Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 10th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shayl asks Gunjan about Rachna when she comes back. Gunjan asks that she doesn’t know about it. Shayl asks wasn’t she with you, Gunjan gets confused. Dayal asks Shayl to call Chaya when Rachna comes home and tells them she went to hospital because Bittu had some tests and he is afraid of doctor. Shayl says that we forbid you; she agrees but says that KT is trying to keep his mother and brother away. She comes to Dayal and asks him to give one chance to KT. Dayal nods, while everyone cheers. Seema tells Gunjan that Mayank has returned. Gunjan says that I got more than one good news today.

Gunjan comes to room and asks for permission to come in. Mayank teases that he has an appointment with his ordinary looking wife right now. He says that till his wife comes here, why shouldn’t they both do some romance. She struggles and comes in. He closes the door, and hugs her from the back telling her that his conference was great. Her cell phone rings, he tells her to ignore the call. She insists upon attending the call, he allows saying that she must hurry. She gets worried when the other person says that he is cancelling her deal. She leaves the room, saying she will recheck.

Gunjan was working in the lounge, when Shayl comes and says that she is proud of her because she is managing all the work so well. Gunjan says that I am not able to manage all the work. Shayl says that a few things can be left out. Gunjan works till 3 in the morning. She thinks she must sleep till 6.

In the morning, during Pooja Mayank notices Gunjan’s absence. She was asleep putting pillows over her ears. Shastri ji asks Mayank to go from the house, Gunjan wakes up shocked to see its 9 in the morning. She runs out but someone stops her. It was Shayl, Gunjan regrets that she missed the Aarti. Shayl says that you didn’t do it intentionally. Seema also says that it is okay, as Shayl told them that you slept so late. She was annoyed.

Mayank stood out while Bittu enjoyed the event. Dayal says that we must leave, but Mayank thinks where Gunjan has been. He says that it seems Golu and papa have a mood to dance more. Mayank hands the Murti to Prabhu and goes inside. A girl comes to them and thinks where has her papa gone, everyone is waiting here. Dayal asks she has come to take the blessings of Gannu sahib. Dayal asks who is with her; her father comes and introduces herself as Mahesh. She tells them that she has come to take blessings for her brother who will come to the world on 16th September. Dayal assures her that they will ask her Gannu sahib to bless her brother who has yet to come. They leave.

Mayank comes inside and calls Gunjan. He thinks it seems she is still asleep. Golu comes to call him, Prabhu also calls his name. Mayank comes out and leaves while Gunjan gets ready quickly.

Dayal asks Mayank to get into the car, so that they may leave before the rush hours. He gets into the car, Dayal calls Gopal to come quick. Mayank looks at the door again and again. Gunjan arrives at the door as soon as the car leaves. She joins her hands praying. Seema comes to her and asks her to help her in the kitchen. Gunjan says that she has a presentation in two hours, but agrees to help Seema.

Rachna waves Bittu, he comes to her. She was crying, he wipes her tears and asks her why is she crying; as she seems good when happy. She says that Ganpati Papa is going so she cried, Bittu calls to stop him. Golu says that he will come back next year only if he leaves. Rachna laughs.

Gayatri and Mausi were together looking at them. Gayatri says that she will make Rachna suffer as her mother made her cry and will take KT out of her life. Mausi says that she must first remove the Luxman Rekha.

PRECAP: Rachna shouts that Bittu is taking some medicines. KT crosses the line to save him. Dayal comes there and says that he has seen how much her Luxman Rekha is being respected.

Update Credit to: Sona

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