she is my happiness …she is equal to me as Om , Ru and Prinku..I lov…’’ he couldn’t complete and rubbed his beard smiling……

Dadi looked

Dadi TAM ‘’Billu loves Anika…he was about to say that …he really loves Anika…now I get the reason why he didn’t accept any proposal that came for him. He was waiting for her. He loves her, but will his future be happy if he marries her. How one day changed everything forever. How his family became enemy of his happiness…what should I do now? Should I stop him by saying truth or let him suffer in future. I know if I stop him, he will never look back at her to keep up his family responsibilities…but at the same time, he will his whole life live like a stone…and if I don’t stop him, he will suffer more when the truth comes forth….what to do’’

‘’Dadi where are you lost? ‘’

‘’no..no where…tell me what’s your next step’’

‘’donno dadi..but I am gonna meet her now…I want to tell her that I am her childhood friend whom she fondly calls Khadoos…I want to relive my childhood days with her …’’

‘’Tu khush reh puttar, tujhe jo theek lage wahi kar…ham sab tere saath hain’’ Dadi blessed Shivaay

Shivaay hugged her and picked up the box…

‘’Billu…leave the box and locket here…you used to tease her a lot in the childhood, so do the same now…till then keep the box somewhere safe’’

‘’yes dadi…you are right…this box will be with me, where ever I am it will be along with me’’ he took the box and left from there before dadi could object…..

Dadi TAM ‘’Billu ..i don’t want to stop you and refrain you from your happiness..i don’t know what’s in store for you in your future…all that matters to me is your happiness, which I can see in your eyes today. Till date you lived for all of us, now live for yourself. Mistake of elders should not become a hurdle for the children. I will just wish that everything should go fine with you’’

Dadi smiled and sat back……

————Saumya’s Home

‘’Bye Rudra’’ Saumya got down the car and spoke


‘’don’t call me fatso….call me by my name’’

Rudra got down the car and said ‘’listen..i will call you fatso even if you become thin got it…’’

‘’no..i don’t get it’’

‘’then accept it’’


‘’that you are fatso’’

‘’forget it…why did you call me?’’

‘’ohh ya…to say I will miss you’’

‘’what? You will miss me? But why? Are you flying somewhere?’’

‘’you say I am duffer, but you fiorget everything’’

‘’Duffer come to the point’’

‘’Fatso Sumo…you said that tomorrow you will be leaving to your hometown to check your mother’’

‘’ohh yaa…I really forgot…’’

Rudra smiled seeing her antics…

‘’don’t laugh…I have to pack my stuff too..i am getting late..i have to eat also..then sleep…ohh God how will I manage everything?’’ she looked at him

‘’what..don’t even expect I will help you..i am going to home…my brothers, dadi and Sister will be waiting for me…’’

‘’okk…fine..bye’’ she pouted and walked towards home.

————-Anika’s house

Gauri got freshened up and went straight to Anika’s room being nervous.

‘’Arey Gauri . why are you standing there…come ..come here’’ Anika called

‘’Dii..your saree…I ..i came to return it’’

‘’and where is the locket and chain?’’ Anika asked looking straight into her eyes

Tears formed in Gauri’s eyes and she hugged Anika at once

‘’I am sorry Didi..i said …’’

‘’you said lie to me as you wanted to help Mr.Oberoi . Am I right?’’ Anika spoke completing Gauri’s sentence

Gauri broke the hug and nodded with her head down

‘’it’s okay Gauri…anyways I myself wanted to give him the chain and locket. It went through you. Why are you feeling sad? ‘’

‘’no dii..i am guilty..i should have said truth but I donno why couldn’t i..i broke your trust’’

‘’uff Gauri…why use such big words such as trust and all….you called me dii..i treat you as sister and see with this we became real sisters. I am sure in real sisters hide and do few things …you too did so…what’s the big deal’’

‘’Dii…you didn’t feel bad ?’’


‘’not even this much’’ Gauri spoke showing her fingers

‘’no baba….for me you and Sahil are same, and I mean my words …so relax and don’t feel guilty’’

‘’dii’’ Gauri hugged her once again and continued ‘’you know what if my real sister had been with me, I am sure she would also have been like you…I am sure’’

Anika broke the hug and spoke ‘’real sister? I didn’t understand’’

‘’yes di..real sister…I have an elder sister..but I don’t know where she is. Whenever I am around you, see you, talk to you, I feel you are my real sister and you know what…’’

Anika looked on

‘’Her name is also Anika…Anika Harshavaradhan Trivedi ‘’

Anika repeated the name ‘’A..N..I..K..A..H..A..R..S..H..A..V..A..R..D..H..A..N…T..R..I..V..E..D..I’’ na slipped into thoughts

Anika TAM ‘’this name …this name is so familiar to me..as if I know this person , this name so well…yes, I know this person pretty well ..this name is known to me…I am sure I know this name’’

‘’Didi..what are you thinking?’’ Gauri brought Anika out of her thoughts

‘’No..nothing…I mean you are Gauri Sharma right then ’’

‘’dii..i am not Gauri Kumari Sharma…In real Iam Gauri Harshavardhan Trivedi…after my parents death, my maasi took me along with her and I grew up being her daughter as Gauri Kumari Sharma….’’

