Tu Mera Hero 10th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Panchi trying to keep Ruhi away from Titu. Titu sings a song and add humor. Ruhi laughs and holds his hand. Panchi pulls ruhi and says lets go home. Ruhi clicks some pics and Panchi is annoyed as Titu is supporting Ruhi. She sees Titu and imagines them dancing on the song Kuch na kaho…………….She comes out of her imagination and sees Titu and Ruhi together chatting. Titu says he will make her have Mathura’s famous chaat. Govind talks to client and ends the call. Surekha says you can’t apologize and give money easily. He asks about her son. She says is he not your son. He says I did not mean this. She asks why do you dislike him. She says you never went for work without seeing his face, once Titu was lost and you searched all Mathura, he was standing at kulfi and you have him and his friends have kulfi, what happened to the father now, who was sending son far.

Govind says I m not his enemy, he did mistake, I want to punish him and change him. She cries and says you have many complaints, if he was bad, Mathura would have not come to stop him, he will bring smile on your face one day, you will be proud of him. He says its my dream, lets see when this turns into reality. He wipes her tears and asks for tea. She says no tea, this is your punishment. Titu, Ruhi and Panchi have chaat. He jokes and talks to Ruhi. Panchi coughs. Titu gives her water. She smiles and looks at him.

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Ruhi coughs and he gives Panchi’s water glad to her. Panchi gets sad. Ruhi cleans Titu’s face before Panchi could. She says my ring is lost, dad will kill me. Panchi says relax, we will find it. Ruhi asks Titu to find it. Titu calls Golu and asks him to get everyone fast. Golu and his friends come and ask what happened. Titu asks them to find the diamond ring. They all look for the ring. Titu looks on eating chaat and gets the ring in it. Ruhi says thanks, you are amazing. She hugs Titu. Panchi gets upset. Titu smiles.

His friends say she loves you, she does not love you, and makes him have pakodas. Golu eats a piece and leaves the love you one, saying she loves you. His friend says I know you are in love, but who is she, Ruhi or Panchi. Titu says Panchi is good, and Ruhi is over the limit good. He says he has seen on tv, to find whether a girl loves you or not, it has 4 ways, if she wants to talk to you, if she smiles on your jokes. They say yes, she spoke to you first and she laughs on your jokes. He says if she tells her friend about you. They say she got Panchi to meet you. Titu says if she hugs you. They say she hugged you, it means its her yes, congrats.

Titu says I did not propose her. They ask him to propose soon. Titu says not like this, I will do something unique. They ask will you propose her dad and laugh. Titu says her friend Panchi, I will take her help and give Ruhi a surprise and then propose. He says call Panchi. They call Panchi. Titu gets useless calls and is angry. Titu calls her and talks.

Titu makes her smile and ends her anger. She recalls him and says its gone. He says I have to tell something from my heart, can you meet me tomorrow morning. She says fine. He says fine. His friends dance. She says Titu called me to talk, why did he not call me now, how will I wait till morning. Govind sees accounts and asks Keshav about it. Keshav says Janmashtami expenses were more. Mukund says Titu gave all orders and spent more money. Surekha comes and says big heart is needed to spend more, small heart rats can’t understand this. She praises Titu and taunts them.

Mukund taunts her about Radha Leela. Surekha says Titu makes some mistakes, even Govind has sold his dad’s dhoti and had kulfi. Govind says I was 9 year old that time, not of Titu’s age, his age is to lighten my work load. She says you changed after marriage and once Titu marries, he will also change. He laughs and says stop frying pakodas in water. Who will marry that Titu? She says if everyone know we are finding bride for Titu, we have to keep swayambar, line will come. Govind jokes and Titu comes. Govind says all girls will leave Mathura but not marry Titu. Titu says its not like that. Titu says I also have demand here. Govind asks him to get the girl who is ready to marry him and love him. Titu recalls Ruhi and says don’t worry, I will get her.

Titu asks when do you want to meet your to be bahu. Govind says I will give one day time, if you get girl to marry you, I will end all my annoyance. Titu smiles. Govind says if this does not happen, without doing anything, go to Agra. Surekha is shocked. Titu agrees and says your bahu will come and say she is ready to marry me. Govind says the decision will happen tomorrow, if you cheat me, then…. Titu says you talk about Roka now and smiles, hugging Surekha.

Titu talks to Panchi and says he is connected to her and is her friend now. He says he wants her help is fixing his meeting with Ruhi, as he wants to make her feel his love and propose her. Panchi’s smile disappears.

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  1. show starts nicely but the story turns to bakwas,dumb. why ruhi is comming between titu-panchi.

  2. Titu never propose ruhi when he comes to propose her panchi expose her love to him and he confused and he starts love her

  3. I too hate ruhi .why she is coming in between these two lovebirds.feels bad for panchhi
    Anyway I don’t think so that ruhi will agree to marry him becoz her father will not allow and she treats him as a friend.So no chance of ruhi .Only panchhi will marry Titu.
    Thanks for the update amena.

  4. I hate ruhi

  5. plz update fast amena plz …………………and nice episode…………………..

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