Ek Boond Ishq 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 10th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
tara is crying in her room, mj is listening to her of out of room, mj recalls their close moments, tara is weeping, mj cant bear it, he cries too, pari comes to mj and ask did you get any wound, tell me where it is, mj says not all wounds are visible, they are inside and cant be seen, pari says what has happened to you, mj says leave it, he ask where are your bangles? pari says I forgot to wear it, she leaves from there, mj wipes his tears.
marriage preparation are in full swing, kala ask amrapali to change sia’s bridal dupatta with her bomb planted dupatta, amrapali is about to change it but mnnat comes and ask what are you doing here? she says I am finding babaji, mannat says go from here and see him in his room, amrapali goes while kala is frustrated, mother is feeling low, mannat ask her to take rest, mother says no I am going to bring my DL again in house, I am happy.
nandu prays to lord, she says I am sorry, I cant help my sister, I am in tight corner, I am doing all this to save my love, I cant do anything for tara but you know everything and yu know whats best for all, do that only.
om comes to mj and says sia went out and you brought her back, you are a good guard, always remain with her, om goes to sia’s room, mj thinks no, I will leave from here after marriage, I ave done mistake by loving a fake girl, by loving a lie. om comes to tara and ask her to get ready, tara says I will die but will not marry you, my husband is mj and will remain, tara rudely talks to him, om says my sia cant talk like this, tara says yes because I am not sia, tara says I wont marry you in any case, om says tell me where is mj? tara is silent, mj is listening all this, om says if you think that any mj will come and will stop our marriage then its wrong, its good if you accept me as your husband ASAP, you have only one option and that is me, he leaves, tara cries, mj is tensed, om says to mj that keep an eye on sia.

Scene 2
vidant brings his mother’s bangles and gives it to nandu, nandu says I don’t need it, give them to sia, its her marriage today, she needs it more, I will wear what om’s mother has given me, vidant smiles.
kala threatens amrapali and says I will kill you for not doing my work, amrapali says its house of marriage, how can I replace dupatta, kal tells her one plan which is muted.
om ask rani to go and give bridal dress to sia, mother says that mannat is busy on phone so who will make her ready, nandu and vidant comes there, nandu says I will make sia ready, all smiles, nanadu finds kalal coming down from stairs, she is shocked and shivers in fear, she hides in corner from kala, kala finds vidant there and thinks that I should leave from his sight, she goes from there, nandu says to rani that I lets go to sia now. nandu and rani comes to sia’s room, nandu ask mj to go down, nandu ask rani to go, she leaves, tara ask why did you come here? nandu says to make you ready for marriage, tara says kill me before making me ready, nandu says shut up, you are save here, you should accept this life, you see kala is in house but cant to anything wrong with you, its same if mj is with you or not so accept this life, tara says I will die but will not accept this life, I will be of mj always.
amrapali comes to rani and says you left dupatta here only, go and give this dupatta to sia, rani says ok and takes the dupatta.
tara ask nandu to stop this all, you know me, nandu says why are you running from this, this is your shadow, you have come from death, once marriage is done, tara says cant you see in how much pain I am, how can I marry someone else when I married mj, you know why I have come from death? its for this one drop of love(ek boond ishq) and that is for mj only, rani comes and gives dupatta, she leaves, nandu says to tara that forget past, I have also moved on, I am with vidant now, I know its difficult for you but its not impossible if you try, nandu gives bridal dress to tara, tara throws it away, nandu finds letter in dress, tara says it must be sent by mj, he must have believed that I am tara, tara reads the letter and is shocked, nandu ask what happened? she reads it, it says that ready soon otherwise your pari will made ready like a deadbody, tara finds picture of pari tied to chair, tara is in tears thinking that pari is in danger, nandu ask who is this pari? tara says she is daughter of meethi and adi and her life will be saved only when I marry om, nandu says you got another reason for this marriage, I was saying same, tara says no, you were not saying same, you were asking me to forget my past life and accept this life, you know what, you are a selfish sister, you always thought of your happiness and your good, you are asking me to give away myself just so that you can save your newly found love, you lied to mj for your new love, you did not think to help me and save this innocent child but you are asking me to marry as this way your path will be clear, you didn’t not think of your family ever and you proved it again today, nandu is shocked to face the reality and hurt too, tara says to nandu that you wanted me to get ready for this marriage, now I am ready for it, not for myself, not for starting a new life but for the only memory of past(pari) that is under clutches of kala.

PRECAP- nandu tells mj that the girl sitting in mandap is not sia but tara, she is doing this marriage forcefully, she is doing this to save your younger brother’s only daughter who is in danger, she shows him kala’s threatening letter and also picture of pari kidnapped by her, mj fumes in anger.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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