‘’ohh…i..i am sorry Gauri to know about your parents’’ Anika held Gauri’s hand and then wiped her tears

‘’it’s okay didi…none can do anything…but I always feel bad that we couldn’t find my sister…donno where she is and how she is..is she alive or’’

‘’Sshhhhh…I am sure , wherever she is , she will pretty soon meet you ‘’

Gauri smiled amidst tears and they both hugged….after a few minutes

‘’Gauri when you meet your sister, will you introduce me to her? ‘’

‘’off course dii…I will and then we will have Icecream also…I remember she used to love ice creams…so we will have ice cream treat’’

‘’uhhuuu…uhuuuu…Icecream treat …wow…will I also get it’’ a voice was heard and both sisters looked at the person in shock

‘’you…what are you doing here? Who allowed you to come in?’’ Anika spoke a bit shocked and upset

He turned back and there stood Sahil with chips and chocolates in his hand

‘’Sahil….’’ Anika screamed this time

‘’Dii…dii…relax…please for my sake talk to him once….okk fine ..if you don’t want to talk listen to him once…please’’ Gauri requested

Anika turned her face sideways bringing her hands to her bust..seeing her like that he smiled and said

‘’You haven’t changed a bit STUPID’’

While Sahil spilled the chips, Gauri closed her mouth and both their eyes widened …they looked at each other …..

‘’Stupid…you called me Stupid…how dare you Mr.Oberoi?’’

‘’I will call Stupid as Stupid, not as Idiot …got it..Stupid’’ he smiled

‘’Hey Shankar jii…what are you trying to do…?’’Gauri folded hands and spoke as slow as possible seeing upwards

‘’Gauri didi…today world war 4 will happen’’ sahil whispered to Gauri

‘’Sahil when did world war 3 happen?’’ Gauri asked confused

‘’uffo ..Gauri didi understand the feelings not the words’’ sahil replied

‘’yeah..yeah..got it…’’

‘’If I stay here for a couple of minutes, I am sure Anika didi will eat me raw and I don’t want to get into that state…so I am leaving….’’ Sahil whispered and took small leaps towards the room door

‘’Sahil…wait…even I cannot stay here and witness the war…anything can happen…hey Shankar jii..please take care of both’’ Gauri spoke to herself and left from there

‘’Stupid..do I look stupid to you? Listen you may be my employer but you cannot call me so. Got it?’’

‘’I have every right to call you Stupid. And only i have the right to call you stupid..you too get it’’

‘’if I am stupid , you are super stupid’’

‘’no ..i am not super stupid..i am ..you know what I am?’’

‘’yeah…I know you are KHADOOS….KHADOOS SINGH OBEROI’’ Anika spoke bringing a smile on Shivaay’s face

Shivaay immediately hugged her and spoke

’I knew..i knew and always felt you were my Stupid…how much I missed you calling me with that name…where did you disappear? where have you been for so long years? why didn’t you try to contact me? ohh wait !! How would you, even I was in London..but you could have met Dadi and said you wanted to meet me. I would have come running to see you…you don’t know how I lived without you…without my stupid …I could never make friends , I never mingled with anyone…I was just waiting for you…for you My stupid, just for you’’ he cupped her face while tears of happiness ran down his eyes…..

and again hugged her back and continued ‘’ I am proud , I kept my promise…the promise I gave you in our childhood…I missed you stupid, I really missed you..i wanted to say many things when I meet you, but today I am not getting any words…promise me, you wouldn’t leave me ever from now on..that day you couldn’t promise, but today you have to promise me’’

He broke the hug and extended his hands while Anika stood there being confused………



‘’Dadi…where is Shivaay?’’ Om asked

‘’He is where his happiness is’’ Dadi replied

‘’I didn’t understand Dadi, I searched him in the whole house and didn’t find’’

‘’Oyee khotiye…didn’t you understand …he found his friend, the one whom he was finding since you all went to London. Finally he found her and he went there now to meet her’’

‘’whaat?’’ Om jumped in happiness an ran to Dadi

‘’yes Puttar…he found his friend and she has been with us for past few months , we didn’t recognise..today finally he found out’’

‘’that means, Anika…’’

Dadi nodded happily

‘’Are you saying truth..i mean…how’’

Dadi explained Om about Locket and Shivaay’s words  and Om was elated….

‘’I am so happy for Shivaay,  Dadi…I am so so elated….this calls for a party and we will have a party soon for Anika and Shivaay.’’

‘’Om…do you remember….Anika’s Sister and you were also best of friends…while Anika and Shivaay used to fight a lot, You and Gauri used to be so calm and understand each other…exactly opposite of Anika and Shivaay. Do you remember anything?’’

‘’I have only fee traces of her Dadi..i don’t remember anything much’’

‘’I know…I hope you too meet your childhood friend through Anika. ‘’

‘’Dadi…what was her name?’’

‘’Gauri Harshavaradhan Trivedi…and you used to call her Gauri and she used to call you Om…you both were such a sweet children unlike Billu and Anika’’ Dadi patted Om’s Cheeks

‘’Gauri’’ Om took name of Gauri slowly yet happily

‘’What are you thinking Om?’’

‘’nothing Dadi…isn’t it a strange coincidence….Gauri and Anika are sisters and now Shivaay’s friend Anika is staying with a girl named Gauri, and both are working for us’’

‘’True…I too felt the same…sometimes we don’t know how strange coincidences can be..but this is life puttar…On the day of Ganesh Pooja when you all introduced me to Anika and Gauri, for a second I thought both to be Harsh’s daughters…later got to know that they both work for you and are not real sisters’’

Om smiled while Dadi left from there…but Om couldn’t forget what dadi said and he moved in thoughts to his room

——————-Anika’s House

‘’Mr.Oberoi….’’ Anika looked at Shivaay

‘’Don’t call me so Stupid…call me with the name you kept for me ..i know I used to get irritated then, but later I realised that it was the best name that i would listen from you’’ Shivaay replied

‘’Mr.Oberoi’’ Anika again called Shivaay

Shivaay looked at her……….


To know more stay tuned ………….


This is the Nineteenth episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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      Hey Medha…thank you so much dear….thanks a lot….awweee ,how sweet of you , just keep smiling like that every time…next episode is posted….lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

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