Gustakh Dil 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 10th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shalini asking Lajjo what is your husband name. Lajjo says we don’t call husabdn by name. Shalini asks how many children you have. Lajjo says three, I told you before. Shalini asks where do you stay here. Lajjo says some place and describes. Nani asks Barkha what happened to Inder. Barkha is tensed. Nani says Inder kept a condition to Ayesha to manage in Rs 3000. She says Ayesha is determined and she is finding a job. She says you maybe lose Ayesha too. Barkha thinks about Inder. Nani sees Barkha tensed and asks what happened. Barkha says nothing. Nani says it means there is a problem, big one. Barkha says what do you want to hear, that Inder is having an affair with someone. Nani is shocked and says no way. Barkha says I m not mistaken, if you know what happened then……. She tells everything.

Nani says she will talk to Inder. Barkha says no, I will talk to him, maybe I m mistaken, and he has office tension and he does not share it with me, maybe he needs time. Nani says talk to him, as doubt is very bad. Shalini asks Lajjo why is she not going. Lajjo says she is doing Savita’s work. Shalini asks her to go home and not do any work, she will talk to Savita. Lajjo cleans the home and says fine, I will go. She leaves. Shalini goes after her to follow and see where is she going. Lajjo walks on the road and takes a taxi. She is shocked seeing Shalini in the mirror and looking at her.

Lajjo gets alert and does not take the taxi. She calls Nikhil and says Shalini is following me, don’t know why, don’t worry, I will take rickshaw and come. Shalii keeps an eye on Lajjo. Lajjo tries to fool her. Sagar comes and meets Barkha and Inder. Inder asks whats new. Sagar says nothing, events are going on. Sagar says he came to meet Lajjo. Inder says but she went to your place for rehearsals, she goes every morning. Sagar says no, she did not come, she did not even call me, we are not meeting much. They are stunned. Barkha says she goes every day. Inder says yes.

Sagar thinks of Lajjo’s problem. Sagar says maybe Anjali made some plans, I m sorry, I should have called before coming, anyways tell her I came to meet her. He leaves. Barkha says we need to talk to her, where does she go lying to us. He says I m sure there is some reason. Lajjo takes an auto and Shalini follows her. She says she is after me and stops at a park. Shalini stops the car and goes after her. Lajjo comes to Shreya’s house and says I can’t tell anything, someone is following me, did Nikhil send a bag. Shreya says yes. Lajjo says she will tell everything later. Shalini says I can’t see any temple or pool here. She says where did she go.

Ayesha tells Adhiraj that she can’t miss the bus and dinner. He says you can have dinner here. She says yes, but won’t have solve the problem. She says she has to show living in small budget and she can’t cheat. He holds her hand and says don’t trouble me. He says why all this. She says I want to show dad that his daughter will not fail in this challenge, and can’t I do this for you. He hugs her and smiles. Shalini waits outside and thinks what to do. Shreya and Lajjo come out. Shalini does not notice Lajjo going in new get up. Shalini thinks maybe she went here and sees them. She goes inside the house and knock. There is no one inside. The house owner aunty meets her and Shalini describes Lajjo. The lady says are you mad, there is no one here. She stops Shalini and scolds her. Shalini says listen to me. She says get out and makes her leave. Shalini thinks where did Lajjo go. She is saved now, but she will know her secret soon.

Jasmine tells Shalini that she wants Nikhil. She says he has to leave his wife, I don’t care. Shalini is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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