Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita telling everyone about paper dance and make the partners. Rinki talks to Mihir. Mihir compliments her on her looks. She says thanks, I know about you and Mihika, I m sorry, I don’t know why its called heartbreak as it breaks all body. He says it looks you are talking by experience. She says yes, that’s why I came from Sydney, I met someone there, Indian, lets not talk, just Romi knows this, so please… He says you can trust me, you spoke your heart out, I feel my heart is also light. She takes him for dance. They all get the cake. Raman holds Ishita’s hand to talk. She says everyone is waiting and goes. Rinki cuts the cake and makes them have it. Romi drinks. He gets everyone to dance. Ishita smiles and enjoys. Raman looks on annoyed and asks her to continue.

Everyone enjoy in the dance. Raman sees Ishita being busy and not giving any time to him. Adi recalls the wrong medicine story at Ruhi’s time, and thinks of having BP medicines and frame Ishita. He takes Mrs. Bhalla’s medicines and leaves. Mihir stays alone. Rinki goes to him and asks him to come and dance. Mohir says I can’t dance. Simmi says come, and they take him. Raman stops Ishita. She says I have to give medicine to Adi. He goes to Adi and says its time for your medicine. He says thanks, I will get it from room. He goes to room, and says sorry Ishita aunty, I have to eat Dadi’s medicines, kids don’t take adult’s medicines, how can you be so careless, if anything happens to me, then fine, else if Dadi sees this, she will kick you out of home.

Bala asks Raman why is Ishita not giving you time as you are looking after her. Raman says they have same DNA. Bala says yes, they know its not fun to get it, than getting you after him, what game she is playing, you play the same, do something that she gets after you. Ishita asks Adi shall I make you eat. He says no. He thinks I can do anything for my mum, I love my mum. Raman says the school in which Madrasan studied, I gave the land to build it up. He tells his idea to Bala and goes. Bala comes to Ishita and asks about Raman. She says I did not see him, he did not have food. Bala says I saw him, maybe he is much drunk. She says I will go and see him. Bala smiles.

She comes to the room and says Raman. She says he is not here, is he doing vomits in washroom. She does to see. She sees Raman and asks what happened, are you fine, say something. He acts annoyed with her and shuts the door. She asks why is he shutting the door, are you ok, Bala was worried for you, he said you are overdrunk is that so. He asks why, you don’t have time for me, I m after you. She says I had much work, I was busy. Raman says how much work will you do, give some time to me too, afterall I m your husband, bechara. She says how did Raavan Kumar turn bechara.

He says yes and holds her hand. He plays music and sings the song Inteha hogai intezaar ki…………. He kisses her hand and dances with her. She goes to change and comes in a hot avatar. She sings O mere saajna mai aagai…….. Raman falls and is stunned seeing her sexy dance moves. They fall on the bed and laugh. They have an eyelock. Ek nadi ke dono jaise kinaare hai……………..plays……….. he turns off the lights and gets closer to her. Romi walks in and switches on the lights. Raman and Ishita get far. He says something happened to Adi, come fast. They rush to Adi. Raman asks what happened.

Adi says Ishita gave me medicines and shows the wrong ones. Raman says its mum’s BP medicine, you gave him wrong one. Mrs. Bhalla shouts the most. They take him to hospital. Ishita says how did he have wrong medicine, I saw him eating right ones. She recalls Adi’s words and asks Raman not to let Adi sleep. They bring him to hospital. The nurse stops them. Raman says doctor Adi had wrong medicine, Shagun went Australia, I m his father. Ishita says I m doctor, and says the time Adi had the medicine. The doctor says we have to flush it. He says Raman can’t sign, as his legal guardian is Ashok Khanna, go and get his sign. Raman says I m his father. The doctor says go and get his sign instead of shouting on me.

Raman comes to meet Ashok. He says Adi needs you, please come with me. Ashok says I m sorry, what can I do. Raman says you are his legal guardian, please come with me, Shagun is not here. Ashok asks why does your life has so many problems, I know its tough to handle as you got more than needed, two wives, two kids…. Raman says taunt me later, come please. Ashok says I m married and can’t give any random kid my name. Raman gets angry and holds his collar. He says I fold hands, I m begging please come. Ashok says it does not look good, you are a big man and will do anything. Raman asks whats wrong with you. Ashok pushes him and asks him to go to his son, anything can happen to him. Raman leaves.

Mihika asks Ashok what are you doing, is your game more than Adi’s life, he needs you, help him. She cries. He says I understand but I m not interested. She says Raman needs you, else he would have not come, I old hands infront of you, I beg you, please help him. Suraj comes and looks on. Ashok says fine, you have to do something for me. She says fine, I will do what you say. He asks sure? She says yes.

Everyone panic seeing Adi. Ishita says I will talk to admin, I will see how do they not treat Adi. She talks to them, and says is paperwork more than anyone’s life, its not really imp, whats your duty, to save life or hospital’s reputation. The doctor shows Adi’s file. Ishita says a kid had taken wrong medicine, its your duty to save his life, I m his stepmum, but his real father Raman is here, Ashok Khanna is not concerned for his life, Adi can die if you wait for him, you have to save his life, don’t keep thinking. She cries. Ashok shows the papers to Mihika and asks her to sign, and then he will quickly go to save Adi. He says you just have to sign and declare that I don’t force you for anything, and no domestic violence, stop crying, and sign fast as its about Adi’s life. Mihika signs and gives him. Ashok says your elder sister is serving her sautan and son, and you have given your only weapon to me, you are so innocent.

Ashok comes with Mihika and Suraj. He talks to Raman and asks where to sign. Raman says thanks for coming now nothing will happen to Adi. Ashok says don’t act, I know you are good businessman, and asks him to give him three contracts to save his son’s life. Raman and Ishita get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Kya hoga sharad ka

  2. kaash yeh divyanka aur karan real life mein bhi husband/wife hotey to kitna accha hota na. mujh lagta hai ki karan aur divyanka ko ek dooje se pyaar ho gaya hai isiliye woh dono hamesha ek dooje se door rehna chahte hain. kabhi saat dikhte hi nahi.

  3. ..prayosha maine abhi Nahin padi story. …….time nahin mila. ..raat main padlon gi. .

  4. Just outstanding Raman. If I were the Director, I wld have planned same thing. U r doing grt as a lover nd as a husband man. we men r proud of u. good going.

  5. lol. second marraige case YHM par bhi. 3-4 shows main yeh dekkhe pak gaya.YHM turns into a normal opera like other shows.

  6. Mizun maine abhi wo story complete ki & 14 th part to nund blowing tha…ussi part me IshRa ke parents ko unke relation ke baare me pata chalta hai…

  7. Ok. .prayosha main woh story padlongi. ……..

  8. Thanks prayosha. .p……batane k liye
    maine bhi 3-4 bar dekh liya hai. …..
    jab tak ye special phere wala episode nahin aajata. ..iss video se kam chalana hoga. ……………unexpected. …..scene wow love it. …..

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