ISHKARA and shivika a new story of ishqbaaaz episode 40

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Thank u so much guys for ur comments i was overwhelmed and thts why this long update thank u and loads of love

Episode 40

Sahil- well soumyaaaa

Anisha smack his head from behind
Anisha- soumya didi she is ur sister for god sake yaar ur cousin
Sahil- she is my cousin na so i can call her by her name right soumya
Soumya- right my cutiepie my baby
Sahil grins and rudra shocked
Anisha- nothing can happen of u
Sumi- arrey let me complete na my baby brother

Sahil s smile is over and he sadly pouts and rudra us controlling his laugh

Later everyone leave to their room
Veer and jeevika r romancing when anisha come and interrupted
Anisha- do u want to get married or just do romance
Jeevika- we want to but i hvent talked to dad about it
Anisha- we did and
Veeka- ans
Ani- he agreed next month u guys r getting married
Veeka blush
Anisha- omg they r blushing lets leave otherwise we will also start blushing ok bye continue

They goto garden and the twins spend some time together making up for the lost moments like eating Popsicles while hiding from everyone chasing each other sharing jokes and playing hand games (aao milo silo saalo) shivom see this and unknowingly a smile crept in their faces seeing their love happy they all leave to their room

Next morning
Ishu was going in the kitchen to make breakfast when she saw pinky on their doorstep she fumed and went their veersumani see her and follow her and the siblings r shocked to see tht mrs rathore was welcoming her
Ishu- wht the hell is she doing here
Pinky to ani- anika beta I’m sorry please come back to oberoi mansion
Ishu – I’m sorry mrs oberoi but my sister will not go back to the house where backstabbers stay
Jhanvi- no beta its not like tht
Obros come there
Ishu- I’m sorry aunty but I’m keeping my promise of protecting my sister amd u mrs pinky singh oberoi just get out of here i will not tolerate u even for a second
Shivay- how dare u speak to my mother tht way
Ishu- i like to talk to people like these this way

Pinky understands tht ishu knows everything and has tears

Ishu- and shivay singh oberoi dare u raise ur voice in front of me i will throw u out of this mansion tht very second u oberois are almost bankrupt because i broke the partnership and if i throw u out then wht face will show to others after headlines will be printed after going bankrupt shivay singh oberoi thrown out of singhaniya mansion
Shivay – u
Veer- a word against my sister and i will show u the wrath if veer singhaniya u oberois hv already played with my two sisters but if anything to my other sister and i will make sure tht u face something worse than hell
Shivay- and may i know why is she talking like tht to my mom
Ishu- will u tell or should i tell and make u fall in everyone s eyes
Shivay- why wht did mom do
Ishu- auntyji i think i will tell them
Pinky- no no beta i will tell

She reveals how she didn’t like anika so started giving shivay fake proofs of anika cheating him with the help of trisha and tht photo was also their work trisha loved shivay so she helped pinky

Everyone is shocked shivay worst affected falls down and holds his head omru hold him anika is crying badly sumisha r consoling her and veerisha r glaring at pinky who has her head bent down
Shivay- this is all a lie mom u r joking right
Pinky- I’m sorry shivay but this the truth
Shivika- how could do this
Ani- i treated u as my mother but u
And cries
Shivay- i loved her mom.but u snatched my happiness will u ever see my happiness from my childhood I’m pleasing u but u nevee thought about just about ur image pls go away from here pls just go
Pinky to anika- pls forgive me anika

Shivika break down
Shivay folds hus hands in front of anika and cries- I’m sorry anika pls anika i knew u wouldn’t do like this but the proofs
Ani- it shows tht u nevee trusted me shivay never i can’t forgive i forgave u for the way u humiliated me the way u married me but u always raised a question on my character shivay i just can’t forgive u
Shivay touching anikas hand- anika pls i love u
Ani jerking his hand – i love u too shivay but the difference is tht i trusted u like anything and u never trusted me

Shw runs to her room
Veer tries to go behind
Ishu- Bhaiya don’t she needa sometime
Shivay also goea to his room and locks the door

Om to ishu- and thts why u bankrupted the malhotras
Ishu- yes

After some time crying like hell shivika come out of their rooms shivay tries to talk to her but she ignores him and this hurts him ishkara and rumya feel bad for them

At night
Ishu thinks- now i shud leave from here they will patch up and i will leave my home my staying with my family can be a danger

She goes towards the door and tries to go out but someone switches on the lights it was veee jeevika and sahil
Veer- i will let u go ishu (shouts) wht did u think after finding u after 10 years i will let u go huh

Everyone come there and see veer dragging ishu
Ishu crying- bhaiya how did u know
Veekahil- harsh called us and told us tht u want to leave so tht qe can be safe without who told u tht we r not if u r with us
Ishu- pls bhaiya let mw go
Veer shouts- i wont let u go
Ishu shouts – bhaiya why don’t u understand I’m a bad omen for this house
Everyone is shocked to hear this from ishus mouth
Ishu- I’m a bad omen

She starts breathing heavily and clutches her chest before aanyone cud understand she fell down
Veersumani – ishu
She waa crying with pain
Om rushes to her
Om- ishu ishu try to be awake
Sumi- i think she got a stroke
All r shocked
om picks her up and rushes to hospital

Do hv a look at this video for reference-

They reached hospital and kept her on the stretcher she was now crying badly coz of pain
Veersumani- nothing will happen to u
Om held her hand- i Will not let anything happen to u
She looks at everyone as if seeing them for the last time and goes unconscious her hands leaves oms hands doctors take her inside
And give currents
Doc- nurse shw has faint heartbeats give her current treatment
Nurse – yes doctor
She takes the instrument
Nurse – charge
And puts it on her heart
Nurse – clear
And this happens repeatedly
Ishu doesn’t respond
Her machine start beeping and go silent
Doc- she dies am going to tell her family
As soon as he comes out om grabs his collar
Om- how is my ishu if anything happened to her then i will kill u
Shivru make him leave the collar
Doc- actually miss ishana wasn’t taking medicines from six months and depression worsened her heart condition due to which she got a massive cardiac arrest and niw she died
All – wht
Doc- yes
Sumi- di was guilty of telling truth to maashi and mousaji and always wanted to die
Siblings run inside so does om while rest r crying
They enter the room her body turned pale and lips turned blue
Siblings held her left hand and om her right hand
Siblings- u cant leave us now pls we need u protected us like a mothee wud pls don’t leave us pls
Om- pls ishu just come back pls
Tears fall if her closed eyes everyone notices and she held their hands and started breathing
All shout dor doctor
Doctor rushes in and checks her- congratulations she haa revived she is alive now
All r crying with happy tears and ishana finally opens hee eyes making everyone smile

Precap : ishkara relationship exposed in front of everyone

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