Udaan 10th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghav confesses love to Chakor

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Udaan 10th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor saying I won’t talk to you about this Suraj. He disappears. Imli sees Raghav and smiles. He gets food for her. She gets flirting again. He asks her not to trouble him. She asks why are you worried. He tells what Chakor did with him, she has scolded him and said he isn’t Suraj. She says Chakor is such, forget it. He says its not Chakor’s mistake, Tejaswini… Imli asks what did she tell Chakor. He says Tejaswini thinks Chakor should marry me. Imli gets shocked. She asks what did you think about this, think and tell me. He recalls Chakor.

He says I don’t think anything, madam is good, I respect her. She says then don’t worry, go and tell Chakor that you aren’t interested in this. He says yes, I will do this, wow. She asks what happened. He says you always give right advice, you can never be wrong, so I like you so much. She says stop it now, if you praise me much, I will die, world will say you rejected Chakor’s relation and fell in love with me. He says I m foolish, I don’t know what’s love, I like when I meet you. She thanks him. She asks him to come again. Raghav leaves from there. Someone looks at him. Chakor is with Anjor. Anjor gets Raghav and plays game with them. Chakor scolds Anjor and asks her to go and study. Tejaswini comes and asks what happened. Raghav says nothing, I will go and talk. He asks chakor what did she do. She says you don’t know anything.

He says Tejaswini has told me everything. She asks what, Suraj is my love, he is within me, you can never be Suraj. He says Tejaswini said I should marry you, did I say anything that I love you a lot. He asks her not to get angry on Anjor. She shouts Anjor is not your daughter, she is Suraj and my daughter, you are not Suraj, you can’t become Suraj ever, you are stranger for me. He says what shall I do of my heart, I have made a relation with you and Anjor, I did a mistake to love you and dream to spend life with you. She slaps him and says its my mistake, its not your mistake, I got you here. Chakor says I will tell truth to Anjor. Raghav rushes and stops Chakor. Anjor asks them to sleep with her. She makes them sleep with her and asks them to turn towards her. Chakor and Raghav see each other.

Chakor and Raghav hold hands. Anjor says we wanted to end your fight, we made a plan to send you out in the car. Chakor agrees to go. Leela says Anjor has done this, she got all food packed for you, she has sent Chakor with Raghav.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Raghav’s confession was beautiful.
    I think we’ll surely get to see Raghav turning out to be Suraj after few weeks.i don’t understand what Suraj appearing in the smoke implies but im happy that they didn’t show like Suraj asking Chakor to move on in life with Raghav. I liked Chakor Anjor scenes. Someone looks at Raghav who can it be? New villain?.
    Who all got irritated on hearing imli’s thanq??

  2. Amazing episode, apart for Imli scene, it dragged could’ve been 2 minutes shorter. She acts like a teenager who’s in love for the first time and this doesn’t fit her.
    Poor Chakor, the idea of moving on is very painful, there is guilt involved in letting go of Suraj and she doesn’t want to. She regrets bringing Raghav into her life.
    Poor Raghav, my heart ached for him when he said he wanted to spend 7 lives with Chakor, he’s hopelessly in love with her and acutely aware that he doesn’t measure up to Suraj. He’s a gem, the way he acted cheerful infront of Anjor although his heart is shattered speaks to his purity of heart.
    I think the person watching Raghav is related to his past.
    VJ plays both Suraj and Raghav but I can clearly differentiate between them, it was clear that it was Suraj in the dream, credit to him for giving each a unique feel.

  3. Vj is vj no one can replace him what an actor he clearly shows the differences as in suraj and raghav ??????????And I love raghav character very much he how cutely he expressed his love to chakor woowww

  4. Safiya Hosein

    – Imli hasn’t actually changed at all! She is still a deceitful, deceptive criminal and her sudden goodness and need for change is just a game.
    Remember when she was paying Rohit for information on Chakor, he asked her if her with Chakor is over? She smiled and said no, she had changed the rules of the game and she will now hide & play.

    – Imli is the actual mastermind behind all of this and not Rajeshwari and her sons. They were just her stooges. Aakash was too quick and forthcoming to confess all his crimes.

    – And Suraj found out about all of this somehow. Hence, the reason he had to fake his death and take on another identity (Raghav). He has to protect his family.
    Her reduce sentence can also be a ploy by the inspector and Suraj to convince her she is victorious in her schemes, so that they can end her evil once and for all.
    In the mean time Suraj has to by all means convince everyone he is Raghav because Imli has spies everywhere, even though it pains him terribly. Hence, his sudden (pretence) fascination with her.
    Just some thoughts….Cheers. ?

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