Udaan 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Ranjana complaining to her dad. He asks her to come home. Girja talks to the maid. They are stunned seeing Chakor sweeping the house. Manohar asks Ranjana not to go. Tejaswini says let her go, she will come back as she came back before. Ranjana gets angry. Manohar asks Ranjana to leave Vivaan. He says he has to talk to Vivaan. She says fine, talk fast, my dad has sent the car. Manohar gives something to Vivaan and kisses him. Vivaan cleans his check and this annoys Manohar. Ranjana takes him and leaves. Tejaswini smiles. Vivaan asks Ranjana to sit in the car and he will come. He comes to Chakor and is angry on her. Chakor asks where is he going.

Vivaan says mum is right, you are liar and cheater, my dad scolded me and my parents fought, you run away when I came to give you food, you cheated me. He says you asked me about the gate and run away again. He scolds her and says he will never talk to her. He leaves. Chakro says she did not cheat anyone. Chakor tries to stop him and runs after the car saying she did not cheat him. The gate closes and Chakor stops. Suraj says Vivaan is gone, now Ragini is with me to play, its good of my holidays end soon. He taunts Chakor. They blame Chakor for everything. Manohar gets angry as Lovely counts Chakor’s mistakes. He asks Lovely to take everyone inside.

Manohar walks to Chakor in anger. She gets tensed. He is about to slap Chakor but Girja takes Chakor for work. Girja asks Chakor to cut onion. She says she will teach her and is stunned seeing Chakor cut it on her own and that too so well. She asks how did you do this, where did you learn this. Chakor says my mum taught me this. She thinks of Kasturi cutting the onion and getting tears. Girja asks Chakor why did she not run when Manohar was slapping her, she would have fallen. Vivaan is on the way and thinks about Chakor’s words. Ranjana asks him why is he smiling. He says nothing.

The man asks who stopped NOC of Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji asks him to find it. Tejaswini comes and asks what happened. Bhaiya ji says a govt officer is not giving us NOC for our silk factory. She says send some money or transfer him. They find it and says he is Prabhakar’s Rawat son Ishwar. Tejaswini and Bhaiya ji laugh. He says he has supported Rawat for years, now he will get NOC for us. She says its judge’s letter. He says yes I have seen it. He has a grandson and he wants us to come and inaugurate the book. He says he does not have time for this stupid work. She says he is Ishwar’s son and we should make things easier, you inaugurate his book and he will give us NOC. They smile.

Chakor sweeps and sees a room. She goes in Baa’s room. Baa comes and sees her cleaning. She says she does this work on her own. Chakor says your room is also a part of this haveli. Baa says come with me and talks to her. She says I forgot this. Chakor says as you are old. Baa says I hope your wish come true. Chakor asks what wish. Baa says you will know when you study. Chakor says who will teach me. Baa says I will teach you. Chakor smiles and hugs her.

Baa gives Prasad to Chakor. Chakor says she does not like this sign and says she will erase it one day. Baa blesses her. Ishwar’s entry is shown. He meets Bhaiya ji.

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