Internet Wala Love 10th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Shubhankar comes to know about PK and Aadhya’s fake affair

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Internet Wala Love 10th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya thinking Jai was about to win then why did he lose? Rupa thinks Jai lost it intentionally. Sushma tells PK that he made her proud today and tells that some people is jealous. PK thanks her. He receives the prize money. Aadhya asks Jai why is he upset and says it was just one race. Jai says right, I shall be happy with my best friend’s happiness. He says this was not just a race, it was very important for PK to win. He indirectly blames her. Diya thinks she made Jai lose and compromised with his cycle gears. Jai thinks Aadhya has broken his trust today. Rajat and Vihaan come there and ask why did he lose? Jai says Aadhya did cheating and compromised with my gear box. He says she is my ideal and my best friend and did this because of PK. Vihaan asks are you sure? Jai says I have seen this with my eyes. Rajat says then also you cares for her. Sushma asks Rupa to have sweets. Rupa says she don’t want. Sushma tells that Aadhya and PK are getting married tomorrow in court and says PK made all the arrangements with the prize money. Jai overhears them. Rupa gets happy.

Jai thinks of Aadhya and recalls her words. He thinks if Aadhya is really marrying that small elephant and thinks to talk to Rupa and asks her to stop Aadhya in office. He comes to the cabin and thinks mom is not here. He sees Aadhya’s resignation letter and thinks she has resigned and didn’t inform him, not done. He thinks he will not let her go. He comes to Aadhya’s house and asks Shubhankar about her.

Shubhankar says she is giving job interview online for a Bangalore company. Jai is shocked and thinks Aadhya didn’t tell him. Shubhankar tells Jai that he is really happy that Aadhya has a genuine friend like you and I have never thanked you. He asks him to sit and says I will make tea for you. Jai goes to Aadhya’s room. Employer asks Aadhya to shift to Bangalore and that she will not get enough offs. Aadhya says she is okay with it. Jai introduces himself and asks if Aadhya told you that if she leaves the job then she has to give 2 years compensation. Aadhya says she is ready to pay. Employer says why you want to leave the job and pay the compensation. He says we will get back to you and ends the interview. Aadhya asks Jai why is he interfering in her work and says she had got the job. Jai says I don’t want you to go far from me. Aadhya says this is my life. Jai asks who am I? If I am not part of your life and cups her face. Aadhya asks him to go. Jai asks her to tell if he has done something wrong or upset him.

Aadhya says I don’t want to give you any answer and pushes him. Jai says ok fine and hits his hand on the wall. He goes. Aadhya cries. Jai thinks he will go far away from her as she wanted. Aadhya’s scarf on him. He thinks I shall help her and shall not go far from her. He thinks Aadhya is doing this in PK’s influence and I won’t let my friend go far from me. Aadhya thinks I have to go away from your life, I will never return in your life. Some courier guy comes to Shubhankar’s house and gives parcel. Shubhankar checks it and gets shocked. Aadhya comes and asks did you call me? shubhankar asks her to wait. PK and Jai come there. Aadhya asks what they are doing here? Shubhankar says I want to talk infront of them. Aadhya asks what happened? Shubhankar asks her to tell what is going on between PK and her. He says you had promised me that you will tell me if any guy comes in your life. You are ready to elope, but not telling me. He asks PK to tell. PK says I love your daughter and wants to marry her.

Shubhankar says this matter reached till here. He asks Aadhya to look at him and asks if PK is lying? Aadhya says PK is saying truth. Shubhankar gets angry and slaps Aadhya. Jai feels bad and thinks I thought uncle will stop her, but he got angry. Shubhankar says I thought my daughter understands me, and says you have broken my trust today and made me a loser. Aadhya is shocked and tries to clarify. Shubhankar says I am getting your news from outsiders. He says he is feeling ashamed today. PK tries to speak. Aadhya asks PK to go. Jai says Aadhya…Aadhya ignores him and goes inside. Jai leaves. He comes back home and thinks wrong thing happened. Vihaan asks him to tell clearly. Jai says uncle slapped Aadhya, and she was feeling hurt. He blames himself again and again and hits his hand on the wall. Vihaan says I don’t know what the scene is, and asks him to talk to her and clear the misunderstanding. Jai thinks he will make everything fine.

Aadhya tells Jai that she never thought that he will do such a thing. Jai says you made PK as your boyfriend, you would have told me if you wanted anything., I would have given. Aadhya asks him to mind his language. Jai says I don’t want to see your face and asks her to go to hell.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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