Mariam Khan Reporting Live 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Majaaz gets threatened

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 11th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Majaaz stopping Aayat from taking Mariam. He scolds her. Aayat takes them along when the police comes. Biji asks Majaaz to come, she is also with them. Aayat saves them. He asks why are you helping us, what’s the secret. Aayat says I won’t do anything, I understood the result of cheat, I will also regret for my bad deeds. Mariam asks isn’t Jibraan fine. Aayat signs no. Mariam cries. Mariam says we should save Jibraan’s life first. Aayat says no, I m already ashamed, I don’t want to hurt you, I felt I m saving his life, I couldn’t save him as I was taking your life, I wanted to meet you and hug you. Mariam says my mum is in India, what shall I call you. Mariam hugs Aayat. Aayat cries.

Mariam gets glad and prays for Jibraan. Aayat gets a call.

Doctor says I have a good news, Jibraan got a donor. They get happy. Doctor says we are preparing for operation, come to hospital soon. Mariam asks will he get fine now. Majaz says sure. Aayat folds hands. Police siren sounds again. Aayat and Majaaz ask each other to take care. Mariam says I will call you after reaching India. Biji drives the car and takes them. Rifat talks to lawyer. She gets the good news.

He gives the positive news that they have sorted the case. Rifat gets glad and tells everyone that case is withdrawn. They all get happy. Choti says when will you tell them that its not time to celebrate. Mariam gets family’s call and tells them that they will soon come home, they are going to embassy. Majaaz says I will surrender there, since the situation isn’t fine here. Madiha says come Bhopal first, we will consult a lawyer and then decide. He says I can’t compromise with Mariam’s safety. Aijaz asks Mariam to come back soon. Majaaz says I will surrender here, a good hearted lady will make Mariam reach home. He tries to show the lady. The phone’s battery gets off. Mariam asks Biji why is she crying, you were talking to family. Mariam sees the flag and laughs, saying we won the game. Farhaan and goons catch them. They tie up Majaaz. They take away Biji and Mariam. Majaaz says I can’t cheat my country. The men compel him. Majaaz refuses.

Biji asks Mariam not to worry. Mariam cries and hugs Biji. Majaaz scolds Farhaan for killing his grandpa. The man threatens to kill Mariam. He asks his men to burn the room. Majaaz shouts no, if anything happens to them, I will not leave you. Biji asks them to spare the girl. Mariam asks Biji to save her dad. The man takes the firetorch. Sarfaraz meets inspector and defends himself from Aijaz’s blames. Inspector leaves him with a warning. Sarfaraz gets Rifat’s call. He asks what do you want now. Rifat says I want revenge from Mahira, she has ruined our sons. He says keep me away from this. She says fine, we need to break the Nawaab family. He says you know I want a clear talk, what do you want. Majaaz shouts no, please. Mariam and Biji worry. Majaaz agrees to the men. The man shows the map and tells him to do the bomb blast. They explain the plan to Majaaz. Majaaz worries.

Rifat talks to Zain about Mahira. Madiha talks to Mahira. She says forgetting isn’t easy, but sometimes we have to think for family’s happiness, give a chance to Zain. Rifat says you have done a lot for Mahira, she has no place for you in her heart, you don’t matter to her. Madiha says you can share your sorrow and find small happiness. Rifat says Mahira wants to live with her happiness, you are standing in between as a wall. Majaaz comes to Mariam and hugs her. He says we won’t lose the game, we will be in India tomorrow. Mariam asks really, why was that uncle beating you. He says everything will get fine.

Biji takes Mariam. Farhaan threatens Majaaz. Majaaz sees Mariam going. He gets arrested. Mariam worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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