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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji stopping Chakor and asking Girja to take her. Tejaswini asks what are you doing. Bhaiya ji says we have to be careful and keep her body fit, she can’t get ill and wounded, else it will be problem for me, she is planning against us. He says once this ends, I will see what to do with this girl and what to not. He leaves. Tejaswini tells Girja that Chakor should not know about tv matter, else the bird will become tiger and media should not know this. Adita sees his interview. Prabhakar says I can’t believe Ishwar, I felt you will think befire taking any next step, why did you call press conference. Aditya says I told this to Papa, he did not knew what I will say, I spoke to Chakor on phone. Ishwar says it will make the reporters get after Bhaiya ji, and find about him, this will make Bhaiya ji worried, he will not hurt Chakor or any bandhua, we will get some time to prepare against him.

Bhaiya ji says I will reach Delhi and call. Tejaswini makes him have curd and sugar. He leaves in the car. Chakor looks on. Tejaswini asks what is she doing here. Chakor says I felt he can forget anything and you can need me. Tejaswini asks her to go and work. Chakor thinks how to practice running. Dadi makes rotis and Imli looks on. She asks why is she worried. Imli asks her to think, if I make rotis for everyone, we can save their time, and they can work more in field and earn, or else rest, it will benefit both, they will get time and we will get money. Dadi says they work day and night to return money to Bhaiya ji, how can they give us money. Imli says how should I earn money and free Chakor, and the money I earned by selling medicine, Maai has returned it. Dadi says the one who gives pain, also gives medicines, have this roti, never fail in life. Imli eats the roti.

Chakor talks to Sheru and says how can I run, I can’t go outside the haveli. Sheru barks. She asks what happened, do you want to practice, I can’t open chain, what if you run. She smiles and says now I understand what you are upto, you are very smart. She opens the chain and says let me go first. Chakor tells Girja that Sheru is very angry today. Sheru runs. Girja says Sheru has run away. Chakor says I will catch him. Girja asks the servants to catch Sheru. Chakor smiles and goes outside the haveli. She runs and practices working on her speed. Sheru and Chakor hide from the men. Chakor says I will call you Sheru Sir, as you are more strict than Arjun Sir, you made me tired.

Tejaswini scolds the servants for not finding Sheru and Chakor, she is not worried for Sheru, as its dog and loyal, will come back, but if Chakor does not come back. Chakor comes with Sheru. She smiles and says I have got Sheru. Tejaswini asks really and they all did not get him. Chakor says they can’t catch him, Sheru runs very fast, and I can run more fast than him. Tejaswini says shut up and take Sheru. Chakor chains Sheru and says today’s practice is over, we will go tomorrow again. Bhaiya ji attends part meeting in Delhi about his ticket. They say his image is stain for the party, and they want to end his reign.

Bhaiya ji says I m innocent, and Ishwar and his son Aditya are rival party’s supporters. His senior says we will not take any action against you, but our surveyor will find out in your area, if the report is in your favor, then you will get ticket else not, your future is in Chakor’s hand. Bhaiya ji is shocked. Abha says if Bhaiya ji proves Chakor does not exist then what… Ishwar asks what, how can he do this. Abha says he can kill Chakor, who can prove Chakor existed? He gets worried. Its morning, Bhaiya comes home and talks to Tejaswini. She says its all because of Chakor and sees her. She says what if we kill her, then. Chakor hears them and is shocked.

Bhaiya ji asks her meaning. Tejaswini says if Chakor is gone missing, no one will know she is Chakor about whom Aditya is talking, or his fictional Chakor will be just story. The principal comes and says I have to give this letter from sports authority of India, its asking about Chakor’s school admission. They get shocked. Chakor looks on. Bhaiya ji asks how did they know about Chakor, is she famous, its strange. The principal say whenever they kmow any child has talent, they come forward to help.

Tejaswini says you are wasting our time, tell them Chakor does not stay in Aazaadgunj, and tears the letter. She says I have solved the problem. The principal says you know everything, its no use to say Chakor does not exist here, her pic and news is on all channel and newspaper, I have read and seen it. He says you are a big man, the name which the country knows, get her admitted in school, its my advice, this will benefit you and clear all blames on you. You can prove to rivals that they call her Bandhua/bonded labor and they are your Bandhu/friends. Bhaiya ji thinks.

The principal tells someone that the work will be done, Bhaiya ji is talking to his wife. The lady thanks him calling him Mama. Bhaiya ji tells Chakor that she will go to school.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hiruni Uthpala

    chkor is so cute . hope she get wht she deserve 🙂

  2. The story is taking turn day by day, Amba trying to prove ishani as mental, and other way ishani is trying to get back ranveers love, I started seeing the show when i was in training at bangalore in the month of october just for 1 day while my roommate from Delhi was watching this searial. In just two episodes iam addicted to see this serial daily at 10:00pm , compulsory not missing from then,
    I like the way narration of story is going on, this show covers the emotion, and all the variations of life which captures in the serial by the actors. I wish a lot more serials like this would be made to make the human emotions , values alive in this corporate ( loosing the values in real life) could learn from this.

  3. Any guy here who wants to f u c k me can just contact me,my number is 00919927051174…! Kisses for all

    -with luv from s exy nandini rathi
    n btw I livee in atrauli guyss

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