Jamai Raja 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 10th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Mona seeing DD throwing her bags and asks what is she doing. DD says she brainwashed Roshni. Mona says she is happy that Roshni went back to her love. DD tries to slap her. Mona asks her to slap and says she is happy that she is not letting DD ruin Roshni’s life. DD warns Mona and asks her to stay within her limits, else she will reveal her secret.

Sid sees Roshni sitting on stairs sadly and asks what is she thinking. She says she is looking at stars and missing her dad for the first time, says these stars remind her of her parents. He asks her to close her eyes, takes out engagement ring and asks her to open it. She asks what is this. He says it is her ring and should wear it back. He says this ring says his everything is hers, including relationship, etc., says it signifies she is his better half now. She gets emotional and hugs him.

Sid’s mom sees no water in kitchen and informs it to her husband. They both then see Roshni waking up and trying to go to washroom and try to engage in silly talks. Sid comes back. Roshni asks where had he been. He says he had gone to park for jogging. She sees him wearing slippers and asks if he went without sports shoes. He went jogging for the first time. Roshni goes into kitchen to prepare tea. Dad and mom inform Sid about no water. Sid says he brought water tanker. Parent’s get happy.

Naani talks to Roshni over phone. Roshni says she is happy with Sid’s family, though they don’t have money. Naani apologizes her for listening to DD says hope DD changes her behaviour. Roshni comes home and sees sid’s parents talking to panditji. Mom asks Roshni to touch panditji’s feet. Panditji says sid’s parents are so rich, but are now poor. Dad intervenes and asks him to find a date for Sid/roshni’s marriage. Panditji asks Roshni get her birth time from her mom. Sid’s mom asks him to look at muhurat without that. Panditji says they should perform pooja first and to call girl’s mom. Sid’s mom says she is girl’s mom and to tell what he needs. Roshni gets emotional and gets into kitchen. Mom comes to kitchen and asks why is she crying. Roshni asks what is her mistake to be betrayed by her own mom.

Sid’s mom reaches DD’s office. DD gets irked seeing her and asks guards to kick her out. Sid’s mom asks why can’t they keep aside their egos and get Sid and Roshni married, says Panditji has selected today’s date for their roka. DD says their biggest difference is their money and says she kept Roshni in luxuries and does not want her to marry Sid, asks servants to kick her out. Sid’s mom says she came to unite daughter and mom, but came to know that she is ill fated, says Roshni is my daughter now and will give her love which she is craving since childhood.

Naani says she will attend Roshni’s marriage and nobody can stop her. DD asks her to get out of her house if she does so.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. awesome episode just love SidNi scenes

  2. I like this serial when it started but disgusted with the lies…same old thing as with other serials.

    A relationship built on lies cannot last. Sid is rich…so what? It is not who he is. He has money so live with it. The love they have should transcend the material things and not be the defining moment. Get back on track people to the matter at hand…making DD into a person and the machine that she is. The plan to give her a heart. Get Roshni and Sid out of this stupid lie. PLEASE!!!!!

  3. Yeah steph u r r8.

  4. All Indian sitcom has love,cheat,betrayl,marriage,a villian in house planning to hurt good people.
    There’s no innovation.
    Y can’t indian serial makers make serials like ALMOST HUMAN,THE BLACKLIST,HOMELAND etc.
    But still the romance part of indian serials are good.

    1. I totally agree with you Aiden. You pick any serial and all these elements are there. When you reach home after a day’s hard work, you want to relax by watching some light tv but then these shows give you headache. That is why I mostly watch Kaun Banega Maha…, or Jhalak Dikhla Ja.

  5. Hmmm…this show started on wrong footing. What will happen when Roshni comes to know that Sid is rich. How long will the writer and producer want to hide this and prolong the show unnecessarly. Prolonging the show means another bakwaas serial, like many, but especially, Pavitra Rishta, Sapne Suhane…, the recently concluded Main Na Bhoolungi… There are so many…

  6. Naani!!! I dnt care attitude

  7. Relationship with lies is lyk building castles in d air… pls u guys shld do something

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