u light up my life- a twinj ff (epi 12)

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Hii guys ty sooo much for commenting soo now i am early this time right? So now lets strt the epi

Tw sees the smoke and sees that the coal is falling and runs and cover the kids the coal was about to fall over tw then only kunj cones there and pushes tw and the kids. Aside and try to move from there but the coal fall over kunj’s leg. And he shouts in pain l. And tje crowd surround them. Tw shouts at the maid that beacuse of their carelessness if somethibg would have happen ti that kids and rushes to kunj and says- kunj what was the need to save me. U saved me and because of me u got hurt soo badly and tears rolled down her chee. Ku sees this and says- tw plz dont cry see i am fine nothing happenee to me see i am dancing and strts dancing but then only shouts in pain ahhh tw-stop it kunj and just shut up come with me

Nxt scene
Tw takes kunj in her room and makes him sit in the bed and says- just wait here i will do ur first aid. Ku- tw its ok i am fine tw- chupp and keeps his finger on his lips and kunj nods like a cute little child( music plays) and brings the first aid and sits in her knees and apply the oinment. By applying she feels the pain while kunj was just staring her. Tw- r u mad or what? U r human only na? Dont u feel any pain? U know i am feeling pain by applying and u u r just sitting quitely kunj smiles and says- jab koi ittne pyar se oinment lagae ga toh dard kese ho skta h tw sees him and they share a cute eyelock( sajna ve plays) tw breaks the eyelock and Scold kunj. Tw- kunj but i am very angry with u what was the need to harm urself becuz of me. Just to save me u hurted urself did u thought even one time that if something would have happen to u then what would have happen to me kunj sees her with surprise and says- u care for me this much? if something would have happen to me why did it affect u soo much? Tw sees him and says- kunj ofcouse u r my frnd and if something will happen to me how i will be fine and if something will happen to mahi i will react the same. Kunj- oo yes i am ur frnd right? Tw says casually- yah right. Tw do the first aid and they leave

All were enjoying the party when tw was just aitting and remembers how kunj pushed her and hurt himself just for saving her and says to herself- he did soo much for me. Only for me he hurted himself and he is my frnd too and i am showing tantrums and nit giving him no. He did soo much for me and just wanted my no. And i didnt gave him but now i trust him fully and i will give him no. Also. She goes and doesnt sees kunj she goes to leela and asks- maa where is kunj? Did u saw him? Leela- yess actually he got hurt in his leg na so i told him to go home soo he is just leaving now. And leaves tw-oh fish ruk jaa kunj and runs.

Precap- tw give the no. To kunj and some funny scenes
Hope u all like it plz plz plz keep commenting love u all byee

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  1. SidMin23

    Nice waiting for next part.

  2. SidMin

    Aww loved it the Epsidoe was so sweet and Kunj is tho toooooo sweet. ..
    Love you post soon ❤

  3. Lovelyyy episode??????post next soon ??

  4. Fatimaa.

    Loved the epi…post asap..
    Love u

  5. Nice episode
    Loved it

  6. good that you posted early this one was nice

  7. Presha

    Hey manuuuu…
    Its just awesome…
    I just loved it…
    Too good.

  8. Manu it’s awesome amazing
    So cute
    Loved it

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome cute

  10. awesm………
    lovely epi…..

  11. Simiyy

    It was really good
    Please post soon
    Loads of love

  12. Mia12

    Hey manu,,☺☺
    It was jhakkkaassss epi,,??
    Loved the every scean,,???
    Kunj is shooo cute,,???
    Plz post next soon,,??
    LOAD’S OF LOVE,,❤?❤?❤

  13. Baby

    ohhh god manu……..
    jst socut soo emotional…
    sooo lovely……..♥
    loved it…♥
    osm amazing speechless…..♥
    lods of love…♥

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