Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 10th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 10th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, viraj is very angry and is at his home,gayatri comes,viraj asks her to leave him alone,gayatri says I can never leave u alone and trust me even I tried my best to stop the investors and after todays incident I don’t think we will get any funding and I want to help you and so I think we should think about the hotel deal,viraj says that’s enough,laksha academy is my dream my life and not just an institute so better don’t say such things and leave.gayatri leaves in anger.
Viraj gets drunk,nisha slowly enters virajs house and sees him drunk,nisha says sir,viraj says who is it,nisha says sir its me nisha,viraj asks her to get out, viraj grabs another bottle of alcohol,nisha says sir plz listen,viraj says just go,nisha starts crying,nisha helps viraj go to his bed,viraj says everything is finished mom im sorry,I have failed today,nisha gives viraj water,viraj is missing his mom and is in pain,nisha about to leave,viraj holds her hand and says everything is finished and all left me again and im all alone,nisha sits beside him and rest his head on her lap and says sir nothing is finished,u cant lose hope all will be fine and u have to fight for it again sir,nisha feels bad for viraj and is in tears, viraj goes off to sleep,nisha switches of the lights and goes.

Nisha tells cousins about shekhar,umesh says how will u tell sir,nisha tella about his left injury and says if we find that we are done,dolly says but why will shekhar sir do this,jwala and bunty show shekhars article and tell nisha that viraj always defeated shekhar sir,nisha says that’s it this why shekhar sir wants to finish viraj sir,sourabh says we need to be quick to expose shekhar,suku shares a plan.
Next morning roopan goes to meet jaspal singh,roopan goes and sits beside a wrong person but later meets jaspal singh,jaspal says I cant take her forcefully,roopan says how about saying marriage thing,jaspal says that means I have to do lot of work find a guy and lot of stuff and for this I need money,roopan says how much,jaspal says about 1 lakh.
Viraj wakes up with a headache, sham singh comes with coffee,viraj says looks like I had lot of drinks yesterday and I don’t remember anything and Im feeling like somebody brought me here.nisha and suku about to leave,nisha gets virajs message for arti,arti asks how are u,viraj says last night I felt like the world has ended but after last night I had a dream where someone like a little angel helped me get rid of my thoughts,artu says that angel is right don’t lose hope who was the angel,viraj says I don’t remember.nisha says looks like sir doesn’t remember anything,arti asks any idea what and how did last investors meet got spoilt,viraj says I don’t know but yesterday I insulted someone and who didn’t deserve it,arti says make up for ur mistake,viraj asks how,arti says find the wrong person,viraj says who are u always help me find the right track and I need to tell u something,nisha says oh god what is it what sir wants to say,viraj I need to answer her question and tell her truth,arti says u can try me share with me as if u are sharing with that person.

Viraj tells sham singh I was right someone has spoiled nishas gun gather all the people who touched nishas gun before her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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