Paramavatar Shri Krishna 10th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Hidimba kicks mushtika into lava.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 10th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with balram trying to beat mushtika, as he hits her with his mudgal on the face and hands, mushtika laughs and says nothing hurts me you stupid kid and now anyway I have reached lavatal, look in front of you. balram sees the scorching lavatal flowing with constant lava and magma everywhere. All people above in vrindavan are scared and kunti and yashoda say we can feel the heat, what to do now? nand then says balram, come up, we have to think of something else. Balram says no kaka, I will punish this demoness for her sin and then come up. Bheem says brother balram, she is very powerful, you come up we will think of something else, yashoda says yes balram come up Narayana will help us! Balram says okay kaki. Balram pulls himself up using the rope. Nand says we should to

lord Vishnu, he will save his disciples for sure, he wont let them die like this. Everyone start praying to lord Vishnu.
There hidimba is coming with kanha and Arjun. Kanha says hidimba we have almost reached lavatal, Arjun says yes I can hear mushtik’s footsteps, we have to go and quickly stop them. Hidimba says dotn worry friends, I will do something.
As mushtika reaches lavatal, she says now vrindavan people, do your last prayers as no one is coming to save you, you will be sacrificed in this hot lava to bhagwan kansa. Suddenly hidimba comes and says stop mushtika, you will do nothing like this. Mushtika says hidimba you? you are a demoness, why are you stopping me and going against our race? Hidimba says demons like you serve kansa and mushtika you are serving him only out of fear otherwise he will kill you. mushtika says hidimba, kansa gave me my powers and I serve him because he is bhagwan, I will not stop, I will kill you as well. Hidimba says then I shall get rid of you! hidimba kicks mushtika who falls away and vrindavan flies from her hands. Kanha is shocked and says hidimba save vrindavan. Hidimba runs and she holds vrindavan above her safely. Mushtika gets up angrily and runs towards hidimba, hidimba dodges and she kicks mushtika into the hot lava lake! Mushtika starts sinking inside the lava lake as she screams and goes inside the lava. Kanha says finally everyone is safe. The people of vrindavan see kanha and Arjun and say see kanha has come but who saved us? Arjun says hidimba saved all of you. everyone is amazed and balram says I want to thank hidimba. Hidimba says wait brother balram, first I will take vrindavan back to where it was! All people say we misunderstood hidimba, she saved our lives. Hidimba goes taking vrindavan.
There kansa puts a rope around bhadraksh and says I will kill you bhadraksh. Bhadraksh says okay bhagwan, I am ready to die for you but I am a ghost! kansa says you fooled me bhadraksh. Bhadraksh says what? Wait, don’t kill me on a false blame, I did not fool you bhagwan kansa. Kansa says then how did mushtika die? Bhadraksh cries and says bhagwan, you only said that lava cannot kill mushtika and water cannot drown her, she is not dead. Kansa leaves bhadraksh and says oh yes, I forgot, lava cannot kill mushtika and water cannot drown her, she will rise again and kill kanha and everyone.
There mushtika comes out of lava and says I am even more powerful now. kanha and Arjun see her and Arjun says she did not die kanha. Kanha smiles and says Arjun, use your arrows. Arjun says but kanha, my arrows can do nothing to her! She is so huge and even lava did not kill hr. mushtika says I will kill you both. Kanha says Arjun, just do your karma don’t think of the result. Arjun says okay kanha, I will use my arrows against mushtika. Arjun aims at mushtika and fires his arrow, it turns into a 100 arrows. Arjun smiles.

Precap: Arjun says I will kill mushtika using my arrows. Arjun aims and shoots the arrow and cuts mushtika’s head but she becomes alive again.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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